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Rediscover Faerieland In a Day

by mel_liew_ming_li


     Although Faerieland was once voted the Best Place to Live, the number of visitors to the city and its surrounding lands decreased considerably after parts of Faerieland were destroyed during the Wraith Resurgence. However, all Neopians worked hard to rebuild Faerieland over the months, and after this year's Charity Corner event, the donations from Neopians far and wide helped restore Faerieland to its formal glory, just in time for spring! Consequently, we decided to create an itinerary to help boost Faerieland's tourism and to guide our readers through the best parts of Faerieland and how to make the most of it in a day.


     Faerie Books

     Cost: 500nps - 20,000nps

     As the morning sun rises just beyond the clouds, you find yourself overwhelmed by the vast landscape that is Faerieland. Where to begin?! we recommend that you stop by the bookstore in Faerie City first. Here you can pick up Faerieland: A History, to learn all about what this dreamy land has to offer. You can also find books on the different faeries that reside in Faerieland, and the spells and magic they create. For example, The Earth faerie has written a book on magical gardening tips called Petalled Tales, but read it fast, or the pages will wilt! Our personal recommendation is Faerieland Sunsets. With the arrival of springtime and longer days of sunshine, this is the perfect time to catch the sunset from some of Faerieland's most beautiful lookout points. Faerieland Sunsets recommends Jhudoras' Bluff, but just be be careful not to run into her, or she'll rope you into assisting with one of her spells! The bookstore also stocks a variety of food-related reading material, but we recommend that you skip the hassle of cooking and head on down to Faerie Foods to taste the edibles rather than read about them!


     Faerie Foods

     Cost: 300nps - 20,000nps

     Upon stepping inside this colourful shop, your senses will be greeted with the aroma of sugary powder, pastries, and all kinds of baked goods. What makes Faerie Foods so special is that basic foods are combined with culinary creativity to make them more interesting. For example, you can purchase foods which have been inspired by famous faerie items, such as a chocolate version of Queen Fyora's crown, or a candy version of her staff! Watch out for those pesky Dark Faerie items though. Although they may look appealing, many of their descriptions tend to leave you feeling suspicious after reading them, and some may even warn you from the get-go that there's something nefarious hidden inside. If you want to avoid desserts all together, try the Celestial Salad, Vegetarian Flora Day Taco, or the Veggie Faerie Burger, though it does have wings, so make sure it doesn't fly away on you! After you've chosen what to order, take your plate with you out onto the floating patio, and enjoy the delicate atmosphere of Faerie City while you sample the various delectable edibles.


     Faerie Caverns

     Cost: 400 nps

     After eating your fill at Faerie Foods, consider heading to the Faerie Caverns in search of the ultimate treasure. This excursion is not for the faint hearted! Most of the time, Neopians find themselves falling into puddles of water, taking the wrong turn into darkness, being scared senseless by the creepy noises of Wadjets, or stubbing their toes on stalactites! If you're lucky enough to successfully maneuver your way through the underground maze you will ultimately find yourself in the cavern where the treasure lies. The most sought after prize in the caverns is the Faerie Caverns stamp, which attracts both stamp and non-stamp collectors alike due to its rarity. The chances of finding this stamp though is slim to none, so you may want to prepare yourself for soggy shoes and a measly 2000nps instead. But hey! life isn't JUST about getting rich right? Instead, think of how cool you'll sound when you tell your friends that you spent several hours in a small damp cave looking for some spare change. On second thought… that's embarrassing, maybe you shouldn't tell your friends you were here at all.


     Poogle Racing

     Cost: 300nps max/bet

     Let's say you did find treasure in the Faerie Caverns… what better way to celebrate than to spend it all on the Poogle Races?! If you're a sports fan…head on down to the fields below Faerie City to view the spectacular Poogle race. Neopians come from far and wide to place their bets on the most formidable Poogle. Spectating the Poogle Races in the springtime is an excellent choice. The sun is shining, the grass is newly grown and green, the light breeze prevents a swelter, and it provides an overall pleasant atmosphere. Make sure you bet wisely! The betting arena at the racing site offers a scoreboard of the odds for each Poogle. When you're ready to bet, make sure you don't bet on a sick Poogle! Talk to the Scorchio bet taker beforehand to get informed. Be sure to bring with you some food, especially fruit, as you can feed the Poogle you choose before the race. The fruit won't necessarily guarantee a win, but it's all about sending good vibes. When the race starts, make sure you cheer your Poogle on as loudly as possible! You want your Poogle to win! Should your Poogle win, head up to the betting arena to collect your winnings and then down to the track to give your winner Poogle some affection. After all, they did win you some Neopoints. If it's your very first win, you'll also win an avatar for your collection!


     Hidden Tower

     Cost: Free to browse, expensive to purchase!

     If by some stroke of luck you manage to make a profit from your bets on the Poogle Races, you may now have enough Neopoints to buy a souvenir from the Hidden Tower! Although Fyora is still unwell and won't be there to greet you, Baelia can show you around and point you towards the selection of items available for purchase. As the cheapest item starts at a whopping 600,000nps, many visitors choose to just window shop here at the Hidden Tower. Battledome fanatics often frequent this store, as there are a variety of weapons that are exclusive to the Hidden Tower, such as the Sword of Reif or the Ghostkerbomb. And for all you avatar collectors out there, don't forget that there are several avatars to be obtained from the Hidden Tower depending on what you buy. If you're strapped for Neopoints, here's a tip, on every third Wednesday of the month you can also score a mini 3% discount with any purchase! So this would be the best time to splurge at the Hidden Tower.


     Faerie Quests

     Cost: Item / faerie dependent

     As you have been wandering around Faerieland, you may notice that the faeries residing in Faerieland often like to stop by to ask wandering Neopians to help them to find an item. Consider yourself lucky if a faerie asks for your help, as it means she thinks you are worthy and capable, and in return will make your pet faster and stronger if you are able to complete her quest! And if you're really lucky then Naia herself may bless you with her presence and in exchange reward your pet with a new colour just in time for spring! If for some reason you are unable to find the item that a faerie has requested, don't worry, nothing bad will happen to you… but you may find yourself being pointed and laughed at by any faerie who walks by you, as faeries do tend to gossip…!

          And there you have it! Even if you're only in Faerieland for a day, you can thoroughly enjoy the beauty and the magical aura of the faeries, shops, and activities native to Faerieland. Although the faeries have worked hard to rebuild their home after the Wraiths' destruction with the help of Granny Hopbobbin and generosity of Neopians, the inhabitants of Faerieland still rely on outside visitors in order for their land to thrive and prosper. So be a good Neopian and start planning your spring holiday to Faerieland today!


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