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The Celebration that Nobody Saw Coming

by frostiepompom


     "Woah – that’s so cool!" Myth said to the television as she pulled on her rain boots and coat, both with a floral design. "But," she started, standing up. Her wings popped out, her antenna poking through her rain cap. She was a Faerie Xweetok, a beautiful one. "Zircon, I miss-"she started, as I cut her off, the stubborn Faerie Wocky that I was. I let my pink paws gradually wrap around her. "She’s at the headquarters on a secret mission. There’s nothing I can do about it, Myth. She says she’ll come back, after the job’s done, whenever the job’s done..." I said, my voice slowly trailing off into silence. "To miss my birthday, my Petpet’s birthday, my Petpetpet’s birthday, your birthday, and all of that? More, too. Even more than that, Zircon. Just-please, can she come back home? Sooner?" Myth complained.

     I flapped my wings lightly in annoyance. I was about a month older than my sister, and she was so persistent, much more persistent than me. The most persistent pet in all of Neopia, I say. All I could do was attach my paw to hers, walk out in the rain, and shake my head. So many grey pets out there, in that sort of weather, on that rainy day. Myth walked with her head hanging down the whole time. "Myth, let’s go back home. We can rent a Neo-Movie of your choice, make some kettle corn, and cuddle up with blankets in the front room." Even that didn’t cheer her up. She sure missed her, as those were her three favorite things that I was offering.

     We turned the corner back to the house, the faded pink house, and I unlocked the door. Myth’s Babaa, jumped up at her in excitement. She just kept walking, eventually up the stairs and into her bedroom, slamming the door shut with a creak and a whoosh of air. My Tanizard, Squish, cuddled up on our couch with me as I made popcorn, sprinkled sugar on it, and then butter and lots of salt. I then slipped into my pyjamas and hurried up the stairs with the bowl of popcorn in my paws, careful not to drop any. Knocking on Myth’s door, I shook it up, making sure there was coating everywhere. Myth slowly opened her door, the wall decal on her teal wall reading ‘Mythie’ in bright, white letters. She walked back over to where she was and sat on her bed, holding a pillow up to her face.

     "Myth, kettle corn? Squish is just waiting for you to cuddle with her as we watch our movie!" I said, still staring at the wall decal. My tail twitched, and my wings. She wasn’t saying anything, but her Babaa, the Babaa whom I don’t know her name, jumped off of the bed and nudged my leg. I picked it up and pet it. "Myth, things aren’t going to get any better with you sulking. She won’t come back any faster." I said to her, hoping that it might cheer her up a bit. Finally, she looked at me, sitting up on the side of the bed after she arranged the pillows to her liking.

      "Oh, alright, Zircon. Just give me Rubie and we can maybe shuffle downstairs…" she said, slowly walking up to the bowl of kettle corn and stuffing it into her face. "I got your favorite movie!" I said, holding up the case. She started to hover into the air with excitement as I started to ask, "Who’s Rubie?" Myth let out a giggle and exclaimed, "My Babaa, silly! Let me get on my pyjamas and then we can start! Don’t start without me!" Myth said, slowly closing the door. Her Babaa chased after me right before the door closed, and I could hear Myth laughing as I walked down the stairs, the wooden stairs with the blonde-carpeted tops that we had grown up with. The kitchen was all tiled, right beside the staircase. I looked at it, all in its perfect harmony. I must say, it was a really odd feeling. A nice feeling, regardless. I obviously wasn’t paying any attention as Myth came and tackled me, knocking me against the back of our couch, the kettle corn flying up in the air. "It’s a good thing I had a cover on that kettle corn, Myth, or you would have been in for it!" I told Myth playfully.

      She cuddled up in front of the TV with Rubie and a blanket as I went to the freezer and got us both popsicles. "Mmm, coconut! My favorite!" Myth said to me as I sat down next to her with the popsicles. By the time I had started mine she was about halfway finished with hers as I slowly slid the bowl of kettle corn in the middle of the two of us. Squish and Rubie both headed for it at the same time, so we both gave them a piece of it as they settled into our laps. Evening was falling into the then silent Neopia, a breezy March night, the breeze carrying subtle and gentle scents of daisies and roses. I stretched my arm to grab the remote from our nightstand as I flipped the TV on. It instantly turned to the local news channel. Myth looked at me, confused.

     Why would it suddenly turn to the news channel, exactly? What was going on? And how? I felt something other than Myth or one of our Petpets snuggling into my lap. "What – what is this?" I said confusedly as I tried to feel it. It was our mom’s Invisible Doglefox, Ben. "Ben? Ben!" I yelled. "Ben? How?" Myth said, trying to feel him on my lap. She looked up at me and smiled. Ben jumped off of my lap and went somewhere, and after a minute or two the TV was turned up. They showed a picture of the Faerie Xweetok who inspired many people – a police officer, a firefighter, a nurse, a spy. The dark had already blanketed Neopia as Myth and I listened intently. "Mom!", Myth yelled, flying up. She spilled the kettle corn all over the floor, but I honestly didn’t care.

     She almost dropped Rubie but ended up catching her before she hit the ground. Myth started to cry with happiness as I sat there with Squish, just watching and wondering what the news reporter, a Faerie Yurble, would say next. "She will be coming home pretty quick so if ya’ll don’t care about your sleep a bit," the reporter chuckled, "then you should, by all means, go and greet her! She’ll be here at midnight. In Neopia Central." I quickly turned the TV off as Myth flew to her room. "Myth, where are you-" I started to say as she cut me off. "I have fireworks, Zircon! Fireworks!" I stayed silent as she dragged a wagon full of fireworks down the stairs quickly. "Go grab Rubie and Squish, they can ride in my wagon to the Central!" she said. I was too excited to say no, so I grabbed them and set them on top. "Oh, and Ben!" I said.

     "Ben, come here, boy!" I called. Soon enough, Ben was curled up in my arms as I set him in the middle of our 2 (visible) Petpets. "Get your rain boots and gear on, Myth, it’s probably cold, icy, and snowing at this time of night." I glanced at the clock – 11:30 PM. We had half an hour to get everything ready and welcome our mom home. I pulled on my pink gear, and, for the second time today, I got to see Myth in her floral gear. I twitched my wings with excitement. "I’ll fly down there with the Petpets to tell everybody to make way for where you’re planning to shoot the fireworks-" I started as Myth butted in. "Right above the Money Tree. So at the base of the Money Tree is where we need to set up." "Alright, then, I’m off! Be careful and stay safe, you’ve got a wagon full of fireworks in this icy cold weather."I picked up the Petpets – 2 of them, although I recall picking up all 3. As it was already 11:45 at night and it was icy outside, on a regular day we would never be doing this. I caught my breath before opening the door to a blizzard. "Be careful, Myth," I started, stepping out into the weather. "Be safe!"

     Myth’s Views!

     I watched as my big sister left. "Be careful, Myth! Stay safe!" she said, stepping out into the haze so I couldn’t see her anymore. "No, Zircon, wait!" I yelled. It was too late. I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it. But – it’s the thought that counts, right? Suddenly I saw Rubie jumping down the stairs. "Rubie? How did Zircon leave without you?" I asked. She was carrying a tissue. "Aww… we’ve got to try! Thank you for the inspiration!" I said to Rubie. She just twisted her head to the side. I giggled, slipping her into a pocket on the inside of my jacket. "Baby, it’s cold outside…" I said jokingly as I opened the front door to the wind and the huge snowflakes. "But it’s March…" I muttered. "Hopefully the wind dies down or I won’t be able to shoot the fireworks." She had made them one day when she was really missing her mom.

     She thought they were rather small, but she was really into fireworks and had studied them. This was her largest layout yet despite it being so small, but everyone in Neopia was going to love it. "Alright, Rubie!" I said. "Let’s hit the road."

     Zircon’s Views!

     I flew to Neopia Central against the strong current of the wind – I’m surprised I was able to make it there on time. I carried Ben and Rub- wait, where was Rubie? I knew that Myth probably had her, so make that Ben and Squish. Finally I was there, gathered into the large crowd. "Make way! Make way," I yelled loudly. "We have explosive fireworks coming through! I repeat, explosive fireworks are coming through!" Everybody seemed to listen as I spotted Myth with Rubie in her pocket, dragging her big red wagon to Neopia Central. She set the display to shoot at midnight, nestled on the Money Tree’s bark.

     It was 11:59 as we saw a Faerie Pteri in the sky, carrying our mom. "Three… two…" the whole crowd started to yell as we counted down the seconds until midnight like it was the new year. Our mom landed right in between us as the Faerie Pteri flew away. "One…" the crowd shouted loudly. "Zero!" The crowd and Myth and our mom all watched the purple and teal fireworks, lighting up our faces . "Welcome Home, Mom! Love, Zircon and Mythie!"they read. Mom hugged both of us in. "Ah, my little babies. I’m finally home." She sighed, sounding relieved. "Time for a party!" Myth yelled. "They even got you some cake."

     So that’s how our mom came home. At midnight, with a fireworks show made by Myth, with a fancy, homemade cake, with all of Neopia to celebrate. Even the Petpets were there to show their appreciation to mom. And that’s why, on the 16th day of the Month Of Running, every year, we have a huge party with all of Neopia. Myth organizes fireworksshows that get better and better every year, and the whole of Neopia creates a cake for her. It’s like her second birthday. But different. It’s her welcoming. Her celebration.

     Written by the one two and only Zircon and Myth. Happy collab issue, Neopians! 8D

     The End.

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