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Celebrating Gadgadsbogen

by hectic_haley


     What is Gadgadsbogen?

     The month of Running is always cause for celebration on Mystery Island. Throughout the entire month, natives and tourists alike gather on the island to celebrate Gadgadsbogen. If you are wondering what Gadgadsbogen is, it literally translates to “good good day!” In short, Gadgadsbogen is a harvest of fruits, the most popular food group on the island. During the month, a number of new fruits sprout from the ground and replace the island’s older fruit. While ordinarily, you would think the natives know what fruits are going to emerge from the ground, this is not the case on Mystery Island. No one knows the shapes or kinds of fruits that will ripen during this festival, in fact, they are entirely new fruits to the island. When Cinto Pango names the fruits, Gadgadsbogen is officially over.

     Gadgadsbogen is truly a joyous occasion on the island. A fantastic harvest is always a good reason to celebrate. The month is jam-packed with festivities. Bands travel from near and far to put on concerts and roads shut down for dozens of parades. These parades feature all sorts of neopians, from street performers to pets dressed up as their favorite island treats. Some bold costume wearers even try to guess what this year's crop will look like, though no one has ever been right! The celebration creates an economic boom on the island. While tropical foods see the most foot traffic with tourists and locals dying to get a good deal on old fruits, the Tiki Tack, Island Market Place, and Island Tours also see an increase in revenues.

     How to Celebrate Gadgadsbogen?

     If you could only do one thing during Gadgadsbogen, I would most definitely recommend stopping by Tropical Foods. Even if you don’t get a chance to purchase this year’s crop, you need to at least get a taste for last years. Plus, the locals really know how to make some delicious, tropical concoctions! Some of my personal favorites creations from past Gadgadsbogen include:

     Moon Fruit

     Now hear me out because I know this seems like a weird one. Moon fruit is indeed a fruit, and yes it does taste like cheese. But here is the thing, it is dairy free. That means those Neopians who are vegan or lactose intolerant can enjoy the delicious taste of cheese without any repercussions. Plus who doesn’t like crescent-shaped food?


     I’ve heard people compare the octoberry to a mutant grape, and they’re not far off. You can pull this fruit apart in a very similar fashion to grapes. Despite its purple coloring, it’s got a very citrusy flavor. It costs a pretty penny, but it is worth it. This berry is rare enough to qualify as a gourmet, so you can still work towards that coveted gourmet feeding trophy while on vacation.


     The cloudberry is perfect for those who don’t want to spoil their appetite but want a taste of the island’s fruit. I’m not even sure this thing has more than a calorie or two. It’s so light and fluffy, it is like you are eating a cloud. It is super sweet; almost like cotton candy. Careful though, it’s a very addictive fruit.

     Lesser Bearded Plantfruit

     Slight confession, I have never eaten this fruit. The locals say it is edible, but I am not sure I am bold enough to try it. This fellow popped out of the ground 13 years ago and is definitely a sight to behold. It would be a nifty souvenir to bring home to commemorate the celebration. It was in high demand when it first sprouted, but now it’s more of a cult hero, forgotten by most, but adored by a vocal minority.

     Once you are through with the Tropical Foods, I highly recommend playing a game or two of Gadgadsgame. This game was created in honor of the festival, and while it is playable year round, it becomes much more popular during the month of Running. In this game, you are tasked with grouping similar fruits together and making them explode by dropping a fruit bomb on them. While I won't lay out a step by step guide to playing the game, I can offer you some tips:

     Make good use of the fruit elixirs; you should be using them to transform fruits you aren’t collecting fruits that you are collecting.

     Understand that the game is only lost if the FOURTH column is filled. You should, therefore, bomb collections of fruits before they threaten to fill the fourth column

     If you manage to reach 1000 points, you will earn a shiny new avatar. Do even better than that and you might earn a shiny trophy. What better month to sport the Gadgadsgame avatar or trophy than during the month of Running when the island is celebrating Gadgadsbogen!

     The next thing you should do is head on over to the beach. There are usually booths to commemorate the festival spread out throughout the island, but a majority reside on the beach. Most of these booths feature arts and crafts made by the locals to commemorate Gadsgadsbogen. Even if you aren’t looking to spend much neopoints, you should still drop by. The craftsmanship is top notch. Plus, while you’re down on the beach you can play some volleyball, dip your toes in the water, and just enjoy the island weather while the rest of Neopia transitions from Winter to Spring.

     If you have a chance to stay through the end of the festival, I highly recommend that you do. It’s an incredibly memorable experience to watch Cinto Pango emerge from his hut and name this year's fruits. It’s an incredible way to immerse yourself in the culture of Mystery Island and it will certainly be an experience you will not forget. Life is short, and celebrating Gadgadsbogen is definitely something that should be on your bucket list. It is truly a Neopian experience that is unlike any other and one I hope many Neopians expose themselves to.


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