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A Guide to the Deserted Fairground

by k3l26


      At the back of the Haunted Woods, there is the Deserted Fairground that offers a variety of spooky foods, shops, and carnival games. Your Neopets can try their skill and luck and try to win exclusive prizes, large jackpots, and even secret avatars!

      Despite being called a FAIRground, the games seem anything but fair. But are these games deliberately rigged or just difficult?

      1. Coconut Shy

      The Coconut Shy booth is run by Leeroy, a Quiggle, who looks like he’s seen better days. For 100 NP per throw and a maximum of 20 throws a day, you can try your hand at knocking down one of the five coconuts sitting on pedestals. A miss gets you no Neopoints, a tap gives you 50 NPs, and almost knocking a coconut down will give you 300 NP. However, the real goal, knocking down a coconut, will reward you 10,000 NPs and an exclusive evil coconut prize! Some people have reported that coconuts can sometimes explode, so watch out for that.

      If you line up your mouse with the pedestal and aim true, it is easy to hit or almost knock down a coconut. Although making it fall is difficult, it is possible!

      FAIRness rating: 8/10

      2. Test Your Strength

      Among the game booths is a classic test your strength machine! What kind of carnival would it be without one? Arnold, who runs the booth, charges 100 NP per swing, and the machine can be played once every 6 hours. Your strength is scored out of 100, and better prizes are given out for better scores. The jackpot is 1 million NPs (but don’t hold your breath!) and other prizes include spooky foods and even a Halloween Paint Brush.

      After paying the fee, you use your mouse to choose an area to swing at. The outcome of your score is unrelated to where or how “hard” you swing, and it is more likely your swings end up in the “useless” or “pathetic” areas. In short, this game is rigged, but at least it’s only 100 NP.

      FAIRness rating: 2/10

      3. Scratchcards

      At the Scratchcard kiosk, Sidney the Nimmo will sell you a random scratchcard for 1,200 NPs. You may purchase one card every 2 hours but only scratch 5 at his booth each day. From increasing rarity, you can receive: Crypt of Chance Scratchcard, Undead Jackpot of Doom Scratchcard, Festering Fortune Scratchcard, Mutating Millions Scratchcard, Pustravaganza Scratchcard, and Rotting Riches Scratchcard. With increasing rarity is an increased chance at winning the jackpot! However, it is VERY difficult to get the ultimate prize. Lower tier prizes include: Neopoints, spooky foods, and gaining a Battledome level.

      With a Deserted Fairground scratchcard in hand, you can scratch off six of the nine squares. You need to match three or more icons to win the corresponding prize. This is based solely on luck! It is difficult to win, and not a good investment.

      FAIRness rating: 5/10

      4. Wheel of Misfortune

      There are many wheels throughout Neopia, but none as unfortunate as the Wheel of Misfortune. A ghastly figure collects the 150 NP spin fee and allows you to spin once every two hours. There are eight spaces on the wheel and half of them are negative effects (including getting a visit from the Pant Devil and your pet getting sick!) and the other half are positive effects (receiving a spooky Petpet or plushie, winning up to 4,000 NPs). Although that seems fair, the negative effects outweigh the positive ones.

      FAIRness rating: 3/10

      5. Bagatelle

      Bagatelle is easily… the most rigged game in the fair. From the beginning, you can tell that books have been put under the legs of the table to skew the ball towards the first slot, which gives nothing! If you still want to play, you must shell out 250 NP for Harker to toss the Mootix ball into the Bagatelle board, for a maximum of 20 times a day. After paying, you have no control over how Harker tosses the ball! And, as the whole board is tilted, it is nearly impossible to have the ball fall into the gold star slot, which rewards you the jackpot.

      FAIRness rating: 1/10

      6. Cork Gun Gallery

      Lyanka, a gypsy Aisha, runs the Cork Gun Gallery at the fairground. For 100 NPs per shot at up to a maximum of 20 tries per day, you are given a flimsy cork gun to try to knock down a wall of food prizes. If you manage to knock down a prize, you can keep it! There are exclusive achyfis, artificially flavored snacks, and various candies.

      Although you can move and point the cork gun freely, more often than not the cork veers to the side instead of going forward at a steady rate.

      FAIRness rating: 4/10

      7. Carnival of Terror

      The Carnival of Terror is the only classic flash game available at the Deserted Fairground, which means it is free to play, but only three scores (of your choice) can be submitted for a Neopoint prize. The aim of the game is to destroy robot Chia clowns while watching your health, ammo, and time! High scores can be sent in for shiny trophies, and scores over a certain number can yield an avatar!

      FAIRness rating: 7/10

      Extra Activities

      1. Spooky Food Cart

      After a whole day of playing carnival games, why not stop by the Spooky Food cart? If your Neopet has a strong stomach, he or she may be able to devour delicacies like a Mashed Eye Potato, Slime Sundae, or Wormy Pasta.

      2. Spooky Furniture

      Ever wanted to take the scary allure of Desert Fairground home with you? Now you can! The Spooky Furniture is a must visit for those who would like to add accents in their NeoHome like a Cauldron Table or a Wrought Iron Bed.

      3. Haunted Weaponry

      With an intimidating exterior, the Haunted Weaponry shop only beckons those serious about battling. The rarest item available here is the Glowing Cauldron, and the most common item is the Jar of Meepit Eyes.

      4. Castle Nox

      Hubrid Nox, known for being one of Neopets’s biggest villains and all-around bad guy, has a castle that looms in the back of the Desert Fairground. It was used during the Faeries’ Ruin plot and, although it is no longer in use, can still be visited.

      5. Ghost Neopets

      If you’ve experienced the horrors of the Deserted Fairground and want to join in on the fun, why not consider painting your Neopet ghost? Ghost Paint Brushes run around 150k NPs on the Trading Post and can also be found around the site!

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