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The Top Ten Pre-Customization Draiks

by butterflybandage


Draik Day—possibly the best day of the year! Celebrating these wingèd Neopets is something we’re all ready for, seeing as Draiks are one of the most popular species in all the land. What’s more special than doing a little throwback, and celebrating not just the Draiks we have now, but the old Draiks that used to roam the land? These Neopets are known as Unconverted (if there are a few of them still around that can be traded for) or Pre-Customization (if none exist anymore … ah, too bad). Draiks are incredibly beautiful—and handsome!—especially the old, Pre-Customization ones. So settle in with a nice cup of borovan and let’s count down The Top Ten Pre-Customization Draiks!

#10—Darigan, Unconverted

Kicking off the list is the Darigan Draik! You’ve probably seen these Neopets on the Pound Chat, as they’re still around and are considered of relatively high tier (meaning they trade for more rare Unconverted Neopets). Darigan pets are one of the most recognizable colors, with their purple tint and large, gnarly horns and scales. Darigan Draiks have such a distinctive look; terrifying and beautiful all at once! They look extremely similar to their Converted counterpart, except their scowl strikes more fear into the hearts of Neopians than the Converted ones do.

#9—Mutant, Pre-Customization

Who wouldn’t want more of these amazing Draiks around? Unfortunately, the ones created before the change weren’t kept around (thankfully though, the Converted Draiks look just like the Pre-Customization ones!). What is it about these guys that are so lovable? Is it their clawed hands, their freaky eyes, or … no, is it possibly the bit of brain sticking out for the world to see their genius? That’s what makes them so fantastic, and I wouldn’t change a thing about them! Mutant Draiks are popular for a reason, and the creativity that went behind designing their looks are only rivaled by other Draiks listed on this countdown! It’s a blessing that the Converted Mutant Draiks bear so much of a similar resemblance to the Pre-Customization ones.

#8—Robot, Pre-Customization

Robot Draiks are cool enough on their own, but if you haven’t been graced by the look of the Pre-Customization ones, then you’ve been missing out. Possibly the cutest thing about the Robot Draiks are the little antenna on their head paired with the way their hands are clasped at their hearts, as if everything you’re saying is the best thing they’ve heard all year. Their color scheme is gorgeous, their look is perfect, and everything about Robot Draiks screams “love me!”

#7—Maraquan, Pre-Customization

Think you’ve seen this Draik before? Probably, as they aren’t available anymore but the Converted ones look identical, down to the webbed hands, swishy tail, and sweet grin. Maraquan is one of the rare gems on Neopets, as anything water-based is immediately a thousand times cooler than anything around it—the pets that are available in this color are beyond anything else, and Maraquan Draiks are proof that Neopets can be aesthetically stunning. While not all were pleased with the change that enabled customizing Neopets (though those people are few and far between), no one can argue that the decision to leave Maraquan Draiks the same was a perfect choice!

#6—Plushie, Unconverted

Thankfully we’re starting to break back into old Draiks that can still be adopted! Plushie is a color that conveys innocence and childhood. The Unconverted Plushie Draiks are adorable because they seem so small, as if you can grab them with one hand and hold them close, as well as the fact their little chests are puffed out as if to say, “I’m tougher than I look!”. Their giant eyes can’t be resisted and you want to scoop them up immediately and kiss their sweet faces!

#5—Royal Girl, Unconverted

Royal Girl Draiks are absolutely beautiful, from their tiara, to their royal purple top and trousers, all the way down to their tail rings. Royal Girl Draiks are the prime example of tasteful elegance, and it’s no wonder these Draiks are so popular on the Pound Chat. I’m floored by their regality, the coloring, and even though I’m not a huge fan of hair on Neopets, that wig is out of this world! The blue gems look spectacular with the purple and pink colorings and the outfit, though simple, pairs wonderfully with the jewelry.

#4—Tyrannian, Unconverted

I can’t be the only one who thinks Unconverted Tyrannian Draiks are possibly the coolest Unconverted Tyrannian out there? The look on their faces, as if spotting something dangerous in the distance, is so artistically impressive. Their hands close to their chest, their mouth turned down in concern, their tail swirling behind them … where can I adopt one of these masterpieces?! Tyrannian Draiks are considered of very high tier when trading, and it’s no wonder you’ll have to search hard for one of these amazing Neopets to be yours!

#3—Faerie, Unconverted

Faerie Draiks are adorable, if only for the little wisp of hair atop their head. Unconverted Faerie Draiks are so high on the list because the aesthetic can’t be beat—there are only a handful of Faerie Neopets that aren’t purple, pink, yellow, green, or some combination of the two. Faerie Draiks are striking when compared to other Faeries and they look of innocence that graces them is precious. Another thing? The pads on the bottom of their feet are shaped like hearts. Thankfully some are still around, which means lucky us!

#2—Royal Boy, Unconverted

Royal Boy Draiks are singlehandedly the best Royal out there. No offense to other regal beauties, but I can’t even express properly how handsome these Draiks are! Whether they’re male or females, Unconverted Royal Boy Draiks are lovely to see. The way they appear to be marching, their little ears perked up, and the smile that adorns their faces is, simply put, fantastic. You’ll definitely have to do some hard searching to get one of these amazing Draiks, but the waiting and hardwork will definitely pay off in a massive way.

#1—Halloween, Pre-Customization

I can already hear the chorus of sobs at knowing these adorable little guys didn’t make it through the transition into Customization. It seems almost cruel when you stare into the face of these Draiks—everything about Pre-Customization Halloween Draiks is perfect. EVERYTHING. I’m not even exaggerating. Their expression? Perfect. Their adorable little hands? Perfect. Their tuft of hair, curled toes, baggy shirt, and spiked tail? Pefection, I say! While the Converted Halloween Draiks are cute in their own right, they’re nothing compared to the sheer adorableness of the Pre-Customization Halloween Draik. Perhaps the cutest of all Pre-Customization and Unconverted Neopets, if I dare go there …

So what did you think? Do you agree with my list, and if not, which Unconverted and Pre-Customization Draiks do you think deserved to be in this countdown? Thank you all for taking the time to read this silly article, and remember to celebrate ALL the Draiks in your life—Converted, Unconverted, yours or your friends’, go out and give them a big old HAPPY DRAIK DAY!

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