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Caring for Your Grey Pet

by brekln


      "Why would I ever want a pet that is always sad?"

      This has been a longstanding question for many pet owners around Neopia. Over time, many myths surrounding grey Neopets and their behaviour have surfaced. But how many are true? And how can we care for grey Neopets properly?

      As the owner of 2 grey Neopets, I have plenty of experience. One of the most frustrating things about being a grey pet owner is the myths that surround our grey friends! These myths are simply untrue, and should be examined thoroughly for the good of all grey Neopets.


      MYTH #1: "Grey pets are always sad and gloomy." This is simply not true. Haven’t you ever heard of the phrase "you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover?" Many grey pets have a lacklustre facial expression, but this does not reflect their mood. Grey pets often get lost in their thoughts and daydreams, but this does not mean they are necessarily feeling sad. Furthermore, many grey pets look quite cheerful, such as the Usul, Kougra, Korbat, Draik, and Bruce, who sport a lovely smile!

      MYTH #2: "Grey pets complain about everything." Grey pets are extremely introspective and perceptive. As a result, they tend to examine both themselves and the world around them quite carefully, and are more likely to express their thoughts on a daily basis. Does this mean your grey pet may complain from time to time? Absolutely. But your grey pet is just as likely to complain about something as they are to make a positive comment too.

      MYTH #3: "Grey pets are never satisfied."

      This myth likely stems from the fact that grey pets may require special care. The truth is, if you care for your grey pet like you would any other pet, they actually may feel unsatisfied! However, if you treat your grey pet with respect and follow some of the recommendations for care below, they will be not only satisfied but gracious too!



      Grey fur, feathers, and scales can be extremely sensitive. Fancy soaps and hair products can irritate your pet. As a result, it is important to buy special shampoo and conditioner for your grey pet. Avoid scented products at all costs! I recommend the "Grey Shampoo" and "Grey Conditioner" which are reasonably priced and effective.

      Limit the use of makeup or face paint on your grey Neopets. Many grey pets have– *ahem*– very active tear ducts– so forcing your pet to wear makeup can sometimes be embarrassing and uncomfortable.


      Many grey pets have a difficult time meeting friends. The majority of grey pets can be described as introverted, which is not a bad thing at all! However, it is best to limit situations where your grey pet will have to interact with multiple Neopets for long periods of time.

      It is my recommendation that the best type of companionship for your grey pet is a well chosen Petpet. You may be quick to think: "a grey pet should have a grey Petpet, of course!" However, I actually recommend staying away from grey in this case. Your pet’s Petpet should a source of cheeriness for your pet, but still exhibit calm and quiet tendancies. Some Petpets I recommend are the Babaa (shy but loyal), Flowper (extremely cute and cheery), or the Hasee (laid-back and adorable).


      Grey pets may exhibit different interests than your other pets. As before stated, situations where your grey pet will have to interact with many different Neopets for long periods of time are typically unenjoyable. However, there are many interests that will benefit and support your grey pet.

      Journaling is one of my top recommendations. Since grey pets are often lost in thought, it is very useful and engaging for your Neopet to write their ideas down. Journaling will help with your grey pet’s self esteem and their mental wellbeing. Getting your grey pet to write down their worries or their negative thoughts will usually help them move forward to have a better day.

      Stamp collecting is another fun activity for your grey pet. Your pet can individually collect as many stamps as they can, or you and your pet can do it together. This activity is a great way for your grey pet to wind down after a busy day. Pour a nice cup of tea and plan out which page to fill up next!

      Walking through nature is another wonderful activity for grey pets. Rain or shine, your grey pet will enjoy spending some time alone (or perhaps with their new Petpet) walking around your local forest or garden. Being in nature helps grey pets reflect on their day, recharge, and experience the beautiful colours of nature (from grey skies to bright flowers).

      And most importantly…


      Many grey owners make the mistake of going out of their way to include too much colour into their pet’s lives, or never including any colour at all! In my experience, the best care for grey pets involves including doses of colour and grey together in order to create a balance.

      Firstly, grey pets need to have representation and recognition in their lives. Therefore, it is important to celebrate days such as Grey Day, and introduce important figures such as the Grey Faerie to your pet. You can do this by reading your pet books such as "Nomi the Grey Faerie" or having a "Grey Cupcake" on Grey Day.

      On other special occasions, show your grey pet that you care by including their interests into that special day. For example, give your pet a "Grey Patterned Decorative Negg" during the Festival of Neggs. Your grey pet will appreciate this Negg, as it has a grey basis with small details of orange, blue, and turquoise. Clothing can be considered similarly, such as the "Grey and Purple Color Block Skirt" which features both purple and grey together.

      By letting your pet know its okay to enjoy both grey and colour, you will help them discover their true interests and be themselves. This is the key to helping your grey Neopet find contentment.

      Overall, being loving, supportive, and considerate of your grey pet and their personality will be the greatest care you can give them. Help them see that they too can embrace both the negative and positive sides of life without judgement. Good luck!

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