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Ten Cutest Trophies in Neopia, and How to Earn Them

by sugarxcoma


     Hello! There are many, many cute items all over Neopia but we wanted to focus our attention on something that's a little overlooked: cute trophies! In this article, we will go over our picks of trophies we've found that made us go "aww", as well as include a few tips that might help you earn these adorable trophies for yourself!

     Hasee Bounce


     Hasee Bounce is a fun game featuring Hasees Woogy and Jimmi bouncing up and down to catch their favorite food, Doughnutfruit! The trophy features one of the adorable Hasees in three different positions, one for each trophy level.

     While there is definitely some skill involved in achieving this trophy, it's also very much luck-based. You will want to keep an eye out for the more rare Doughnutfruits, especially Rainbow and Fish. You will also want to focus on extending the timer as much as you can by catching the letters. You can also type in the special code "Doughnutfruit" at any point during the game to refill the timer, but of course this can only be used one time. Be quick, it's a long word!

     Extreme Herder 2


     My personal favorite cutest trophy on this list. This wide-eyed Babaa always melts my heart, the way its one leg moves up as if it's waving at you. Unfortunately you might have to sacrifice a lot of Petpets to the nasty Balthazar as this is one tough trophy to earn but definitely worth trying for!

     This game does require a lot of luck as sometimes all your Petpets will be placed right beside Balthazar. Try and go for power-ups and get the Petpets closest to him first.

     Snowbeast Snackrifice


     And speaking of sacrifice, who could ever sacrifice this adorable little guy? His dizzy expression says it all. Though feeding the tyrannical Snow Beast cute Petpets hurts, having a chance at earning this cute trophy is worth it.

     Timing is everything with this one! Getting a full meter charge 3 times will earn you a bonus. This is key to earning a high score. Try and let go of the mouse just before the highest charge.

     The Kadoatery


     This is a super cute trophy that anyone can achieve! It's another one that has a different picture at each trophy level, each of a smiling Kadoatie. The bronze trophy you earn after feeding only one Kadoatie, the silver after feeding 10 Kadoaties, and the gold trophy after feeding 25.

     Unsure how to feed your first Kad? Don't worry, you won't need to buy an expensive food item from the Trading Post! Head over to the Games forum on the Neoboards and look for a thread with a picture of a Kadoatie in the title. This is where Kad feeders keep track of the times that the Kadoaties are due to be hungry. The first post will contain links to in-depth guides, and you can navigate to the latest posts to find out when the Kads might be ready to be fed next. Feel free to ask any questions you may have! Once you know what time you should start refreshing the Kads, be sure to have a Shop Wizard tab open as well. When they ask for food, quickly pick out an item they're asking for, search for it, buy it, then click the Kad! If you're the first one to feed the item, then congratulations, you've just fed your first Kadoatie and you now have an extremely cute trophy on your user lookup!

     Rink Runner


     Sporting a fancy bow tie and waving his arms in the air with a big smile on his face. It's not hard to understand why this would be on the list. The design fits well within the game too! As this game requires you to stand on blocks of ice, trying your best to avoid the chilly water.

     While attempting a high score, avoid all sharp and flat notes! Try and make as few jumps as possible and go for two or more notes in one jump. Red notes will disappear however, so don't dawdle too long!



     The Snowmuncher trophy features the very adorable, very hungry star of the game, Dieter the Polarchuck. He's standing on a block of snow, which he loves to munch on!

     This trophy is one of the more difficult ones to earn, but with a lot of practice, you might just do it. You will have to do a lot of strategizing to keep Dieter safe and alive, and to gain extra points. Try to determine which are the best blocks of snow to eat, collect as many bonus items as possible, try to stay centered as often as you can, and remember that if Dieter is barely bloated, he can speed up to avoid falling snow blocks! Also remember that there is a special code you can use once at any point during the game to reduce Dieter's bloat meter by 50%. The code is "buuuurrrrrrrrp". That's one B, four Us, eight Rs, and one P!

     Warf Rescue Team


     What's cuter than one Warf? How about two! The way these Warfs stack on top of each other is precious and explains the game perfectly. Now if only there was a trophy of 3, no wait 4 or okay 5 of these guys stacked up this would be my top pick.

     Don't let their curving and swaying make you panic. Warfs look like they're defying the laws of gravity but they will hardly fall over. Restart the game until a Kad is on the right hand side, try and keep to the middle, and always fire at full-power!

     Snowball Fight


     Wait a minute, is that Dieter the Polarchuck again?! It is! And, how cute, he's holding a little snowball!

     You're not controlling Dieter in Snowball Fight, however. In this game, he's there to help you out! Any time you have fewer than 40 snowballs, Dieter will parachute down in the background, and hitting him will give you 10 more snowballs. So when you're getting low, try to refrain from throwing any snowballs unless you're throwing them in Dieter's direction. Pay attention to how the snow is falling, too, because the wind affects how your snowball will arc. You can also type out the code "snowghettiandmeatball" once per game to get an extra 10 snowballs. And remember, you can take your time!

     Maths Nightmare


     Sadly this is one of the tougher trophies on this list (unless you're amazing at math), but the challenge is worth it as seeing Imiya on a poofy little cloud sleeping on her book really puts a smile on my face. A very cute/relaxing trophy that is sure to put you in the mood to sleep as well.

     For a trophy, you'll want to play division problems in Brain Tree difficulty, but this will require a lot of practice and memorization as you'll want to go fast. You can use the code "letimiyasleep" once per game to reset the alarm clock.



     The Kookia trophy features an adorable little Kookith Petpet, looking like he may be peeking out from a hiding spot. It seems that most games featuring Petpets have cute trophies!

     For a chance to get a Kookia trophy, you'll want to play in Hard mode so each Kookith you catch is worth more points. If you're having trouble passing the second level, don't fret. It's actually the most difficult level to beat in the game. Just keep practicing, and soon enough, you'll memorize where the Kookiths will appear and how best to maneuver your mouse to catch as many as possible. Once you can get past this level, you'll likely be able to finish the game! Also, be sure to play with the sound on, so you can hear the tone when the meter at the top is full (so you can slow down the Kookiths for a bit!)

     And that concludes our list of our top favorite cutest trophies. There are many, many more trophies out there to admire and earn, so we urge you to try and find as many as possible. Thanks for reading!

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