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Becoming A Superstar!

by randmar


      Maybe you have been lusting after fame for years, maybe since you were born, or maybe it is just a new fascination that you have. No matter how long you have been wanting to be known worldwide, I can help you achieve your superstar dreams. You see, becoming famous in Neopia is not terribly difficult, but it will take some diligence and focus. There are many ways to achieve celebrity, though not all of them are very good. I will be taking you through a few different paths to fame right now, which one you decide to take is up to you.

      Gaming Prowess

      We have all had our eyes pop out of our sockets when we see a user profile decked out in dozens upon dozens of trophies, some people hold over 100. And we are even more impressed when all of those are gold rather than bronze. This is a fairly difficult route to go, but if you are able to do it you will be the talk of the town for a long time, cementing yourself as a legendary gamer.

      Before you decide to go down this route, you should have more than a basic understanding of how many games work. You won’t be able to win trophy after trophy overnight, you should have already started on this practice months or even years ago. It’s as simple as scoring high in many, many games and earning trophies. It does not take a lot of social weaving or complex algorithms to become known for this type of thing. Just fast fingers and great hand eye coordination.

      But it isn’t just about winning trophies. You have to keep your username in the public eye. Even if you have trophies, continue to top out scores every month so you stay at the top of those charts. That’ll maximize clicks to your profile, maximize the Neomails you get from players adoring your work or asking for gaming advice. Speaking of gaming advice, you can also boost your celebrity by frequenting the gaming Neoboard and helping out users on their journey to get trophies as well. People will get used to seeing you around as a friendly face, and also see you on the top of the gaming charts, and before you know it everyone will know what a legend you are!

      Battledome Warrior

      If you want to be the best of the best in the dome, it takes a lot of training and quite a bit of NP. You will have to drop some serious coin on codestones and top of the line weapons, but it will pay off in the end. Alternatively, you could try to trade a rare painted pet for a pet that already has some pretty good Battledome stats to get started with.

      Once you have your strong pet with strong armor and stronger weapons (are you sensing a theme? STRONG), you have to start out battling against other users. Winning one player battles just won’t cut it in today’s dome, it’s all about two player! There are many “leagues” out there that different types of pets qualify for, and you can become a champion in one league. If you really want to become a celebrity, you will want to tackle multiple leagues and win out across as many as you can.

      Spend a lot of time chatting on the Battledome Neoboard, finding new opponents to take on, but also helping other users with their sets. Enter as many tournament style battles as you can to win user-created trophies and end up on different pet page lists that users make to recognize the best battlers. Soon, you will be both feared and admired.


      Gaming might not be for you, and battling might be too aggressive for your taste, so how about just socializing? You can gain a reputation from being a frequent visitor on many different Neoboards (or even just one if that is your preference). Just show up on different boards and contribute to the conversation, help bump the boards of people selling their wares, or help out users looking for faerie quest items or tips on something you may know about.

      If you have some spare NP, it also never hurts to randomly send out gifts to users. Maybe you see someone on the boards looking for an item to give to the Fire Faerie; it would be very kind of you to just send them the item for free, and they are sure to be grateful for the help. A little kindness goes a long way, and people remember those who were nice to them.

      There is another way to become famous that contradicts this though...

      Becoming Infamous

      Not all nice people are well known, and not all helpful people become Neo-famous, but those who treat others poorly tend to have their names passed around pretty quickly. DO NOT GO DOWN THIS ROUTE. You want to be known for being nice, helpful, a tough battler, or a great gamer, a cool avatar collector. You don’t want to be known as the person who leaves rude comments on pet trading boards like “no one will ever trade x for y, why are you even asking?” Dude, that is rude and it is NOT COOL.

      I’m sure you know of a few infamous players, and it is tempting of course because it is an easy way to become well known, but you want to be known for the RIGHT reasons. No one wants to be known for being a bully.

      Even if you don’t become famous for all your trophies or your Battledome wins, or if your card collection doesn’t impress as many people as you hoped it would, you will still have achieved something amazing. While people may not know your name from the day they join Neopets, you will know that you achieved something great. You can look at your own profile and smile with pride for all that is there. Even if you don’t become a proper celebrity, it never hurts to put all your hard work into chasing a dream.

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