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Wheeler’s Wild Ride – A Guide to Gold!

by afoxy


     Wheeler is a young yellow Lenny from Mystery Island who loves to ride his bicycle. The Underwater Chef has tasked Wheeler with collecting as many coconuts across the island as quickly as he can. To accomplish this task, Wheeler rides his bike through various parts of the island and across a variety of treacherous terrain. Terrain includes a assortment of hills, bumps, jumps, pits, and ramps. Your job is to help guide Wheeler and his bicycle through each level, collecting coconuts and doing tricks such as wheelies, flips, and 180- or 360- or higher degree turns.

     “Wheeler’s Wild Ride” consists of three levels, each with three parts. Throughout each level, you will find coconuts as well as powerups and obstacles. Reach the checkered flag at the end of each section to advance.

     Follow these “Wheeler’s Wild Ride” tips to get a high score and add a shiny new trophy to your cabinet.


     First thing’s first, what are the controls?

     • Up arrow: Using the up arrow will move you forward

     • Down arrow: Using the down arrow applies your brakes or stops your bicycle

     • Right Arrow/Left Arrow: The right and left arrow will raise your front or back wheels, respectively (More details later!)

     • Space bar: Using the space bar will change which direction Wheeler is facing

     How to Play

     Now that we have the basics down, to play, move Wheeler through each level using the up-arrow key, collecting as many coconuts as possible in the allotted timeframe. Make sure to finish before the timer runs out, or you will lose 15 of your precious coconuts! You also lose coconuts for crashes; the worse the crash, the more coconuts you lose. Be careful!


     Wheeler’s Wild Ride contains a few different powerups in the form of Mystery Island Fruits. Each of these fruits will multiply any points you get while the fruit is active by the multiplier listed below. For example, if you have an orange berry active and you do a backflip worth 10 points, you would get 20 points. Each berry is active for only a few seconds though, so do as many tricks in that time as you can accomplish without crashing.

     • Orange Berry = x2 multiplier

     • Blue Berry = x3 multiplier

     • Purple Berry = x3 multiplier

     There are two other powerups to be aware of also; these include hibiscus flowers and the golden coconut. Collect hibiscus flowers for an extra 5 points per flower. While a golden coconut is active, you won’t lose any coconuts when you crash, so this is your chance to try out that hard to accomplish trick worth a lot of points. Act quickly though because its effect only lasts about 10 seconds.

     Tips for High Scores

     You can of course just go through each level casually collecting coconuts, but this won’t get you a high score. To get a high score you have to focus on doing lots of bicycle tricks.

     The tricks you can do include:

     • Wheelies: Wheelies can be accomplished by holding the right or left arrow key to get into position and then tapping that key to stay in the wheelie

     o You earn 1 point for each second you hold the wheelie

     o Wheelies can be done either on your front wheel or your back wheel, but front wheelies are typically easier to accomplish (Hold the right arrow key to do a front wheelie; the left arrow key to do a back wheelie)

     • Flips: Flips can be accomplished by holding the right or left arrow key while in mid-air to turn all the way upside down and back upright again

     o You earn 10 points for each front or back flip you successfully accomplish

     o Holding the right arrow key while in midair will help you complete a backflip while the left arrow key will help you complete a front flip

     • 180 degree (or more) turns: Turns can be accomplished by pressing the space bar while in midair; the more times you are able to press the space bar before landing, the higher degree turns you will accomplish and the more points you will earn

     o You earn 1 point for each 180-degrees that you turn while in the air; For example, you would earn 2 points for a successful 360-degree turn and 3 points for a successful 520-degree turn (turn backwards, forwards, and backwards again)

     • Combination tricks: Combination tricks are when you are able to combine any of the above tricks without a pause in between

     o For example, at the beginning of Level 2-2 you should be able to do a front wheelie followed by a flip off of a cliff; if you successfully accomplish this, you get double points

     While flips and combination tricks earn you the most points, these are the most difficult to accomplish. Be sure to notice if you can land your flip safely or not before attempting. Remember that a bad crash will cost you more coconuts!

     The best trick you can do to get a high score is multiple multi-second wheelies. Remember that you get one point for each second you hold the wheelie, so holding a wheelie for 20 seconds would you get 20 points! Wheelies can be held for a very long time, so they are a great way to rack up a lot of points.

      If you’re getting close to running out of time, you should slow down and slowly flip over onto your nose from a front wheelie. Doing this will cause you to lose one coconut and restart at the beginning of the section. Always crash in this manner before running out of time since running out of time costs you 15 coconuts. It’s best to collect a lot of coconuts in the first couple of easier levels and use the later levels with more opportunities for jumps and flips to do as many wheelies and combination tricks as possible to earn the highest score you can before moving on.

     Be careful though because once you run out of coconuts, the game ends.

     The most important thing to remember is to relax and have fun on Wheeler’s Wild Ride!


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