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The Magical Transporter:Part Seven

by hallie035


     Everyone sat in a circle around judge Hog. Calleigh, Amy, Katniss and Emily sat next to each other, on the front line. Around them were other Neopets and their owners. There were also wild Neopets and some Neopets from the pound were here. They all wanted to help to destroy the island so nobody would be able to come here anymore. They had to make sure the tunnels would collapse so they became unusable. The laboratory and the island itself had to sink down so nobody could use it for anything bad anymore. It was probably known under bad Neopets such as doctor Sloth and Hubrid Nox. If the island had sunk they wouldn’t find it and couldn’t use it as a secret base for their plans to destroy Neopia.

     ‘Could I have everyone’s attention?’ judge Hog asked. ‘This is the plan. You will make groups of about 5 people, Neopets and owners together. Then I will send you all to a different part of the island. Armed with shovels you will attempt to destroy the tunnels. Make sure you can’t walk through them anymore. Make sure that they become unusable. Some of you Neopets might know faerie abilities. Please use them too they might help speed this up’.

     ‘How do we let the island sink?’ somebody asked.

     ‘I still have to explain that part,’ Hog answered. ‘Please don’t ask anything until I am done. I will tell you when I am so don’t worry about that. I think the groups should be combined according to your strength and knowledge. I want both smart people and not so smart people in one group. I want strong and weak people in one group. Together you can give each other a helping hand. And then we won’t have groups that do things they are not supposed to do.

     After we are done with the tunnels we need to have the island sink. In order to do that, I'd like the help of some aquatic Neopets. Owners who can swim are really helpful too. You should swim down to the bottom of the island and dig through there. I have found out there is a machine inside of here that will have the island sink. If you can find this thing, please use it. It will break the island to pieces. I am sorry to some of you think this island would make a good Neopian land but I just can’t take the risk. The island has been used for too many bad things that I can’t keep it this way. Now are there any questions?’

     ‘What if the island gets destroyed while we are on it?’ someone asked. ‘We can’t all swim so how would we be able to get away?’

     ‘Before we go we set the island to self-destruct,’ Hog said. ‘We will ask the Kiko lake boat agency to come here. They will provide boats and take you to the land before the island collapses. Everyone will be safe before it sinks. The aquatic Neopets and the owners who helped here will swim back. I will have wee woos watching them while they do the task. So if they aren’t able to swim they will contact Kiko Lake and let them bring boats to save these people too’.

     No more questions were asked. The next moment everyone was rushing to make teams. Hog checked every team to see if they had different people in them. If he said it was all right he told them a place where they should destroy the tunnels.

     Calleigh and Katniss ended up in the same group. Yay, Amy and Emily ended up in another group. They wished each other good luck and then went to their spot to destroy the tunnels. Both Katniss and Amy knew faerie abilities so they didn’t have any trouble to dig through the ground. After the digging they used shovels to break down the walls of the tunnels. The only thing they left behind was builders. There was no way anyone could use them again. It did ask a lot of their strength and energy though.

     After they were done they went to the edge of the island where Kiko’s were waiting for them. They had boats big enough for one group to fit in. Aquatic Neopets were called to a platform on the water. From that platform they would leave to sink the island. Some Petpets were also asked to help. Some had lived in the sea and had seen all the activity on the island. They had swim to the platform and asked the people around there what was going on. Since they could only be heard by Neopets the pets had to translate for their owners. Calleigh send her aquatic Petpets too. She told them she would be waiting at the Mystery Island beach so they could come there when they were done.

     Calleigh and Katniss saw the island disappear in the distance.

     ‘So this is it,’ Katniss said. ‘The island will sink and it won’t ever be used for bad things anymore. We saved Neopia from this’.

     ‘But they’re will be other people,’ Calleigh said. ‘Sloth and others will come up with new plans to destroy Neopia. We only saved Neopia from one of these persons, or actually a Neopet. I can’t believe that Rosie wanted to do this. Why would you want a whole world made of plastic?’

     ‘Maybe she didn’t have much plants and flowers around her when she was younger,’ Katniss said. ‘She may have done it because she wanted to make the world look more special. You have a nice garden so I would never want to replace it with plastics. But some people don’t care about plants and don’t take their pets to nice Neopian worlds’.

     ‘Or she’s an abandoned Neopet,’ Calleigh said. ‘Someone who only saw the inside of the pound. Probably because she is a mutant Neopet. It’s not right that there are Neopets who don’t have any owner. I wish there was something I could do’.

     ‘You’re doing the best you can,’ Katniss said. ‘You have adopted most of your Neopets from the pound. You have given them a nice home to live. You can’t make them all happy but it’s something. All little bits help’.

     ‘Your right,’ Calleigh said. ‘But it should change. I wish it would’.

     At the same time the aquatic Neopets and Petpets had gotten some detailed instructions. They dived under in groups, followed in small time spans. They helped each other dig since some were stronger than others. Some helped carrying the larger earth blocks away, other helped the injured Neopets.

     ‘This is a difficult job,’ a Maraquan Aisha said. ‘There is so much ground here. It is going to take forever to dig through and find a way in’.

     ‘Judge Hog is watching us,’ a Maraquan Krawk replied. ‘If we can’t go through he is going to ask the owners back. They can help us digging from above. But Hog thought we would be very close to the machine. We’d be faster if we work from here’.

     ‘I found something,’ a Maraquan Shoyru interrupted. ‘There is a space here. A tunnel where we could swim through. I think it is leading to a very important place on the island. There are red signs on the walls’.

     ‘I go take a look,’ a Hifflo said. He swims up to the space and crawled in. ‘Yeah it is definitely the control room,’ he called back a few minutes later. ‘I think that I can destroy it. There are a few cables just like the secret laboratory. If I just cut them then we’ll be fine’.

     The Hifflo bit through the cables and the machine shut down. The whole island started to move and he was thrown to one side of the room, away from the space he used to come inside. He tried going back but he couldn’t. The kept sliding down since the island was moving upwards.

     ‘Help me!’ he called out. ‘I can’t come down. The moving of the island is forcing me to stay here’.

     A whole group of Neopets crawled up in the space. They held each other so they could be pulled back when they reached the Hifflo. When they reached him they gave the signal to start pulling. But it didn’t work for everyone. When they were halfway pulling, the whole room started to break down. The space got filled with blocks. Good thing was that the breakdown of the room made the island move straight again so the Neopets were able to walk normally again.

     Hog watched everything and started panicking.

     ‘We need help evacuating the aquatic Neopets!’ he shouted out. He sends wee woos to deliver messages to Defenders of Neopia. Kiki Lake had a busy business. They used their boats to bring owners to the island. They swam down and got the Neopets under the island in safety.

     Calleigh came back too.

     ‘Remember the voices we heard earlier?’ she asked. ‘They were coming from somewhere on the island. If we could go back maybe we can find an easy way in’.

     Katniss and Amy nodded. They took a run to the space where they had heard the sounds and started to crawl around with their ears close to the ground.

     ‘It’s here,’ Amy said.

     She flew up and started to move her wings. The builders moved away and opened up a path. A path with stairs leading down. A rotten signpost had the words control room on it. Calleigh, Amy and Katniss followed the way down and opened up a door. They started to move away the builders that were blocking the escape route for the Hifflo and the other Neopets. After they were done they pulled all the Neopets inside and instructed them to take the stairs. After everyone had left they followed too.

     ‘Hurry everyone,’ a Kiko came shouting when they reached the beach. ‘The island is going to collapse soon. Get on these boats’.

     Calleigh and Katniss ended up on the same boat. Amy decided to fly. The collapsing island caused waves that pushed the boats towards Mystery Island. They reached the beach in time where all Neopets began lying down. They were all exhausted from all that they had done. But at least the world of Neopia was saved.

     The End.

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