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The Chocolate Ball Etiquette

by maryannyks


     When you get your invite to the annual Chocolate Ball, you will surely feel elite, because not everyone gets one! You should feel very honored and special if you manage to get an invite. It's always the talk of the high society, since only about a hundred invites are passed out every year. And in the recent years, fake invites are being sent out by random Neopians who think they are trying to be funny or prank others. You'll know the real invite by the seal, though. It's made of pure dark chocolate. It is usually also signed by the Kiko host and written in dark chocolate ink, that vaguely smells of mint (raspberry if you made it into the VIP list). The envelope is made of white chocolate, with golden intricate lettering. Look for the signature, as well. The Kiko host's signature is known by the white chocolate crumbs he decorates his signature with. If your invite matches the description, you are ready to attend the ball!

     Now after you've gotten your invite, you need to start thinking about the proper etiquette of the ball. How to greet others with the secret chocolate handshake, what to wear and what to say to other elite Neopians. There's quite a few secret phrases that go around at the ball. One of them is "Good Chocolate to you as well", with a small bow gesture. Another one goes "How very Chocolate of you!". The handshake is a little more difficult to learn. First you'll need to dip your right paw in chocolate completely, wait for it to dry, then remove it, without breaking the chocolate. Then you have a replica of your right paw, made of chocolate. You give this out to other Neopians, they give you theirs, you shake it and then you return it and have yours returned as well. It can be complicated, but comes easily once you've learned how to do it. So if you learn these phrases and the paw shake, you'll be all set to greet the other honored guests. Though there are new phrases added each year, each more special than the one before.

     As for the dress code, you'll need chocolate clothes. And not just any clothes, either. Almost anything with candy, marshmallows or chocolate will do. And not just the accessories, your whole attire needs to be made of chocolate or resemble it. Only evening gowns and suits are allowed. They won't let in Neopians who are not dressed properly. Last year it were the hats that were in focus. The higher and the more decorated they were, the better. One Neopian had a giant tower as a hat, made of 3 different kinds of chocolate. It was definitely a show-stealer, considering it contained a caramel lava flowing around the tower-hat. Another had a golden chocolate gown, decorated with white chocolate pearls and red taffy with sheer white chocolate floating as a cape behind her. Most Neopians have their attire custom made at the Chocolate Factory weeks before the event. It can be very costly, but Neopoints are not a problem for these elite Neopians.

     If you're wondering how you should behave at the Chocolate Ball, then the utmost politeness is the key, here. You should refer to everyone as Sir/Madam. Also "Your Chocolate Chocolateness" works well, if you are not into saying Sir or Madam, or just wish to seem more elite. There are also very old glass-holding customs that you need to know, if you're going to attend the ball. You should not talk to Neopians who have chocolate milk glasses in their left paw. Carrying a glass of chocolate milk in your left paw means you are not interested in socializing currently. If you have it in your right paw, then it means you're open for socializing and wish to be approached. If you're holding it with both paws, then you will be thrown out of the Chocolate Ball, because that's a very rude gesture. Not even going to explain this, just never hold your chocolate milk glass with two paws. If you however are holding any other beverage in a glass, then these customs do not apply. They are very old traditions and only apply to chocolate milk.

     As for the other big no-no's, here are a few you should never do or say. You should never ask about another Neopian's chocolate preferences. Everyone's preference is a key element in surprising them at the Ball so it should not be talked about during the Ball. You can ask them after the event, or before. But never during it. You should also never be greedy when you try samples of different and new chocolates they have on display. Eating more than one from each plate is considered highly rude and you won't be invited to the next annual Chocolate Ball. Eating the chocolate statue that is made after you is also considered rude. You should not eat them, they are art made by the host himself as a gesture to you and your greatness. If you eat your statue, you don't consider yourself worthy of the event. Even though it is said that it tastes better than anything you've ever tried, I wouldn't recommend on trying it if you want to attend the Chocolate Ball again in the future.

     This should explain the annual Chocolate Ball etiquette for most Neopians who are dying to attend it, but scared to make the wrong moves and become socially unaccepted. Each year is a little bit different, filled with new surprises and new flavors, but most of these still apply. The main idea is to enjoy yourself and be treated with the best chocolate there is. Getting a taste of the new things before everyone else. Let yourself be surprised by the tastes that the Kiko host has put together for your taste only. The only thing to worry about really, is getting your authentic invite, because once you have gotten your invite, there isn't much that can go wrong.

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