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The Best Petpets 2: Desert Edition

by jjensen688


     If you’ve read some of my former articles, you might have stumbled across The Best Robot Petpets, a piece I wrote highlighting a specific subcategory of Petpets. Now, Robot Petpets might be cool, but why bother focusing on just them? As covered in the former, more exotic Petpets often go overlooked for those within reach of Neopia Central.

     When pondering what other varieties I should cover, one came to mind. So, in homage to my Desert Moehog Roheit, I present to you: The Best Desert Petpets. In no particular order.

     1. Scarabug


     Available in a whopping 10 colors, the Scarabug is a cheap option for anyone looking for a desert-themed companion. In contrast to more expensive Petpets, the Scarabug can be found for, give or take, 100 np. Winner of the acclaimed PPL Award on week 210, popular names for the earthy-colored companions include Buggy, Scarabug, Sara, Hummer, Jewel, and Ra. The variety of colors available to this species no doubt aid it’s popularity- if you ask me, brown and fire are the coolest. Shopping for more than just one? Scarabugs are social little things, and will readily swarm with others of their kind. To some, the incessant buzzing can be considered quite annoying. To a patient Neopet, though, they make a great companion.

     2. Ettaphant


     Twice the heads means twice the adorableness, right? Well, if that’s true, the Ettaphant is certainly a good option. Available in 6 colors, you can style your two-faced friend to fit any style. If you’re looking for something traditional, splash on a Tyrannian brush to get your furry friend looking practically prehistoric. They might be a little confused sometimes, sure, but that’s all the more to love! Winner of the PPL Award on week 130, popular names include Trunk, Peanuts, WhichWay, and- my personal favorite- Ettaphander. You can usually find one of these little beauties for as low as 2,500 np. Twice the heads, twice the personality, and twice the amount of cheeks to pinch!

     3. Selket


     While some Neopets- and their owners- might shudder or scoff at the idea of keeping a bug anywhere near their households, the Selket makes a nice, traditional (if only a bit creepy-crawly) addition to any family. Available in 5 colors- Red, blue, white, Faerie, and mutant- a Selket will make any pet with a fascination in Neoentomology very happy. Not only are they stunningly pretty (by a bug’s standards, anyway), they also won the PPL on week 138. Popular names for these guys include Pinchy, Sam, Selkie, Angel, Fred, and Scurry. Be careful if you get one of these fellas, though- they burrow at the first sign of danger, and they don’t care if it’s carpet or sand they’re digging through.

     4. Khnum


     A relic of Neopia past, the Khnum is a good addition to any historian’s life. Native to the overarching Lost Desert region, these Petpets are reminiscent of all variety of shrines and temples. In fact, it’s rumored that the Khnum was a favorite of Coltzan himself! Available in 4 additional colors- spotted, red, green, and black- the Khnum can match any manner of dusty vases or expensive-looking artifacts. Worried that you won’t be home enough to keep them entertained? No worries! Khnums are known to be lazy little guys, lounging around in the warm sand all day. Winner of the PPL on week 105, common names include King Tut, Egypt, Coltzan, and Munhk. To top it off, they’re relatively cheap, clocking in at around 1,400 np. The Khnum can make a good addition to any pet’s life.

     5. Turtmid


     A mashed-up hybrid of Maraquan and Sakhmet life, the Turtmid is a good choice for a beachside family- or one just looking for something special. Available in 3 additional colors, they can be painted to fit any occasion. Looking for a more sea-based friend? Go green! Looking for a beachside buddy? Island is the brush for you! Finally, if you’re feeling festive, a valentine Turtmid can be the cherry on a heart-shaped cake. While a little more jumpy than some Petpets, a Turtmid in its shell is a funny sight. So funny, in fact, it must’ve been what won it the PPL award on week 324. Common names for these pyramid-shaped pals include Turt, Squirt, and Sandy. Cashing in at around 4,000 np, a Turtmid is a good choice for any Neopet able to dish out a little extra cash.

     6. Blobikins


     Trust me, I’m not sure what makes this a desert Petpet either. But who am I to judge what that desert Peophin sells at her shop, right? The Blobikins makes a good addition to any family- if you’re able to get your hands on one. Available in 2 additional colors, Maraquan and Woodland, you can customize your jelly-creature to fit two whole themes. Rumor says it comes from some far-off land called [CENSORED FROM PUBLICATION], but what do I know? It won the PPL on week 441, and some popular names include Ditto, Squishy, and "The Experiment". Given how rare they are, not much is known about them- other than the fact that they’re a bit unusual. Going for a rough estimate of 4,000,000 np, the Blobikins is a pricy example of companionship- but well worth it. I think, anyway. I’m an article writer, not a millionaire.

     7. Dua


     Available in a surprising range of colors- 9, if you include the basic yellow- the Dua is a versatile (if only expensive) companion. They’re well known for their ferocious appetites and contrastingly sweet demeanor. They won the PPL way back on week 145, with popular names including Osira, Sparky, Egypt, and Fido. Similar to the Blobikins, though, it doesn’t come cheap. You can get your paws on a Dua for about 400,000 np. If you’re looking for a regal playmate, the Dua is for you- just like a mullet, its business in the front, and party behind the scenes.

     And… that’s it! Now, obviously, there are plenty of other Desert Petpets for you to pick from. These are just some of my favorites!

     Did your favorite make it on the list? If not, why not write a piece endorsing them?

     Hopefully this kept you entertained. Maybe you’ll go get a desert Petpet of your own. Thanks for reading!


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