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How to be a millionaire without restocking

by lynx_malin


      For people with no patience or skill — to restock, but who can’t just sit and wait the bank to give profit, I’ll share my experience as a reseller and show your possible best path.

      First of all, I’m Lyn and I’ve been playing Neopets from the past 13 years. I couldn’t restock at all because my slow connection won’t allow it (and competition is crazy!), so I had to find an alternative myself. Honestly, I didn’t even know the term resell, I just noticed I could profit by simply buying all nine laboratory map pieces and selling them together at the trading post. It’s about 100k profit and you can double or triple by buying cheaper using the following tips.

      Resell at the trading post

      This is the method I follow and like the most: It’s about buying from busy people and selling it for busy people, I usually explain this way. Most of the first need the money quickly or just is cleaning the safe and don’t want to search prices at the shop wizard. Meanwhile, the second-hand buyer wants to use the item right way.

      Firstly, you’ll take note of the current price of your targeted easy-to-sell item (ETS for short), secret laboratory maps, Draik eggs and popular paintbrushes are some of the best options. Morphing potions are great too, but tends to take more time to sell. If you don’t have a large amount of Neopoints to begin with, try with codestones, Dubloons, faeries and Neggs and sell them on your shop.

      Then search it at the trading post and refresh time to time at the point someone will state “Best offer” or “Quick Sale” as their wishlist or even will leave it in blank. Offer a little less than the average price you already made a research and so increase or decrease this value you state for purchase since you’re getting or losing the item for another person. You will see “username accepted another offer” as an event request, so most of the time you can assume another reseller is offering better than you. They can also close the lot or reject your offer right away, just move on and keep trying, those mostly wasn’t really accepting the “best offer” as they stated and you shall see it again on the trade post.

      Next is the selling part. Best advice I can give here is: be a little patient. A couple of days is the limit, for the most expensive ones. Meanwhile, if you can afford it, keep buying. And create another lot time to time. Try to keep in the top of the newest in the search. This is the reason I say you’ll be selling for busy people. Something I noticed is even if my wishlist is quite pricey than another about three lots above, some of the buyers will still prefer mine because it’s the newest. If is the newest, I’m probably still online and able to accept it right away.

      Additional advice is to take note of your profits and see if the hard working necessary actually worth it. If you can’t be online so often, try to buy this way and sell at the auction house.

      Resell with the shop wizard

      Better used combined with the method above, but is actually an alternative for those with lower amount of Neopoints. Is basically refreshing the shop wizard looking at the same mentioned ETS. Sometimes you will see items very or significantly cheaper than average, but most of time just slightly cheaper. Take them and resell on your shop.

      You shall have already heard it, but the shop wizard shows the cheapest prices from a group of shops according to the initial letter. Discover what group is yours and how much is the cheapest price from your group and cover it for 1-10np. Hint here is same for the above, maximize the profit, buy cheap for sell high than possible.

      On specific case of the laboratory maps, sometimes you’ll see a piece with a unique seller. Hurry, this is probably an unbuyable one (worth more than 100k, so can only be sold at the post or auctions). Sure you can lower your path and seek a millionaire item at the shop wizard, I just don’t advise it since will be a very boring and pointless search. Also, if you like this idea, restock or auctions may be a better option for you.


      While I can profit up to 10 million a month reselling maps, something I need to tell you: it’s very time consuming. If you’re more the type of “just invest, sit and wait”, Stock Market is about buying the cheapest actions (15 NP at minimum), and selling it when reaches double or triple this price or even more. I just came back from a 2 years hiatus to find a couple actions worth ten times the amount I put in, more than a million! Just be ready to wait usually months for a profit and investing daily for a diverse portfolio, as some stocks will even be at a loss.

      Meanwhile, found this new method of investment with gambling looks: The Pirate’s Food Club — and now it’s my favorite! Best thing is that the odds are actually in our favor, profit in guaranteed in long term if you know how to bet, covering the most number of scenarios, or you can just copy bets from popular petpages. Currently I profit 2 million a month with my own bets and it takes no more than an hour to make them, usually a few minutes.

      And last, but not least, look after the rules! Some actions can sound smart, but if you search about you’re doing something wrong. Generally, don’t try to overprice items or sell your map set saying is a full set if it isn’t. Hope you learnt something with my experience and start to make your money right now!

      You’re ready to be a millionaire? Because I’m sure you can.

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