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The Perfect Winter Vacation

by imcatcrazy11


     Are you tired of making the same exhausting trip to Krawk Island every December, fighting against gangs of pirates just to get to a sunny beach? Then it is time to change up your holiday destination!

     Winter can be a depressing time of year for many, the sun isn’t shining as much and the temperatures drop to below freezing. Your friends all want to stay at home in the warmth rather than frolic in the park all day, it can get pretty lonely. For these reasons it is a perfect time to take a vacation!!

     In the past, Krawk Island was a great destination because it was cheap, sunny, and had a lot of gambling activities for you to do...but you’ve gone every year now! It is time to change it up and try something new.

     Mystery Island

     A super cool island full of mystery,sitting right in the middle of the ocean! Mystery Island never seems to get cold, and I don’t think the place has ever seen a single snowflake, so if you are chasing the heat this is a perfect place to end up. There are endless expanses of beaches around the whole island, you’ll never have to fight for a spot to lay down your blanket! There is incredible swimming and scuba tours available for you and your Neopet, you’ll be able to see all the coolest aquatic life pretty easily. And if the beach isn’t your thing, there is still a lot to do. Take an inland hiking tour, go and visit the giant volcano, or go visit the native tribespeople that live deep in the jungle. You’ll never run out of activities here, from the Island Mystic giving you your fortune to cooking lessons at the Cooking Pot, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


     For those who like a deep-sea adventure, Maraqua is the place to be. While the snorkeling tours of Mystery Island are great, they don’t compare to the things you’ll see while down deep in the dark sea in Maraqua. You’ll be able to play plenty of games, see the unique coral Jubjub formations, and if you are lucky you could see a mermaid or water faerie! While down here you’ll have to try the finest seafood available, whether that be fish or the vegetarian/vegan option of kelp! Your taste buds will be tingling!!


     Many people like the look of snow, but don’t want to be anywhere near the cold, and that is where Faerieland shines! Some people think the soft, pillowy clouds resemble freshly fallen snow, but you won’t have to worry about the frigid temperatures up there. You’ll be able to spin the Wheel Of Excitement, or take a stroll and challenge your mind with a crossword puzzle. If your luck is running high, you could even get your pet blessed by a faerie in exchange for completing one of her quests. If your budget is running low, you can head over to the employment agency to complete a quick job and get some cash in your pocket to hold you over for a bit.

     Terror Mountain

     Maybe you embrace the cold of Christmas, and if that is the case then you must visit Terror Mountain. During December they experience some of their heaviest snowfall, and for the snow enthusiasts out there that is very exciting! You’ll be able to have giant snowball fights, go sledding, and if you fail at Cliffhanger the snow will pad that poor Tuskaninny’s landing. All that fresh snowfall also means the Snow Foods are going to be at their freshest, so if you can handle a frozen meal in the tundra, you will walk away happy. And while you are up there, make sure to pay a visit to the advent calendar for a daily prize!

     Kiko Lake

     Sometimes you can’t afford a long vacation to travel halfway across Neopia, and in that situation Kiko Lake is a great alternative. It is small, but still has a few activities to entertain you for a weekend. You can sit by the lake and read a nice book to relax, or take a glass bottom boat tour to see all the unique flora and fauna living at the bottom of the lake. The food isn’t world class but it is mighty tasty, and the locals are friendlier than almost anywhere else. You are sure to have a blast if you head on over here.


     If you are a history buff who needs a bit of heat, Tyrannia is right up your alley. Chock full of Neopia’s past you will find all kinds of fossils, ancient markings, and classic Neopets all over the place. You’ll be able to dine on the same dishes our ancestors did, and take a slice of the giant omelette that has been regenerating since the beginning of time. You’ll also be able to toy around with some ancient games, take a trip deep into an active volcano, or check out a cool concert. I’ve heard there are even a few special holiday shows at the concert hall this time of year!

     Roo Island

     Sunny and bright, Roo Island has something to offer those who are young at heart and love to have fun. The green grass everywhere, the giant amusement park right near the golden sand beaches, and the happiest Neopets around. It isn’t a budget destination by any means, but you will be happy with how you spend every Neopoint. The worst part of your trip here will be when you have to leave! Or when you gamble away all your money playing Dice A Roo. Eek, be careful with that one.

     Jelly World

     Ha, I’m only joking! We all know Jelly World isn’t a real place. A land where everything is made of a delicious gelatinous dessert? Don’t be silly. Though, if a place like this did exist, it would be a great place for a holiday. Ah well, we can all keep dreaming I guess. Until then, go and check out one (or a few) of the other places I talked about!! You are sure to have one of the greatest vacations of your life, I promise!

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