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Forever Together

by orisasda


     In the infirmary in Faerieland, a lone wraith Lupe sits by a bed with a Faerie Kougra sleeping in it. It may be hard to believe, but the two were best friends who had found each other after having been apart for six years. They had met many years before then. The Lupe, Miezul Savarin was not always a wraith Lupe, nor was he like the Neopets who had been turned into wraiths by the dark power that had sparked the war that now raged all over Neopia. All he ever wanted in the past and in the present was peace. But it seemed no peace would come between what his friend, Solnel Flyte was and what he now was. He felt that even though he had his best friend and others beside him, he’d be forever alone. Forever lonely.

     Six years ago, a red Lupe entered the ruins of a lost, cursed castle. He did not have long to live as he has met with bandits along the way and before being stricken down, one had sliced him across the chest with a dagger and he felt his life ebbing away. He cursed and fell, his legs no longer able to sustain his weight. He rolled onto his back and tried not to look at his chest. He knew he was dying but could not accept it because of what he was here to do in the first place. He had come to find a way to help his best friend face the greatest challenge of his life. And here he was, about to die and leave his friend to face the challenge alone. Suddenly, a purple glow came into view and the red Lupe saw the purple eyes of a wraith Lupe staring into his. He grinned weakly at it.

     "Hey, come to see me, Miezul Savarin, off have you?" He asked it in a joking tone.

     The wraith Lupe, Sukin took a few steps back. He had never met a Neopet in all of his long years living his exile at this castle, that instead of gibbering with fear at his appearance, decided to joke with him instead.

     "I do not frighten you?" He asked Miezul skeptically.

     "No, seeing as I am about to die. You can’t really do much to a dying man." Miezul replied. Sukin nodded, he did have a point. "But even if I were not dying, I still would not be afraid of you." Miezul said. Sukin’s eyes widened in surprise.

     "Why?" Was the only way he could think to respond.

     "Because when I look at you, I don’t see a fearsome wraith and no fearsome wraith would hold a conversation with a normal Neopet like me. So I am not afraid because you’re obviously not like other wraiths. You’re more like a Neopet." Miezul said.

     "That much is true." Sukin admitted. "Back in the time of The Faerie’s Ruin, I was a loyal wraith of our kind’s army. But, my loyalty was shook when I saw how Neopets acted towards each other. I was given temporarily the power to cast a glamour over myself and seem normal to Neopet for reconnaissance and resource finding. No wraith would willing help out another wraith like Neopets did and when you fought as a wraith, you fought alone. Not together like a Neopet. Seeing this changed me. I betrayed my kind and exiled here as a traitor. It was once my dream to be a legend among my kind. But now I have a new dream."

     There was silence and suddenly, Miezul spoke.

     "What is your dream?" Miezul said quietly. Miezul for some reason felt a longing to know what this wraith’s dream was before he died. Possibly because he felt a kinship of a kind, even though they came from two different worlds.

     "My dream is peace. Peace for everything on Neopia. We wraiths call Neopia home too and while Neopet energy is the most nourishing to feed on, we could easily feed on other types of energy that would not harm anyone. If the Faeries don’t want us, that’s fine. We’ll stay away if it means peace for us and for them. My dream is peace for every creature that calls Neopia home." The wraith said, the passion for his dream clear in his voice. Miezul had to catch his breath. All of his life he had devoted to trying to bring peace. He had wanted to help his friend by finding something that would end his challenge in peace, as he too had a dream of peace for Neopia.

     "How is it, that your dream and my dream are the same?" He asked the wraith.

     Sukin could not believe his ears. His and this Neopet’s dream was the same? This must be fate. He thought to himself. How else could someone with the same dream as himself had come to meet him. Sukin had one other thought, he did not want this Neopet to die. He had believed he would be forever lonely with his dream that had caused him to be cast out by his kind. He then had a crazy idea, but an idea that would same this kindred spirit’s life and would perhaps cause their shared dream to come true.

     "Miezul Savarin, I am Sukin. We share the same dream and I believe that is fate that brought us to one another. I can save your life if you promise me one thing." Sukin said to him.

     "I would promise anything if it means I get to see my friend again and my dream fulfilled." Miezul said, his voice faint. Sukin knew they did not have much time.

     "Then promise me that you will fulfil our dream. Promise me that and you’ll have all the time you need and more." Sukin said.

     "I promise…" Miezul whispered. Sukin, upon hearing this then turned into a formless blob and then poured himself into Miezul’s wound. The world turned, black, then white and finally nothing.


     Six years later, Miezul finally remembered what had happened between him and Sukin. Sukin, in an attempt to save his life had poured himself into Miezul and had fused the two of them together so that they could both live on. But they both forgotten who they were in the process. But they both remembered in time to reunite with Miezul’s best friend and to strangely enough, find they had the same dream after forgetting what it was. He looked back over at Solnel and was reminded that he was never alone. Solnel had not forgotten him for the six years they were apart so his friendship had always been there and Miezul was no longer one person. Miezul placed a hand over his heart, feeling warmth there for Sukin who would always reside within him. The wraith he had only known for a short time and yet had also known all his life. After all, his spirit and soul were the same and so neither would ever be lonely again. As for his and Sukin’s dream, wraiths were ageless. They could not die of old age so they both had all the time in the world and they could strive for it together and never be alone in their pursuit of their shared dream. Even though it seemed the war would succeed in not making peace, the scars it would leave would fade, the time would come and Miezul and Sukin had all the time in the world to wait for it. Forever, together.

     The End.

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