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Mundo The Grundo vs The Alien Aishas:Part Four

by randmar


     Last time on Mundo The Grundo vs The Alien Aishas

      Mundo had gotten himself in quite the predicament, finding himself arrested and placed in jail among a group of other criminals. A stroke of luck occurred when the electricity was knocked out, causing all the cell pods to malfunction and release the prisoners. The rag tag trio of Mundo, Tyree the Lutari, and a tax-evading Acara named Petrina set off to try to create a weapon to fend off the enemy, but they were stopped short.

      The Alien Aisha pulled out a ray gun and pointed it at the three, and it walked closer towards them. Terrified, the three just began screaming incoherently, all speaking over each other and making an inaudible wall of sound. So loud, they could not hear the new visitor trying to speak their demands. Frustrated, the Alien Aisha shot off its ray gun at the wall.

      "SILENCE," the Alien Aisha said. "I do not want to hurt you, but I do want something from you."

      "Wh-what wh-what wh-what is- what is it?" Tyree's voice was trembling through every word he spoke. "Wh-wh-what do- do you- what do you- you want?"

      "I desire to have the most delicious food in the whole universe, and my quest has led me to your space station," the Alien Aisha spoke with a firm voice. "I have brought my entire family with me, and we are here to dine on the finest cuisines you have to offer."

      And with that, they had their mission. To make sure Mundo had all the tools to create a scrumptious dish to satisfy the palates of these extra-terrestrial Aishas.

      — — — —

      After a bit of clever navigating in the dark, the three prisoners were able to find their way into Mundo's school laboratory.

      "Hold on, I have a few flashlights around here somewhere," Mundo said as he went digging through some drawers. "There is a generator in here as well that should work..."

      "Is this it?" Tyree flipped a switch that he found, which sent a jolt of electricity through his paw and down his entire body, setting sparks out of his tail. As the last bit of electricity left his tail, it seemed to float up towards the ceiling and power on the lights.

      "Yes! That was it, thank you," Mundo said grinning, looking at the shaken Lutari with his smoking fur.

      "At least we know the power works..." Petrina was unimpressed.

      Mundo sat down in his lab chair and pulled out his lasers. He decided that his latest model would not be the most efficient way to go, but he did have an older set that zapped up a delicious cake, but it was not able to do anything with the leafy greens. He figured that since he only needed something delicious that this single laser would be sufficient, so he got to work tinkering with it to make sure it worked again, and adjusted some settings to increase the deliciousness.

      "Okay, let's do a test run," Mundo said as he put on a pair of safety goggles. He tossed a couple pairs to his new found friends and allies. "Just pop them on, nothing bad should happen but safety is important, just in case."

      He flipped the switch and....


      A beautiful beam of light shot out of the laser tip and onto the plate, manifesting a rich and fudgy slice of chocolate cake right in front of their eyes.

      "Okay, dig in," said Mundo.

      The three all grabbed forks and took a bite.

      "MMMMM OH MY WOW," Tyree shouted. "This is absolutely amazing, I've never tasted something so good!"

      "I have to agree," Petrina said. "Wow, it only took you a couple minutes. I'm impressed. Let's make enough for everyone."

      And so the three sat there, zapping up slices of cake and packing them up to take and deliver to the Alien Aishas.

      "This is going to be easy as...cake," Mundo laughed to himself.

      "Okay, don't get ahead of yourself kiddo," scoffed Petrina.

      Once all the cakes were created, they loaded up a wheelie cart and started to take them down the hall.

      "Hold on one second," said Mundo as he grabbed all of his different lasers. "Just in case it doesn't work, I'll bring my newer model of the beams, it might be able to make something more delicious."

      Off they went, back to the busted out window to meet the Alien Aisha. Once they returned to the room they had met in, the three were surprised to see there were a dozen Alien Aishas already in there waiting.

      "Ah, you're done already. I can't wait to try," said one of the aliens.

      "Yes, yes, let's dig in!! I have heard so much about this cake," said another.

      "That's weird," Mundo whispered to his gang. "How have they heard about this cake?"

      But he shrugged it off and served it up, excited to watch them try their first bite. Almost in unison, they all lifted their cake filled forks to their other worldly mouths and took a bite...

      "ICK YUCK!!!"


      "How DARE you serve us this FILTH??!"

      "We should annihilate your space station right now!! Is this some kind of prank??"

      The Alien Aishas were spitting the cake out everywhere, clearly displeased and outraged.

      "No, no, wait!! I have another one you can try," Mundo hurriedly got his newer laser beam out as he spoke. He frantically set it up to get everything together right and zapped a new piece of cake.

      "Yo Mundo, what about this one?" Tyree was in the box pulling out the other laser, the one with the plate of leafy greens. "I just hit this switch right?"

      "NO!!!" Mundo shouted, but it was too late. Tyree hit the switch and transferred the disgusting greens into the delicious new cake. "No!! It's ruined!!"

      Mundo, dejected, had the feeling that he had just put the final nail in Virtupets coffin. He knew that if they tasted this cake, it would be over for him and everyone else on the space station, especially with how they reacted to the delicious cake...this one was the complete opposite, utterly disgusting. But while he was distracted with these thoughts, one of the Aishas had snatched up the disgusting cake and was beginning to raise the fork to its mouth.

      "No!! Don't eat that, it's a mistake, it's disgusting," Mundo tried to stop the Alien Aisha but it was too late. They already put the piece in their mouth.



      This...IS IT!!"

      "What.." Mundo said confused.

      "This is the cake!! This is the delicious cake that was flung into our home planet, this is what we came looking for," the Alien Aisha exclaimed, passing the cake around to their friends for them all to try.

      They all reacted with praise, saying this was the single best thing they've ever tasted. They wanted to buy these lasers from Mundo so they could keep an unlimited supply on their home planet.

      "You know, I visited Neopia once and saw the Alien Aisha Vending Machine...tried my luck and all I got was some nasty food that turned my tongue greens...maybe these guys just like vile foods," Tyree spoke with surprise. "Weird, but I guess they are aliens..."

      "So...you like it?? This is all you came for? You aren't going to kill us!?" Mundo was in shock.

      "Kill you?? Over a piece of cake. No, no, sorry we scared you...we just had a piece of this that somehow ended up in our orbit, and the news spread like wildfire and we had to try it for ourselves," one of the aliens responded.

      At that moment, Mundo remembered that his original experiment was placed in the trash receptacle that blasts the garbage off into orbit...it's usually eaten by a black hole, but this time it seemed to have gone to wherever these Alien Aisha call home.

      Mundo became a hero that day, mostly because he left out the detail about how he caused the whole thing to happen by sending trash into space. Not only was he a hero among the residents of the space station, but he was a hero among the Alien Aishas as well. A full industry was set up between the space station and the alien planet, shipping off gross cakes and creating a booming economic relationship between the two. Mundo was cleared of all charges for his lockdown escape, and Petrina and Tyree work alongside him in his cake factory.

      Oh, and about the final project...Mundo submitted the gross cake, along with a full report on its impact, and passed with flying colors and graduated at the top of his class! But Mundo still does not rest easily, since this wasn't all a plan by Dr. Sloth to wreak havoc, does that mean there is still a chance for Dr. Sloth to turn up? Who knows for sure, but for now Mundo is trying to stay busy with his new business and not get anxious over the things he cannot control. Something tells me though that this isn't the last we'll hear from Mundo...

     The End.

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