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A Veteran's Guide to Neopets

by vicunas


I’ve been hanging out in Neopia since Year 4. I’ve been through the Mystery Island plot to the Obelisk War. I’ve seen items be announced and stick around long enough to retire, and yet I’m still here. For somebody who’s been around on Neopets for fifteen years, it’s weird to think that there are still things for me to do. It’s been challenging, but there are a few pools I’ve yet to dip my toes into. If you’re in the same shoes as me, (wow, a lot of feet analogies going on here) maybe this will help you pick up your game.

1. Go for some trophies. If you played Neopets as a youngin’, chances are you’re probably a lot better at the games you were terrible at a few years ago. Try for some of the flash game trophies if you want to. But also, consider games such as Go! Go! Go!, Round Table Poker, and Cellblock. If you feel like being in it for the long haul, go for Geos or Kacheekers. A lot of these games you probably didn’t have patience for in the past, but now, as a refined veteran of Neopia, you totally do.

2. Clean out your Safety Deposit Box. I know, I know, that’s common knowledge but think about the last time you cleared out your Box. Really, really think about it. Unless you just did it, your answer probably is more than two years. I know for me, it’s been approximately six years. Think of all the profit you can make from the items you forgot you had, the stamps you’ve got from events that have been sitting, collecting dust. It’s time. We know you have no intentions of using that one item from Advent Calendar year 5.

3. Speaking of stamps, start a new collection. Whether it’s stamp collecting, pet stat building, collectable card hoarding, or even pet trading! All of these may sound overwhelming and expensive, but hey, what else are you gonna do with that big fortune you have sitting in your bank? It may seem overwhelming but there are tons of guides and people willing to help in every community. What’s the worse that can happen? Everything on this site is an investment!

4. Work on avatars you didn’t understand when they first came out. Though I’ve been haunting this site for ages, I didn’t get the Sewage Surfer avatar until last year. I just didn’t have the time and brain power for it. A lot of the avatars I’ve yet to collect are long term avatars, like the Plushie Tycoon one or the Sell! SELL!! stock market avatar. These all take a lot of brain power and dedication, something only a veteran can handle!

5. Play Neoquest. I’m serious. Granted, I’ve only finished Neoquest II but from what I’ve played of the original, I can vouch that both are worth the time and energy. Let’s face it, we all attempted to play one of the NQ games (Fyora knows the one time I tried to play Neoquest 3D I’m was horrifiedly overwhelmed by it all.) The characters are really fun to experience and this is Neopets history y’all!! How can you can yourself a Neopets fan if you haven’t played the most iconic game series of all of Neopian history?! (Besides The Darkest Faerie, that is.) Plus, you get a trophy if you beat the game!

6. Start your gallery. Anybody else remember what it was like before gallery spaces where a thing? I’d get so irrationally upset when I’d see shops be used as galleries, and then, when galleries were announced, I thought to myself “I’m totally gonna make a gallery now,” and granted, well, I never really did. Some of you probably had the same reaction. Guess what, it’s time to finally begin. It can be something basic like plush collecting or it could be something really unique like items with pictures of Ixis on them.

7. Work on spotlight entries. There are tons of spotlights that I always forget about. Userlookup, gallery, pet, poetry, and so on! Extra avatars and trophies look pretty fancy, plus you have the ability to gloat because, wow, that takes time and dedication to get one of those bad boys. Depending on what speed you’re working at, this could take you a while, however, they’re totally worth the time! Now, if only I could remember to sit down and actively work on a piece for the poetry spotlight…

8. Work on your pet’s story. The cool kid thing to do now apparently is to write a backstory up for your pet and then customize them according to the story. Despite being an artsy person, I never got into customization and pet story creation, but maybe it’s time to finally get into it. A lot of people in the art community love to draw their pet and their friend’s pets. Maybe it’s time to break out of the drawing tablet or the paper and pencil. Remember it’s all about having fun.

9. Start battling! I mentioned in the collections point that you could hypothetically collect pet stats, building up their abilities, but we never really talked about battling. There are rumors that the next plot is going to have a lot of battling in it, and if I were you, I’d be prepared. Raise those hit points!! Buy those muffins, do what you got to do! Hopefully, there may even be some shiny trophies and avatars in the future if Defenders of Neopia ever properly gets fixed.

Neopets has been around since the age of screeching dial-up with a variety of things to offered to the average Neopian. No matter what you’re into, there is probably some aspect of the site that you completely forgot existed. Shoot, probably just making this list, I probably forgot something too. Truthfully, I’ve dabbled in a good portion of things, but maybe it’s time for me to focus on one thing. Either way, I know there are a ton of things I can still do on this site, and if none of them work out, I could always keep writing for the Neopian Times.

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