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Neopian Battlefield Legends: A Guide for Trophy Collectors

by poijb


     Better Than You recently featured Neopian Battlefield Legends, which is a fun and strategic tower defense game! With some practice and strategic planning, anyone can achieve the maximum score and earn a shiny new trophy.


     The objective of Neopian Battlefield Legends is to defend your base from the invading enemies. There are three different maps—easy, medium, and hard. The more difficult maps have more waves of enemies and tougher enemies, but offer more points. If you want a gold trophy, you need to play on the hard map to get the maximum score. You can purchase additional map types, but this is not necessary to obtain the maximum score. Since this is a guide for trophy collectors, this guide will assume that everyone is playing on the regular hard map. You can choose to play on the side of Darigan or Meridell. Feel free to pick either side because this has no effect on gameplay.


     Throughout the game, five different towers can be placed on the battlefield to destroy the invading enemies. Each tower can be upgraded three times to increase its damage and range. Additional tower types can be purchased with NC but this is not necessary to obtain the maximum score, so only the basic tower types will be described in this guide.

     The first type of tower is the wooden tower. It only costs 50 coins and upgrades cost 30 gold. It is cheap, reliable and has medium range, so it’s useful to purchase if you need to build something quickly.

     The second type of tower is the rapid-fire tower. It is pretty much identical to the wooden tower, but it has double the attack. Considering it costs 75 coins and upgrades cost 60 gold, it is very efficient in gold and space, so it should be purchased over the wooden tower if possible. Many of these should be built.

     The third type of tower is the catapult tower. It costs 150 gold and upgrades cost 75 gold, so it is quite expensive. It also has low range, but it makes up for these weaknesses with its very high damage. This makes this tower type very useful against enemies with high HP, so it is important to build many of these.

     The fourth type of tower is the snowball tower. It costs 200 gold and upgrades cost 100 gold, so it is also quite expensive. It has high range and slows down enemies, but it has low damage. Due to its high cost, it is usually only worth building one of these.

     The fifth type of tower is the ranged tower. It costs 225 gold and upgrades cost 125 gold, which makes it the most expensive tower in the game. It has extremely high range and does bonus damage to flying enemies, which is useful later in the game. Due to its high cost, however, it is only worth building a couple of these.


     On the hard mode, there are 50 waves of enemies that become increasingly difficult. There are ten different types of enemies, and some of them have special characteristics such as high movement speed, flight, and high HP. As described earlier, some towers are useful for countering certain types of enemies. For example, snowball towers are useful for slowing down fast enemies so that the other towers can destroy them, ranged towers are effective against flying enemies, and catapult towers, and catapult towers are strong against enemies with high HP.


     In order to achieve the maximum score of 125,266, you must defeat all 50 waves of enemies on the hard map without losing any health. This is not an easy feat and takes some proper planning. You start off with 150 gold, so it is a good idea to start off with two rapid-fire towers near the point where the enemies spawn. Throughout the game, build towers around this area so that most of the enemies can be quickly destroyed at this choke point. At first, you should focus on upgrading the rapid-fire towers as quickly as possible because they will be very efficient at destroying the weaker enemies. Once you are finished upgrading them, purchase a catapult tower and start upgrading it. This will be effective against the more difficult enemies with high HP that start to appear in later waves.

     The backbone of your tower defense will be rapid-fire towers and catapult towers, so build as many of those as possible. Because catapult towers have low range, build them as close to the enemies as possible. Rapid-fire towers have better range so you can build them a little farther away. However, do not forget to purchase snowball towers and ranged towers as well! One snowball tower is typically enough to slow down the faster enemies, and a couple of ranged towers are useful for contributing to damage and taking down flying enemies from a very far distance. Don’t forget that the attack range of the towers increases with upgrades, so the range indicator is misleading when you first build the towers.


     If you successfully defeat all 50 waves of enemies on the hard map without losing any health, then you will achieve the maximum score of 125,266. If you do this quickly at the beginning of the month, you can earn a shiny new trophy for your user lookup. It is important to do this at the beginning of the month because the high score tables will be reset. If you’re late, it is possible to be "bumped up" as other people send their scores, but this is unreliable and does not guarantee you a trophy.

     In addition, you will receive some item rewards for earning a high score. Battlefield Legends String Lights, Battlefield Legends the Board Game, and Battlefield Legends Hat are all rewarded for earning scores of at least 10,000, 60,000, and 100,000, respectively.

     If you enjoy this game, you should also check out Biscuit Brigade. It is an older game, but it is similar in strategy and has a trophy available, although this trophy is more difficult to obtain. Good luck defeating the invading enemies!

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