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Yummy: A Box of Chocolate… Petpets!

by rowdy420


      Hi everyone! My name is Ryder and I’m here to talk about some of my favorite creatures in all of Neopia: Chocolate Petpets! I will discuss some of my favorite Chocolate Petpets and I will provide some additional information about why these Petpets are so amazing and elusive. Let’s get started!

      The first thing you should know about Petpets that appear to be painted Chocolate, is that they aren’t actually “painted” Chocolate. In fact, the only way to obtain a Chocolate coloured Petpet for your Neopet is by getting a lucky zap to a Petpet from the Petpet Lab Ray. Further, you cannot buy a Chocolate Petpet from another user’s shop, from the Trading Post, nor from any auctions; and they won’t appear on the Shop Wizard. These constraints and the luck involved in Petpet zaps add to the mysteriousness and the appeal of Chocolate Petpets to users.

      Oh, and one more thing: Even if you manage to zap your Petpet into a Chocolate Petpet, that Petpet MUST remain attached to that Neopet for the Petpet to stay that way. Removing a zapped Petpet from their Neopet will result in the Petpet reverting back to its original form!

      Ok, now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s start talking about these amazing and rare creatures. Here are some of the highlights (in my humble opinion!):


      The Chocolate Candychan

      Candychan are some of the most rare and expensive Petpets in all of Neopia. These wondrous creatures are always curious and are entertained by everything around them. The Chocolate Candychan is particularly delicious-looking and may be one of the luckiest zaps that you can get from the Lab Ray (again, in my opinion!). With that said, the Chocolate Candychan is both rare as an ordinary Petpet, and even more rare and awesome as a Chocolate-coloured Petpet!

      Again, even if you manage to zap your Petpet into a Chocolate Candychan, you cannot take it off in an attempt to sell the Petpet to make a profit (because Candychans go for a pretty Neopoint on the Trading Post) – removing the Petpet will cause it to go back to the Petpet it was before it was zapped! That’s right, the beautiful and the rare Chocolate Candychan may revert back to something like a Slorg if you take it off of your Neopet… and who wants that?


      The Chocolate Blobikins

      Here is another example of an expensive and rare Petpet! The Blobikins is an incredibly endearing gelatinous Petpet that normally has a delicious jelly consistency, but if you’re lucky enough, you may get this dessert-like Petpet to change into a rare Chocolate dessert (colour)!


      The Chocolate Noil

      Noils are loyal and happy creatures; and Chocolate Noil are especially sweet! This adorable creature has a chocolatey body, a wonderful mane made of icing, and is topped with colorful sprinkles. Can you imagine anything sweeter? It may also be smart to have a broom and a dust pan on hand if you manage to obtain a Chocolate Noil from a lucky zap; this delectable Petpet appears to actively shed its sprinkles!


      The Chocolate Rock

      I have included this one last to discuss as a warning. Although it appears to be a lovely block of chocolate, you should take caution when thinking about taking a bite into a Chocolate Rock. It is possible that it may the most delicious piece of chocolate in all of Neopia, but it is also entirely possible that is still a rock made to look like a Petpet that was made to look like a delicious piece of rock. We don’t need any Neopians to have to lose their teeth biting into this Petpet and having to undergo a visit from the Tooth Faerie! But if you do decide to have a bite, feel free to put this question to rest and let us know how it worked out for you! *wink* It is just a pet rock after all…


      The Chocolate Quilin

      Not only is it the most prized Petpet in all of Shenkuu, the mysterious Quilin is also thought to have magical powers. This rare Petpet surprisingly only comes in 3 colours: Blue (generic), Maractite, and Chocolate. Their Chocolate colour comes with spooky green eyes (shout out to the NC Mall contacts item!), a chocolate body, and is topped with a frosting in place of its horn. With a simple zap, a normally magical Petpet turns into a delicious companion for your Neopet!


      The Chocolate Xampher

      The Xampher is a big-mouthed Wintery Petpet that enjoys gnawing upon, well, just about everything. Chocolate is the only other colour (besides its generic form) that this furry Petpet comes in. Without being zapped, the Xampher is covered with soft white fur and two little horns. If you’re lucky enough to get one of these chocolate cuties from a zap, you’ll be trading in fur for milk chocolate and horns for frosting topped with sprinkles! It still has one of the largest mouths for a Petpet in all of Neopia, though.

      As an aside: The regular Xampher is only obtained by being randomly awarded it after sending your score in Snow Roller. You may want to add this game to your list of dailies to increase your chances of winning one! Or you can just buy one on the Trading Post for several million Neopoints. Your choice!

      The Petpets I mentioned are only a few of the Chocolate Petpet in Neopia, and there still many others in Neopia that you’ll have to figure out for yourself (because they’re not available to view at the Petpet Puddle!). I hope you enjoyed discussing their deliciousness as much as I did.

      I just want to reiterate one thing again: These Chocolate Petpets can only be obtained through the Petpet Lab Ray, and the Petpet Lab Ray can only be accessed after you have pieced together the Lab Map for access to the Secret Lab Ray (for Neopets). After that, you have to collect all of the pieces to the Petpet Lab Map to gain access to the Petpet Lab Ray. This may seem to be a bit confusing, but there are many Neopians that would be happy to help you figure all of this out, so don’t be afraid to ask!

      If you’re lucky enough to get a Chocolate Petpet from the Petpet Lab Ray, and you want to keep the Petpet because you love them as much as I do, don’t forget: DO NOT attempt to remove it from your Neopet! It will (sadly) not stay Chocolate, nor the species of Petpet that you zapped it to (unless it’s the same as the one you were zapping).

      I hope this article was both stimulating to your taste buds as well as to your mind! Thank you very much for spending your time reading and have a great day.

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