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The Neopian's Guide to Kelp

by lonely_love


You may ask, why should, you, the everyday Neopian know about Kelp?

Well, although I suppose there is no real reason for you to have extensive knowledge on Kelp, this guide will provide you with it. However the importance of Kelp in Neopia is not be undermined. Starting from King Kelpbeard’s name to Neopia’s most famous fine dining restaurant, Kelp, and even for Neopians who get Kelp every day in the Fishing Vortex instead of the avatar, we can see that Kelp plays an integral role in the Neopian society. Hence I encourage you to read this guide to gain knowledge on what may be the most important plant in not just Maraqua, but Neopia.

Best Kelp Food to Enjoy

The best place to enjoy quality Kelp is Kelp. After booking months in advance, if you are able to get a seat in the famed Kelp restaurant then there are some Kelp dishes I definitely recommend trying out. To start off your meal, the Pate A La Kelp is superb and will give you a taste of all the finest Kelp Kelp has to offer. To end off your meal on a sweet note, Kelps Signature Ice Cream topped with fresh green Kelp will have you shoveling spoon after spoon into your mouth. But honestly, if you are feeling fancy on a budget Shrimptail with Kelp Sauce will hit the spot nicely as well. Top quality presentation and oceanic flavours in this dish will almost make you believe as though you are dining in Kelp.

For the busy Neopian on the go who may not have time to sit and enjoy a meal, a must-try would be the Kelp Covered Hot Dog which provides a generous amount of Kelp topping you can taste in every single bite. Believe me, the combination of the slightly tangy Kelp with onions and tomato sauce is amazing! Not to mention Kelp is full of vitamins making every meal with Kelp more nutritious. From Kikoland, another must-eat is the Freshwater Kelp Burger. It is no surprise that the Kelp fever has caught on to the Kikos with it being so scrumptious and all! Although it may seem like your average burger, the Kelp in place of lettuce really brings out the umami in this seemingly average burger.

Now we can’t forget the Kelp drinks and desserts, can we? For an unreasonably hot day when you need a drink or a sweet treat to munch on, my favourites are the Flotsam Kelp Shake found in Neopian Fresh Foods and the Chilled Kelp Cone sold in the Tropical Food Shop. You may be inclined to think that the salty Kelp may you thirstier or that ice cream should not be savoury but these two will prove you wrong. The Flotsam Kelp Shake comes in an adorable flotsam cup which is not only cute but reusable while being thirst-quenching. On the other hand the pretty shell the Chilled Kelp Cone comes in can serve as beautiful home décor and as a refreshing desset.

In my personal opinion as a professional Kelp food taster, these are the top Kelp food items in my list. With the number of varied dishes presented above, I am sure you and your pet will find one that you love. The best part is that you don’t even have to travel to Maraqua to find Kelp foods. They can be found in Neopia Central, Kikoland, Mystery Island and more. So don’t be shy to try Kelp. Head on to your nearest shop selling Kelp food and try it today!

Best Wearable Kelp Items

Many Neopians tend to veer away from Kelp wearables as they feel that such items are hard to style and work with. However this is not the case. Kelp items are in fact easy to dress and can tie in any look together. For a true fashionista styling Kelp will be no challenge, however for the average Neopian, fret not, I will show you my top Kelp wearables and even give tips on how to wear them beautifully.

My number one Kelp wearable would be the Kelp Forest Path Background. This background gives you a stunning view of the one of the many underwater paths found in the ocean. The colour palette combines wonderfully in the background to give you a mysterious feeling about what could lie beyond the path if you chose to venture. But obviously the main attraction of the background would be the various types of Kelps decorating the edges of the background to make your pet stand out. This background works well with any pet of any colour but will likely be most outstanding when paired with Maraquan pets or pets with hues of blues and greens. Truly a must-have in any closet. This item is purchasable from the NC mall.

This next item ranks highly for me especially during Christmas or Birthdays. It is none other than the Kelp Holiday Garland. It frames any pet prettily and gets you ready for the seasonal change. I always whip this out during the holidays and my pets get so many compliments. Originating from Maraqua, the twist to this garland is that it is made of Kelp held together by a beautiful bow. Now who doesn’t like a pretty bow? For the hungry pet, these garland is also edible but make sure your owner does not notice it missing from the closet. This item can be purchased by neopoints.

BONUS ITEM: Now if you are a proud owner of a Techo, I highly recommend investing in the Shipwrecked Techo Kelp. This gorgeous accessory wraps around your Techno’s shoulders making them seem like a gorgeous underwater prince or princess especially with the background mentioned above. The subtle details in the ribbon colour and gold embellishments make it a fine piece to own. This would look great on any colour Techno. After all the description does say Kelp goes well with almost every outfit. This statement can apply to any pet, not just Techos. This item can be purchased by neopoints.

No more excuses that Kelp is hard to style. It is not only versatile, but also looks good on any pet. So don’t wait any longer, hurry up purchase your Kelp wearables and dress up your pet. I hope to see more pets in Kelp in the upcoming Customization Spotlight!

Best Kelp Home and Garden Decor

Now why stop at food and wearables? Do show your love and appreciation for Kelp items by incorporating them into your home or garden. I, myself, own a huge Kelp garden filled with various types of Kelp. Kelp décor for the neohome is not only functional and classy but refreshes the room with the wonderful smell of the sea. Besides the pretty shell you got from eating your Chilled Kelp Cone there is more you can add to spruce up your home and garden.

The top (and only) selling Kelp décor for the neohome is the Kelp Window Blinds. Despite being flimsy, the Kelp sheets are able to block out all sources of light when the blinds are drawn so that the sun does not peek through the windows. This is a sturdy piece that ensures your pet gets the right amount of sleep and can avoid being woken up too early by natural light. Not to mention, these blinds provide your pets with whiffs of the ocean despite their home being nowhere near the sea. I highly recommend this to any Neopian who needs proper blinds which filter out light well.

Next for the Neogarden, I personally endorse the classic Giant Green Kelp and the Magic Crystalline Kelp which can be easily fished for free from Ye Olde Fishing Vortex in Maraqua. Now although other types of Kelp are available, these two are my favourite to plant. They are both pretty and have the classic green colour of Kelps which make them blend in nicely as foliage. The Giant Green Kelp is easy to grow as it needs minimum attention but you must remember to water it daily as such Kelps thrive in water. However they can just as easily be grown in soil with plenty of hydration. This plant is not edible as it is tough to chew so make your pet does not try to eat them. The Magic Crystalline Kelp on the other hand needs a delicate touch and gentle handling as it is very fragile. However once you safely manage to plant it, what a beauty! When the sun hits it just right, watch it shimmer and sparkle bringing your garden to a whole new level.

With that being said, I hope you consider these Kelp additions into your Neohome and Neogarden as they are items which can work well within any neohome theme and add a vibrancy you never knew Kelp could provide. You may just find your pets spending more time at home than outside with these items of the sea so close to bay.

Best Kelp Toys

Now these items aren’t exactly strictly Kelp but they do contain the word Kelp and that hopefully that is good enough for you to consider them. Toys are something that is crucial to a pet’s happiness level, so the more toys they have the happier they will be. These Kelp toys are some of my pets favourite and hopefully they can be a favourite for your pet too.

The King Kelpbeard Plushie is a must have in home of Maraquan pets however I have found that all pets seem to enjoy playing with this plushie given that it is so cute and cuddly. It may be slightly expensive but having the Maraquan Ruler as a playmate is something you cannot put a price on. This plushie also may pique your pet’s interest in Maraquan history which is always a good thing. A curious pet is a happy pet.

Next would be the Kelpflake Plushie and the Kelpflake Beach Ball which serve as great toys. The Kelpflake, is a petpet, with the appearance of a Kelp and a snowflake combined, which is adorable. I encourage getting your pet a Kelpflake if they have no petpets attached to them currently. However the next best thing would be these amazing toys. The Kelpflake Plushie has buttons for eyes and a stitched smile which is guaranteed to turn your pet’s frown upside down. The Kelpflake Beach Ball is great for when you have activities outdoor in your Kelp Neogarden or the beach. However do supervise your pet when they are playing with these toys as their non-Kelpflake petpet may get jealous.

So I do hope you consider getting these awesome Kelp-related toys for your pets. I’m pretty sure after getting these toys, your pets will no longer be able to say that they do not have enough toys.

Best Kelp Joke in Neopia

What did the Kelpflake say when it wanted help? Kelp me please. Hahaha.

And with that I have unfortunately come to the end of my Kelp guide. I hope this guide awakened your curiosity and helped you have a deeper appreciation for Kelp. Kelp is truly amazing and can be used in a plethora of items ranging food to clothes and toys and even as décor. I hope I have covered enough content such you end this article with more knowledge on the Kelp products here in Neopia. Do take note that these Kelp item list is not exhaustive and may you take the initiative to discover what other Kelp items await you in Neopia.

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