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Random Oddness

by mistyqee

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Back From Hiatus... Now What?
Imagine this: the world has become a dangerous place and you must go into hiding. You must isolate yourself for the next year or two in hopes that the danger will clear out and it is safe to return home. The years fly by, and you’re now accustomed to this new way of living. But you miss your old home. The familiarity, the nostalgia – it calls you back. You don’t know what you’re up against, or if it even is safe to return, but you take the risk anyways. You emerge from the shadows, returning to your old land...

by _heart7


The Found CIty
"That's impossible, Eliss."

by unfogging


Watch out!
How Psellia became the Protector of Altador

by orlovo


Jelly Woes
I don't know..seems kinda scary!

by imogenweasley

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