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Fall Back In Love With Dice-A-Roo!

by pkmpc14


     Most people play Dice-A-Roo for the avatar, only to never play the game again afterwards. You might even hate the game if the jackpot was always just out of your grasp! However, Dice-A-Roo still has a lot to offer every Neopian, especially if you take away the stress of trying to get the jackpot. How long has it been since you played Dice-A-Roo? Can you let this colourful, cheerful game of dice rolling back into your heart? This article is going to convince you why you should, if you haven't already.

     For anyone who is unfamiliar with how to play Dice-A-Roo, the gameplay is simple. There are five different levels, represented by the die changing colours. The colours are red, blue, green, yellow, and silver. You roll a die, with each side representing a different outcome, such as winning NP or losing NPs. Once you reach the last level the die has a chance to land on the jackpot. However, the die also has the chance to land on 'game over' which will end your game and force you to start over again. The possible outcomes you can receive are losing NPs, winning NPs, winning an item, a chance of advancing to the next level, nothing happening, a chance get a game over and, finally, receiving the jackpot.

     It's a relatively simple game, but it has a lot to offer!

     Firstly, Dice-A-Roo only costs 5NP a game. That's a bargain! Despite rising inflation, The Blumaroos of Roo Island have kept costs as low as possible. They're not here to take advantage of you. In fact, the Blumaroos want to help you! They'll keep you company during your game, often giving out helpful trivia. A passing Blumaroo says, "Have you heard about the sixth dice - it's a secret!". You might have dismissed this as a rumour or myth, but there may be some truth to the claim. At the end of the game, you have a chance to receive a 10x multiplier!!! Is it possible the Blumaroos roll a secret sixth die to decide this? Who knows, but if you're blessed by the 10x multiplier, then you will probably end up on the High-Score Table. This nets you a cute little trophy, ranging from gold through to bronze. It's also how people leave the game with huge amounts of Neopoints, such as 200,000! While you won't get the 10x multiplier every time you win the game, it's another incentive to keep playing. Who doesn't want another trophy for their user lookup?

     Once you've paid your 5NP fee, you could aim for the jackpot or you could aim for a small amount of profit. Sure, you might get excited at the prospect of doubling or even tripling your 5NP investment, but you shouldn't be so hasty to collect those Neopoints! You see, Dice-A-Roo has something even better to offer. Food. Never again will your Neopets have to settle on The Soup Kitchen, dreaming of B-B-Q Pork and Potato Wedges. Those are just two of the many food prizes given out by Dice-A-Roo. They'll even cater to different dietary needs, stocking Pea and Ham Baby Food, Caffeine Free Neocola, and even a Vegetarian Cheeseburger! But if you're all about the profit, then perhaps you'll be tempted by a Strawberry Milkshake, a Pear or even a Negg! Your whole 5NP looks like a sound business investment now.

     Prizes are awarded once you start hitting the green die, which means that you won't earn them on the red or blue ones. This doesn't matter though, because these clicks still count! Not only are you still working towards that sweet jackpot, but you're increasing your likelihood of a random event. While the game itself doesn't increase the chance of receiving random events, clicking around the Neopets site will. Did you know that your chance of random events is increased when you're using the Birthday sidebar theme, which appears on your or Neopet's birthday? There wouldn't be a better way to celebrate the day than by playing a few rounds of Dice-A-Roo. Will Jacko the Phantom painter come to bless you with a paint brush while you roll those dices?

     Maybe making Neopoints isn't your ultimate goal because you're more of a Battledome fanatic. Then are you sure you have Advisor Broo as a challenger? If you come across him during a random event in a game of Dice-A-Roo, then you can find the manipulating 'Roo in the Pango Palladium arena. On easy, Advisor Broo has 160 HP, rising to 192 HP on medium and 240 HP on hard! While he might take some effort to defeat, you can be looking at extravagant items such as a Orange Evil Mastermind Chair, Evil Pink Turbo Slippers or even a Jazzmosis Blumaroo Plushie! Don't forget there's a whole host of books on Blumaroo culture that you could be missing out on if your pets aren't engaging in fisticuffs with Advisor Broo.

     Desperate to indulge in more gambling, but already have your twenty lottery tickets? Dice-A-Roo can award you additional tickets, meaning you'll have an advantage when it comes to another avatar AND another trophy! It's just another example of how generous and kind those Blumaroo can be. You'll only get the chance once you reach the yellow die though, so you'll have to put some effort in for those tickets, but it makes the win that more satisfying!

     Lastly, there's the reason that most of us began playing Dice-A-Roo in the first place. If you manage to get the jackpot, then you'll receive an avatar. For some Neopians, this makes the game more frustrating. They're so close to getting the jackpot but then… Oh no! It's a game over. However, if you make Dice-A-Roo a daily, then eventually the avatar will come to you. Considering you can play around 50 games a day, 365 days a year, that's 18,250 chances to get the avatar! If you take the game slow and steady, finding pleasure in the small victories such as lottery tickets, food or even the silly messages from the passing Blumaroos, then the game should be much more enjoyable for you. Maybe you'll even end up with the gold trophy!


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