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Guide to Planting Neopian Flowers

by k3l26


     April showers bring May flowers! We have already suffered through last month’s rain (although if you ask any Koi, they’ll say it was quite pleasant, actually), and now is the time to reap the beautiful rewards. Spring rain helps rejuvenate and loosen the soil that had to hibernate during the winter, so now is the prime time to work on your NeoGarden, with the moderate sun and light rain. Before you start, however, you should get acquainted with the different types of flowers. There are so many options in Neopia you can choose from, and not every plant requires the same care. If your garden is a good size, you’ll be able to plant many varieties of flowers and this guide can help you choose!


     Hydrangeas can be found in many colors, but the ones in Neopia are primarily purple! This is because the color of hydrangeas depends on the pH of the soil. Purple Hydrageas have large flower heads, so they can add a pop of color into your NeoGarden. They don’t require much sun, and may even bloom in partial shade, so they can be planted near your NeoHome and in most lands except Lost Desert and Terror Mountain. However, they should be placed about 3-10 feet apart. Give the Purple Hydrangeas plenty of water and a bed of rich, moist soil (if there isn’t enough water, a telltale sign will be wilted leaves!). Purple Hydrangeas usually bloom in the summer or fall.


     A favorite of those with humor, the Rude Daffodil can be a silly addition to your garden, as they blow raspberries to all your NeoGarden guests! Another easy to care for bulb, Rude Daffodils require minimal effort in exchange for big laughs. They need shade to grow (and not just because they throw shade at your guests – ha!) and can bloom in most soil types. You can bunch them together, but leave about 3-6 inches between the bulbs. Rude Daffodils can be used to create a border by your NeoGarden, to let your all neighbors know you’re a funny one, or placed within your garden to give visitors a jump scare! Rude Daffodils are so hardy, they can bloom in most Neopian regions.


     Possibly the most difficult flower to grow and upkeep, Glass Roses are the most distinguished sign of a talented gardener! If you feel up for the challenge, the delicate beauty of Glass Roses will add a luxurious flourish into your NeoGarden. To start, they only take to soil that is at a neutral pH level, which is between 5.5 and 7.0 pH (hey, we never said it was easy!). Glass Roses will need five to six hours of full sun a day, so they are only suitable in sunny and temperate Neopian lands like Neopia Central, Kiko Lake, and Roo Island. To set them in the soil, you must be extremely careful, as new buds are even more delicate than the blossomed flower! Dig a very large hole and add organic compost from Meri Acres Farm. Your Glass Roses will need to be watered with Tears of the Water Faerie, so have plenty of that on hand. When they bloom, make sure to leave signs around your NeoGarden warning your Neopets and Neofriends not to bump into the flowers, as they shatter easily.


     Lily of the Valley flowers are known for having a sweet scent and being a subtle, beautiful addition to any NeoGarden. They look like bunches of leaves with small, bell-shaped white flowers that emit the signature perfume. Although they are known for being poisonous, Neopian Lily of the Valley flowers have yet to be cursed by Jhudora and these are not. These flowers are easy to care for, able to thrive in both moist soil and dry shade. After they bloom, you don’t have to maintain them at all! Lily of the Valley is self-sustaining, so after you have one season of them, they will be able to come back on their own in the following years to come! Good thing they look so versatile and will match any flowers you choose to rotate into your garden.


     Do you love Sundays and hate all the other days of the week? Then the Sunday Bush might be for you! This bush only blooms on Sunday and on other days, it stays closed and smells quite horrible. The Sunday Bush bud is almost impossible to find, as not many Neopians care to have this flower in their gardens. If you manage to get seeds, they will need an extremely moist and hot environment to take to the soil. The bulb itself takes months and months to mature, and then after, it will only bloom once a week. If you only want guests on Sundays, this flower can help assure that, as the smell will deter visitors during the rest of the week.


     Have you read this whole guide and thought to yourself, “I can’t do any of that!”? Well, this last section is for you! The Mordongos plant is a yellow, whimsical flower that is truly unlike any other. It can survive without sunlight, dirt, or water. In fact, they can even survive floating in midair, so they can be grown in Virupets Space Station and Kreludor too. Even the most beginner gardeners can keep Mordongos in their NeoGardens, so don’t be intimidated to start your garden with these.

          The most important thing about planting flowers is having patience – after all, flowers don’t bloom in a day! If you plant them now, in spring, they will likely start showing their beauty in the summer and fall, rest again in winter, and start over the next spring. Done right, it can be a truly rewarding cycle in your life. With the right care and effort, you will have a NeoGarden you can be proud of. And over time, they get easier and easier to care for and have a big payoff in terms of gorgeous colors and smells into your garden. Happy gardening from your green thumb guides, Kellian (k3l26) and Maile (sunshine482)!

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