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The Best Ways To Declutter

by lefaii


We've all gone into our Safety Deposit Box and felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of items we have stashed away inside. Thousands of unique items, but tens of thousands in the total quantity of gets a bit ridiculous. Even if you aren't a hoarder of some type, after spending years on this site and quick stocking all those junky items from your dailies into storage, I'm sure your Safety Deposit Box is full to bursting.

It's an intimidating task though, to go through it all one by one and sort out what is worthless and what is worth a fortune. Not only that, but once you find all the junk...what do you do with it!? Do you throw it all into the money tree and let the garbage circulate further around the Neopian economy, only to end up rotting in someone else's overfilled Safety Deposit Box? Or do you take on the task of discarding every item and ridding Neopia of this plague of Gorunda the Wise Neodeck cards??

Before you start getting rid of things there is one big question to ask yourself: do I need this junk? If you don't have the SDB Pack Rat avatar or the Rubbish avatar, well you might need that junk!

First, the SDB Pack Rat avatar is a rare avatar you obtain by having over 1,000 unique items stored in your Safety Deposit Box. If you haven't obtained this yet, it might be worthwhile to leave your SDB as it is and keep throwing your junk in it. But if you are close to 1,000 unique items, you might want to speed up the process a little bit and buy the remaining amount of items necessary and just get it over with. There are hundreds upon hundreds of items that cost less than five Neopoints that you can throw in there pretty easily.

Second is the Rubbish avatar. You obtain this avatar by DISCARDING items from your inventory. You may be thinking "oh, that's easy", but it is harder than it seems. You may have to discard THOUSANDS of items before this avatar is awarded, no one seems to know exactly how many or what item triggers it. On the positive side, the items can be completely worthless. This is a great way to go about cleaning the items out of your SDB and getting rid of all the junk and turning it into an avatar. I suggest waiting until after you receive the Pack Rat avatar to do this, as for that one you need a lot of items in your SDB. The fastest way to discard items is using the Quick Stock method, you can get rid of up to 70 items at a time. So just keep withdrawing from your SDB and then Quick Stock discarding them. This frees up a ton of space on the Neopets servers as well, so it is a win for everyone!! If you discard all your junk and still haven't earned the avatar, either wait until you naturally accumulate more trash, or buy a bunch of items for one or two Neopoints (like Gorunda The Wise...grrr, I hate him).

Let's say you already have those two avatars though, and are still left with a bunch of junk. And maybe you are hoping you have some rare items stashed away!! The search function in your SDB can be very helpful, typing in key words like "map", "morphing potion", "nerkmid", "transmogrification potion", "bead", "negg", etc can all help you quickly spot items worth a pretty penny. There is also a category search, so it may be helpful to look under things like "Album Items", "Books", "Collectable Cards" to find something that might net you a nice profit. But even with these tools available, you may end up searching for a while. You might not like this answer, but this is the truth: you are going to have to comb through the SDB item by item and price check anything you don't know the price of.

While you are in there price checking everything, you might want to throw it all in your shop as well...even the things you think are junk. Even if something is only worth 20 Neopoints, it all adds up. Upgrade your shop a few sizes and stick as much in it as possible! There are always users buying junk items in an attempt to get the previously mentioned avatars, and that is money in your pocket! And while you are price checking everything, you might come across a rare battledome weapon you never even knew you had. This method takes a lot longer than using the search function, but it turns your junk into money and will make sure you get a true price on everything you own.

And if your shop is too small or if you don't want to price out every single junk item, then you can donate! A lot of newer players hang out at the Money Tree hoping to find donations to increase their bank account. For older players, a couple hundred Neopoints is barely worth the effort, but for those at the Money Tree that could be the difference between their pet being fed and their pet starving! They'll scoop up the cheap spooky food items and eat them, they'll throw the free cards into their Neodeck, and what they can't use they'll happily sell for a meager profit. One person's trash is another person's treasure, a statement that could not sum up the Money Tree better.

No matter what you do though this is going to take some time. It isn't quick or easy to clean out a massive SDB, but it will feel so good when it's done. You won't be weighed down by a bunch of useless possessions, and if you stay on top of everything then you won't need to worry about it ever getting that cluttered again. Instead of just throwing junk in your SDB, get rid of it as soon as you obtained it, whether by selling or discarding or donating. Only use your SDB to store your rare or expensive items, or your collection of a million Meepits. Enjoy your new clutter-free lifestyle!!

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