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Summer Vacation: Mystery Island Edition!

by indebtedness


Summer Vacation: Mystery Island Edition!

      Summertime is in full swing in Neopia! Neopians are out and about in Neopia enjoying the warmer weather before Autumn comes again. Many Neopians like to venture to Mystery Island to take in the warm weather. They enjoy the white sands, clear water, the scenery, and the exquisite tropical foods only found on Mystery Island!

     This article is for Neopians who are planning on taking a trip to Mystery Island this summer. This week, we are showcasing ten items you should take with you to help make your trip more enjoyable!

     Island Vacation Necessities:


     After Sun Aloe Gel (~300 NP):

     Spending a day in the sun can get to you even if you use your SPF lotion. Sun burns are no fun, but soothing aloe gel helps alleviate the pain you endure after a long day enjoying the sand and sun. This is the perfect product to help ease the pain and regret! This gel can be picked up at your local pharmacy. It’s always in stock on Mystery Island!


     Colorful Beach Shirt (~17,000 NP):

     This shirt is for you if you like to stick out in the crowd. It has buttons down the front which allow you to have it as open as you like. If you want to go into “vacation mode,” this shirt was made for you. It sports many tropical colors such as yellow and pink. You would be spotted out in the middle of a crowd, which is good especially on a busy beach day!


     Neopets Beach Ball (~1,600 NP):

     A vacation in the sun is exciting even while only swimming and tanning, but why not spicing it up with a little athletics? The Neopets Beach Ball is a cheap and accessible way to play a makeshift game of Yooyuball miles away from the colosseum. The simplicity of the colourful design on the ball, too, allows for one to easily see it flying through the air or drifting in the ocean. It’s hard to lose, thank Fyora!


     Seashell Print Beach Towel (~1,000 NP):

     What’s a beach day without your special beach towel? A trip to exotic Mystery Island is lackluster at best without this equally unique Seashell Print Beach Towel. It allows for you to sunbathe, relax, and rejuvenate, without all the annoyances of being sandy. A cheap price, buy one for yourself and your fellow travelers. Matching beach towels just adds to the fun and no fighting over who gets what towel!


     Blue Sun Lounger (~1,000 NP):

     Just like the Seashell Print Beach Towel, this lounger gives you convenience of relaxation without having to lay on pesky sand! The padded armrests and cushioning allow you to relax and sunbathe with ease. The chair folds easily, so it allows you to effortlessly travel with it.

     Food and Drink:


     Mystery Island Coconut Rice Bowl (~999,999 NP)

     Coconuts are native to Mystery Island and can be found everywhere! However, there are some dishes only for the rich. This exotic meal is prepared by the Underwater Chef. He used to cook for Maraqua’s Royal family, but now resides on Mystery Island cooking tasty, yet expensive, meals. This dish is served in a dish with rice imported from Shenkuu. There are coconut flakes mixed in with the rice. Pieces from the coconut shell are used to garnish this exquisite meal along with mint leaves. The Chef came up with this unique dish when he was still residing with Maraqua’s Royal family. This dish is now popular among wealthy visitors and residents of Mystery Island.


     Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich (~1,000 NP):

     This sandwich is a classic. The Chef prepares these sandwiches every morning, so Neopians who are venturing to the beaches can have something to snack on. The bananas used are locally sourced from Mystery Island and are used when perfectly ripe for maximum flavor! The peanut butter spread is made in house, and you have the choice of creamy or crunchy butter.


     Mystery Island Fizzy Tiki Drink (~50,000 NP):

     Fizzy drinks on the beach?! Could you ask for anything more perfect?! This fizzy drink tastes like what you could imagine an island drink to taste like. It is lime flavored with a hint of coconut! All fruits are, of course, locally sourced! The limes are squeezed every morning for maximum flavor! The drink is made with crushed ice, lime juice, coconut flavoring and a dash of carbonated water to give it fizz. This is a must have while you are relaxing on the sand without a worry in the world!



     Mipsys Travel Memoirs of Exotic Beaches (~10,550 NP):

     A vacation is always fun when you have planned excursions and activities. However, everyone needs a little R&R. Take this book on Mipsy’s travels, and go relax on your Seashell Print Beach Towel at the ocean’s edge. Bask in the sun, or shade, while reading and enjoy the epitome of a perfect day! However, make sure to keep track of time. This enticing read will definitely make one forget the time - and time travel is one specialty the Faeries can’t help with!


     Vial of Beach (~770 NP):

     Ahhh, the sweet sound of the ocean. It sounds almost like...wait, no, that’s your alarm. Your trip has finally come to an end. In the midst of the tears and anguish, while recognizing your return to the daily grind of Neopian life, don’t forget to grab a souvenir to always remember your Mystery Island getaway! This Vial of Beach is the perfect trinket to hold - literally - Mystery Island close to your heart. Once you return, add on to your collection - get a little bit of sand from every corner of Mystery Island!

     Vacation provides a nice reprieve from the stresses and triggers of everyday life. Spending a week on Mystery Island has most Neopians planning their next vacation during their current vacation - or even discussing a relocation of their Neohome. Follow this guide to ensure that your trip to Mystery Island is lived to the fullest! We handpicked these items to help maximize your luxurious beach vacation.

     Thank you for reading this week’s issue! We can’t wait for you to read our next installment to the series!


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