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The Lost Crystal of Krawk Island

by salpal26


      Let me begin the story by saying Seth was no ordinary Skeith. He was not grumpy, or obnoxious, in fact he was happy, and filled with knowledge. Seth was a respected history professor and all the townsfolk came to him for history questions and advice— for he holds the knowledge of Skeith ancestry reaching as far back as possible. But then one day Seth begun to realize the malaise of his life. Not knowing where it was coming from he sat back and took a moment to reflect. What had he done with his life? He could recite the endless adventures of his courageous ancestors, yet he himself had never embarked on such a heroic feat. There was something missing in his life, something he was yearning for.

      Seth’s mind was racing— he was nothing but a smart dork living a sheltered life. He needed to stop trudging in the complacent stage his life had reached. After all his intrigue and love of the history was inspired by his fearsome predecessors, yet he had not lived an exciting moment in his life— and he aspired to be just like them!

      The more that Seth wallowed in self pity the more he wished for the opportunity to live amongst his fearsome family from thousands of years ago. In that moment he had a revelation! He had remembered in his studies of an ancient crystal located on Krawk Island that could potentially bring to life your deepest desires...It was a long shot, but it was worth a try. He proceeded to dig up his old history books to find a map or some form of other guidance on his distant memory.

      After rummaging for many hours, he found one book entitled, “The Forgotten Tales”. In this book, the footnotes mentioned another source that contained information on a ‘magical crystal’. And so, Seth set forth to the library to uncover more details! Among the aisles of books Seth came across a Krawk named Bill. It would appear that they were in search of the same book!

      Once Bill and Seth realized they both were in search for the same answers, and for the same reasons of wanting to bring back their ancestors, they put their minds together and began their quest. They found the book in question, and sat down for quite sometime examining the pages in search for anything to point them in the direction of the crystal. Just as they were about to admit defeat something fell loose from the back of the book. Seth unfolded the parcel, only to reveal a MAP! This map would lead them right to the crystal, however they were no fools and realized that the path would be rigged with booby traps. So they headed home to pack up some supplies for the potentially dangerous adventure!

      Fully packed and ready to go, the dynamic duo headed for Krawk Island! As the drew near the island Seth grew somewhat concerned that his ancestors that were pirates were not well respected— on the contrary, they were quite feared. He began to second guess this decision, and voiced this to his new pal Bill. He was reassured that the adventure they were embarking on, would be one of a lifetime, and that nothing could possibly go wrong…

      They found themselves in front of an eerie cave, which was bound to be riddled with dangerous obstacles. Fully equipped and feeling courageous from the adrenaline pumping through their veins, they felt ready more than ever to find the crystal. As they began traipsing through the low hung vines and rocky path, it appeared that someone had recently taken this path, and had triggered all the traps...Seth’s anxiety was building as they descended deeper into the cave. He kept wondering why Bill was so confident, and seemed to know the way so well— a pit in Seth’s stomach began to grow.

      A glaring luminous light was shining in the distance— could it be? Had they reached the crystal? As they approached the light it was evident that it was coming from some sort of translucent box, and inside the box was the crystal! Above the box there was a strange language inscribed on the wall. Luckily, Seth had remembered in his research, the language of his ancestors, and was able to decipher the meaning. “Here lies an almighty power, to which only one of pure intentions can unsheath”. Seth looked toward Bill and noticed he was standing in the corner, he seemed scared or unsure of himself. Seth was so consumed with the allure of the crystal he felt compelled to open it. With no trouble at all he lifted the box and immediately the burst of light filled every corner of the room.

      The only sound to be heard was the cackling of Bill. Seth was so confused, was this all a trick? Then Bill said, “You were too easy to fool. And now I will destroy and conquer all I see fit”. Seth’s mind was racing, this was all a ploy, Bill must have already attempted this adventure and failed to open the box because he did not have pure intentions— what had he done?

      At first, it seemed apparitions were popping up all over the cave and then slowly they were living beings. Chaos erupted, fighting in every direction, screams ricocheting off the cave walls. A very familiar looking Skeith came barreling over to Seth, he was lost and confused, what was going on. The Skeith looked at him, knowingly, and put a piece of parchment into his pocket and dashed off. Seconds after, Seth turned around and zooming into his face a rock was coming right at him. He was able to dodge it, however he tripped on an exposed root and knocked himself unconscious to the ground!

      Seth GASPED and bolted straight up. He was tangled in something he wriggled free and opened his eyes— to his amazement he was in his room and it was only his sheets! OH! It had all been a crazy, vivid dream! He stumbled out of bed and went to his calendar, oh heavens, it’s September 25th! He was running terribly late for the party. He was feeling so disheveled and uneasy from his awfully realistic dream, that he was about to miss his opening speech! He rushed around grabbing his attire for the afternoon. As he was leaving the house he made a quick checklist of things he needed; keys, snack, speech! Ready to go!

      He arrived with only five minutes to spare. He assumed his position on the stage next to his colleagues, and scanned the emerging audience, for his friends and family. Seth did a double take, as a familiar face caught his attention...Could it be, Bill? From his dream— or nightmare rather? What was going on!

      After the introductions were made, Seth’s name was called, after all he was the best man for the job. His speech contained the history of his ancestors, and who the better expert than himself! Walking to the podium Seth was still shaken up from seeing the familiar face, this wasn’t like Seth. He reached into his pocket to retrieve his speech, but what he found instead was quite alarming. The parchment! From his nightmare! Seth was so flustered, he knew right then that something had to be done. And that he was going to have to find the answers. But that's a whole other story...


      The End.

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