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3 Tips to Get Fit at Home (Without Training!)

by gooberandbubs


      Are you tired of the long trek to Krawk or Mystery Island? Sick of waiting hours in line just to be seen by a trainer for one class? Are your pockets empty because of exorbitant codestone prices that only seem to get more expensive? Well in today's issue of the Neopian Times, we've teamed up with some of Neopia's finest at-home fitness experts in order to show you AND your pets that fitness doesn't need to cost an arm, leg, and hours of your time!

      As summer looms near, Neopia's beaches begin preparation for the endless waves of tourists who will soon line their coasts. At the same time, citizens around the globe start to dream of six-pack abs and legs that could crush Funnydew Melons with ease. Whether your pets have never left the couch or they're just trying to get back their physique of wars past, our experts have compiled a list of fitness tips that don't require a trip to the Training School!

      1. Neggs

      No, we're not suggesting you feed your pets raw EGGS in order to make them grow big and strong! Instead, you may be surprised to learn that Neopia's own Neggs can help your pet gain strength, endurance, and speed without ever stepping foot in a gym. The Neopian Times caught up with Terror Mountain's own Kairi - she was kind enough to meet with us despite being in the midst of cleaning up after Shenkuu's annual Festival of Neggs!

      INTERVIEWER: "Thanks for taking the time to meet with us, we'll be out of your hair shortly!"

      KAIRI: "Oh, not a problem!" She glances over her shoulder to an empty shelf, and plops the stray Negg in her hand back into its rightful place. "Honestly, after the hubbub of the Festival it gets kind of lonely up here. And, I love seeing Neopians - young and old - take an interest in their health, so I'm always happy to help!"

      I: "If one of our readers was looking to start using Neggs to improve their fitness, where would you suggest they start?"

      K: "I always point newcomers to the Basic Power Negg, it gives them a little taste of what Neggs can offer without anything too crazy. Of course, I have lots of higher tier options like the Spiked Negg and Silver Knight Negg, but I like to see if customers are truly committed to this new lifestyle before pointing them toward a larger investment!"

      I: "Is there anything that you would advise against our readers attempting in order to improve their fitness?"

      K: "Why…yes, actually. I realize this sounds rather silly considering my role as Neopia's Negg Faerie, but I wish pets would stay away from the Staring Neggs. It just breaks my heart to see a young mind transform into a meathead in an attempt to become as big and intimidating as possible."

      2. Recreational Sports

      If your main goal is to keep your pet healthy and active, you may find a fun solution in recreational sports! The lands around Neopia have introduced countless team and group sports throughout the years, and these can be a great activity to help your pet meet new friends while staying active. Now, if your pet's goal is to be a champion in the Battledome, you'll need to try something a bit more rigorous. But for the casual fitness fanatic this tip is a great place to start!

      Easily the most famous sport in Neopia (and possibly the oldest!), is Yooyuball! This sport is a great source of cardio for your pet, and nothing beats the camaraderie of a dedicated sports team. You can find recreational Yooyuball leagues across Neopia, so be sure to check out your local team and see if its a good fit for your Neopet.

      Since spring training is at its peak for the Altador Cup, we were unable to sit down for an interview with any of the teams or their coaches at this time. But the Kiko Lake team's weekly…I mean, umm, annual, donation drive at the Neopian Times office did provide this snippet of advice:

      "Work hard, play hard! Those donations aren't going to collect themselves, Boys!"


     3. Nutritional Supplements

      Whether your Neopet consumes three square meals of free omelettes and jelly, or is a card-carrying member of Kelp, there is likely some room for improvement in their diet! By choosing the right foods to feed your pet, you can help them grow stronger without a trip to the Training School or Academy!

      Even if your pet is veggie-averse, it's a good idea to start feeding them mushrooms. Many of Neopia's fungi can increase your pet's strength, endurance, and resilience to injury, and all they have to do is eat them! Some of the more popular mushrooms in the fitness world include the Level Up Shroom, Mega Power Plusshroom, and the Purple Spotted Shroom. Try adding these mushrooms to your pet's favorite food, like pizza, smoothies, or Borovan!

      For those pets with an insatiable sweet tooth, there may be a solution. Neopia's magical birthday cakes can help improve your pet's fitness AND that taste great. The downside to these treats is that they can be very hard to come by! While they aren't sold in any of Neopia's finest stores, rumors say that they sometimes appear in the Mall during the month of Swimming. It is also common for pets to just stumble across these delicious cakes on their birthday, so be sure to keep an eye out!

      With summer closing in on Neopia more and more each day, we hope that these tips will help you and your pet avoid the stress of reaching their fitness goals! But while these techniques can be helpful, please remember that there is always a time and place for traditional training. A well-rounded lifestyle is the only way to achieve optimum fitness, so be sure to keep an open mind when training for the Battledome, Beauty Contest, or just for fun!

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