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Usuki Singing Stars #42: Alan's Flu Injection

by downrightdude


     "Mommy, why are we at the doctor’s house?" Alan wondered. The blue Shoyru looked around the crowded waiting room, swinging his legs as he watched an elderly Elephante wipe his runny nose with a tissue.

      Mrs. Winston patted Alan’s head gently. "Now, be a good boy and we’ll be home before you know it," said the faerie Kau.

      Brayden bounced excitedly on his mother’s lap. "Blafoofga!" the baby Shoyru cheered, shaking his rattle. "Ptoofy bata."

      "When is Mr. Doctor coming?" asked Alan. "I’m hungry! Can we get pizza after we leave? I want pepperoni and cheese."

      Patricia groaned. "Why did you drag me here, Mom?" the faerie Shoyru groaned, slumping down her seat. "I don’t need to see the doctor."

      Mrs. Winston leaned to Patricia’s ear and whispered, "You know that I need you because of the ‘you-know-whats’." She bounced Brayden on her lap. "Besides, it won’t take long at all," she said cheerfully.

      "What won’t?" asked Alan. "Are we getting new toys? Is that why we’re here?"

      After escorting two blue Usuls to the waiting room, a tall green Gelert wearing a white medical coat examined his clipboard and, noticing the Winstons, greeted them with a friendly smile. "Please, follow me," said the doctor. "We’ll get started right away."

      Alan skipped happily as he held his mother’s hand. When they reached the doctor’s dark green examining room, Mrs. Winston placed Alan on the examining bed and took a seat in the corner. Patricia, groaning, took Brayden into her arms. "Dr. Felix, thank you so much for taking us in today," said Mrs. Winston. "I know you’re especially busy on Saturdays."

      "Don’t worry. This won’t take much time at all," Dr. Felix insisted. As he slipped a pair of medical gloves on his hands, he turned to Alan and said, "Well, it definitely seems that somebody in this room has been eating his vegetables! Look at how big and strong you are!"

      Alan beamed. "I don’t eat my veggies every day. Brayden does, since he’s a baby."

      "Kaflaga," said Brayden, squirming excitedly.

      "You boys are certainly nice and healthy," said Dr. Felix, reaching into a cupboard. "And with this lil’ injection, you’ll be even healthier."

      As soon as Alan saw the doctor extract a silver-tipped syringe, he screamed. "MOMMY! MOMMY!!" The young Shoyru jumped off the examining bed and hid his face in his mother’s lap. "I don’t want an injection! I can’t!!"

      "Now Alan," Dr. Felix said soothingly, "you need this injection for defense against Neezles. And you don’t want to contract the Neezles, do you?"

      "I’d rather eat broccoli!" Alan sobbed, trembling.

      Brayden hissed and shook his rattle at the doctor. "Tablacoo! Akabaka!" he shrieked furiously.

      Patricia sighed. "Mom, I’m going to take Brayden to the waiting room," she said, opening the door.

      "Not without me!" In a wink, Alan rushed out of the door and down the hallway. Terrified, the young Shoyru ran into the waiting room and crawled underneath a chair, certain the doctor wouldn’t find him. I’m not going to make him give me one of his evil injections! Alan thought as he watched Dr. Felix walked past him.

      At first Alan was relieved. Then he heard a gurgling sound as Brayden, with a trail of bubbling drool expelling from his mouth, crawled towards him and cooed happily. "Akabloo," he shouted, reaching for his brother.

      "Shhh! I’m hiding," Alan whispered.

      Brayden hit Alan’s head gently with his rattle. "Blakabooka," he said, nodding.

      "There you are, Alan!" Mrs. Winston picked up Brayden and peered down. "Come along, sweetie. You have to receive this injection—"

      "NEVER!" Alan trembled. "I’ll call the Defenders of Neopia if the doctor won’t let me go!"

      "Alan, it’s just a little flu injection," said Patricia encouragingly. "And besides, the doctor will give you a sticker and a lollipop afterwards. Doesn’t that sound…uh, ‘way cool’?"

      Alan shook his head. "I don’t like stickers. I want toys or, better yet, to get out of here!"

      Dr. Felix sighed. "Alright Alan, if that’s what you really want. Now how about you come on out of your hiding spot and we can head back to the examining room. Okay?"

      Sighing and a bit skeptical, Alan crawled out from underneath the chair and followed his family, relieved that the doctor has kept his word. "Does this mean we can go home now?" he asked eagerly.

      "Not yet," said Mrs. Winston. She turned to Dr. Felix. "Since Alan’s not ready for his injection, shall we continue on with Brayden’s?"

      "Very well." Dr. Felix produced another syringe and pointed it towards Brayden.

      Brayden squirmed nervously in Mrs. Winston’s arms. "Kablaga! Magoot! Twagablatha!" he wailed, thrashing furiously.

      "Hush, hush," Mrs. Winston said soothingly, steadying the baby. "Don’t worry about a thing, Brayden. This will be quick and painless, you’ll see."

      "Kabladoo!" Brayden threw his rattle at the doctor and continued to thrash.

      "He’s such a baby," Alan muttered.

      Patricia laughed. "At least he didn’t escape to the waiting room and—oh, I don’t know—tried to hide under a chair."

      "But that’s because my injection was for Neezles," Alan insisted. "Brayden’s is probably a different one for babies."

      "Actually, both of you were getting Neezles injections," said Patricia. "It was Mom’s bright idea. She thought the whole ‘double injection’ thing would make you both feel braver."

      Alan watched Brayden squirm in their mother’s arms, screaming at the top of his little baby lungs. He must be more scared than me, he realized, and yet Mommy and that evil doctor don’t seem to realize it! If only Brayden could talk: then he could say no and they would leave him alone, too!

      Taking a deep breath—and hoping he wouldn’t regret anything later on—Alan approached the doctor and puffed out his chest. "If you’re going to give Brayden an injection, Mr. Doctor, then you should give me one too! And mine first."

      Dr. Felix stroked his chin. "You sure about that, Alan?" he asked.

      Alan grabbed his mother’s arm and nodded. "Just make it quick," he said, shutting his eyes. "And when you’re done, I want a blue band-aid and a lollipop! Oh, and some chocolate. And a plushie, some new shoes and another plushie so my other one can have a friend to play wit–"

      "There we go, sir." Dr. Felix placed a dark blue band-aid on Alan’s arm. "See, that didn’t take much time at all," said the doctor, handing Alan a blue lollipop.

      "Look Brayden," said Alan, "I got a candy for being so brave! And if you’re brave too, then you can get a lollipop…or something else because you have no teeth." He turned to Dr. Felix. "Do you have any candies for babies?"

      "Afraid not," said Dr. Felix. "But I have a shiny new balloon for any interested babies."

      Brayden’s eyes widened as the doctor pulled an inflated yellow balloon from a tall cupboard. Reaching his hands towards it, he turned back to the doctor and then, trembling, turned to Alan. "Don’t worry," said Alan, patting Brayden’s head. "It won’t hurt a bit. Plus, you get a free balloon! Where else can you get a balloon for free??"

      Nodding, Brayden huddled close to Alan as Dr. Felix delivered his injection. "There’s a good boy," said the doctor soothingly, tying the balloon’s string on Brayden’s wrist. "And here’s the rattle he chucked at me," he added, handing the plastic toy to Mrs. Winston.

      "Alan, I am so very proud of you!" Mrs. Winston gushed. "You not only got over your fear, but you were able to help your brother as well. You’re surely growing up nicely."

      "I know. I’m the best," said Alan, sticking his lollipop in his mouth.

      "Great, can we go now?" Patricia sighed. "The boys got their injections, and I can finally get out of here."

      Dr. Felix re-examined his clipboard. "Actually, it seems that you’re also due for a Sneezles injection, Patricia."

      "What? No way!" Patricia sputtered. "I’m….uh…not ready to get an injection today!"

      Mrs. Winston snickered. "Come now, dear. It’s just one injection."

      "Mom, did YOU plan this all along?" Patricia gasped.

      "Don’t worry, Patricia. You’ll be a-okay in no time," said Alan matter-of-factly. "Though it’s a shame you’re too old to get any candy or balloons from the doctor. But a coloured band-aid would be neat for a big Shoyru like you."

      Brayden bounced his balloon. "Tawablak!" he cheered, laughing.

      "Whoop-de-doo," Patricia sighed. Now it’s my turn to be the baby." She rolled her eyes as Alan, Brayden and Mrs. Winston laughed. Dr. Felix joined the chuckling, too, as he grabbed a new syringe.


      "Yippee! Now let's get ice cream," said Alan, following his mother as they exited the doctor's office.

      Mrs. Winston beamed. "See? Those injections were bad at all!"

      "And I got this cool sticker!" Alan placed the blue Bruce sticker on his forehead. "Now let's get ice cream. I want chocolate!"

      "Me too," Patirica grumbled, rubbing her arm. "This day has been a complete disaster."

      The End.

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