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Guide to the Battledome: Weapons (Part 3)

by berzerkturtlez



Welcome back to the third installment of the series! We talked about training your pet, now let’s talk about weapons. I’ll be splitting weapons into groups based on a budget.


Weapons deal “icons” which can come in Earth, Fire, Water, Dark, Light, Air, or Physical. Icon type only matters when it comes to blocking/defending, otherwise, 1 icon of earth is equal in damage to 1 icon of air. You multiply the icons by your strength boost to calculate how much damage of that icon type you deal or block.

Example: Let’s say you have a weapon that attacks with 10 fire, blocks 5 water. Your strength is 200 (multiplier of 4.5) and Defence is 125 (multiplier of 3). You will deal 45 damage, and block 15 water damage. However, you will only defend water icons, so if your opponent doesn’t use any water icons at all, then you will not block any damage.

Because of this, attack weapons are generally more valuable than defensive weapons. Damage is what wins you the fight, and unless your opponent specifically blocks your weapons’ icon type, you’ll be doing damage. However, shields will only be helpful if they specifically block the type of damage your opponent deals, making it a guessing game. Additionally, dual-duties (both attack and defend) usually sacrifice some damage and defence to be able to do both. Lastly, especially in 1-player Battledome, you’ll have access to Lens Flare at level 50, and Warlock’s Rage at level 200, which will block your opponent’s move anyway.


ATTACK: 2x Scroll of Ultranova (11 icons for only 2k)

DEFENCE: Parasol of Unfortunate Demise (Blocks some water, earth, and all light)

Downsize! (blocks half of all damage)

DUAL DUTY: 1-2xScarab Ring (6 icons attack, blocks fire and physical also)

HEAL: Cursed Elixir of Neovia (heals 40HP) or Cursed Elixir (Steals 20 HP)

This is a very beginner set, but it is good if you’re just beginning. Depending on your HP, you’ll also want a healer, but there are no good healers at this range. This should be good enough for even the beginner pets to defeat opponents for daily battles and rewards. This shouldn’t cost you more than 20k to purchase.


ATTACK: Yooyu Knuckle Duster/Tyrannian Sceptre x2 (14 icons each) or Turned Tooth x2 (average 15 icons each)

DEFENCE: Downsize!

HEAL: Dangerous Maraquan Yoyo (Steals 35 HP) or Greater Healing Scroll (Heals 50HP) or Rejuvenating Jar of Brains (Heals 60HP)

FREEZE: Entangling Lenny Lasso/Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing (for Lennies only)

The YKD/Sceptre/Tooth are all around 100k each or less. At that price, they’re the best offensive weapons unless you’re willing to spend 7-8m on hidden tower level weapons (for average of 18 icons). Honestly, if you’re only planning on playing 1-P, these should be enough to defeat most opponents in the war and for your daily battles, especially if your pet is at HSD 600 or higher.

The reason I didn’t list any defensive weapons is because you really don’t need any. The defensive options you could use aren’t worth giving up 14 icons of damage and finishing the fight faster.

Healers are very dependent on your current HP. You ideally want a healer that can heal a decent chunk of your HP, depending on the opponent you’re fighting. Vs a 1-P opponent with 200 HP, for example, a 20 HP healer won’t exactly cut it. Once you reach around 200HP and up, the most effective healers will cost at least a million or more. The one exception is for Kacheeks, who have the Kacheek Healing Potion. Of course, if you’re zapping then a species specific healer may not be viable.

If you’re at 200+ HP and fighting other 200+ HP opponents, then the easiest choice would be to forego a healer at all, and hope that Lens Flare/Warlocks Rage can defeat the opponent. The other alternative is Dangerous Maraquan Yoyo (70k each), of which you can equip multiples of. It will steal 35 HP and give it to yourself, resulting in a 70HP life swing.

If you have a Lenny, a cheap freezer is available in Entangling Lenny Lasso or Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing. A Lenny is cheap to morph anyway, so if you’re prepping for a war this could be a good choice.

A budget set like this should only cost you a few hundred thousand Neopoints, and the items I listed should be good enough that you can defeat most challengers quickly. Also, they are fairly in-demand, so you can easily sell them back if you need the NP. If you’re on a budget, go for the offensive weapons first before getting a healer or defensive item.


ATTACK: 2x “Anagram Sword”. ~8m each for 18 icons of damage. These include Sword of Skardsen/Ari/Reif/Thare/Tawre/Thigl. I also include Kelpbeards Trident and Pirate Captains Cutlass in here because they do the same average number of icons.

DEFENCE: Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield (blocks all light and a good amount of other icon types)

Downsize!/Thyoras Tear (Blocks all damage)

DUAL DUTY: Fan of Swords (20 icons and blocks 5 physical)

FREEZE: H4000 Helmet/Freezing Potion/Magical Marbles of Mystery/Heavy Blue Tunic (Freeze with some additional attack or defence) or your species specific freezer

HEAL: Crisp Blue Tunic (Drains For pets around 200-300 HP)/Bag of Healing Dust (Heal 50%)/Jade Scorchstone or Leaded Elemental Vial (Heal to full) or your species specific healer

Once you have a few million you’re willing to spend, “Anagram” swords are your best option. 2x of any “Anagram” (cheapest is Sword of Skardsen, or SoS) along with Lens Flare and Warlocks Rage will get you past most opponents. If you have a bit more Neopoints, Fan of Swords costs a few mil more but does more damage and also blocks physical.

A freezer like H4000 Helmet/Freezing Potion/Magical Marbles of Mystery is also a good addition to improve the level of opponents you’ll beat. Heavy Blue Tunic requires 1000 intelligence to use, but is the cheapest of them all. Freezers stop your opponent form making any move the following turn, and are basically another Lens Flare/Warlocks Rage, giving you additional turns to do damage.

At this point, you may not even need a healer. However, some good species specific healers are for Gelerts (Gelert Healing Remedy), Elephantes (Elephante Unguent), Lennies (Bag of Lenny Healing Seeds, you also have access to a super cheap freezer in Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing or Entangling Lenny Lasso), and Kacheeks (probably the best/cheapest healer in Kacheek Healing Potion). These species healers heal only 50% (Kacheek Life Potion can heal up to 66% if you’re above 33% of your HP, but it will only heal 33% if you are below that). Crisp Blue Tunic requires 750 Intelligence, but drains 100HP and gives it to you. Bag of Healing Dust will cost a lot more, but heals 50% for all species. Finally, Leaded Elemental Vial or Jade Scorchstone will heal to full, but cost around 25mil.

With a strong pet and good weapons, you don’t even need to spend money on defensive shields. However, Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield is such a great shield that I thought I’d put it here anyway, although it is not necessary. Thyoras Tear blocks all damage compared to Downsize! which only blocks half, but it costs 25mil. However, it can act as another freezer/Lens Flare/Warlocks Rage (although it won’t stop your opponent from healing up).

As I mentioned before, if you’re on a budget, go for the attack weapons first (Anagram or Fan of Swords) and then a freezer, before going for a healer/defensive item.


Chances are, if you’re at this level you probably don’t need my advice. However, for 1-P, you only need 2-4 weapons to beat most opponents, if you’re at max boost.

Super Attack Pea (SuAP)/Wand of the Dark Faerie (WoDF) x2

Any Freezer from above

Any Healer from above

Thyoras Tear

If you have a hundred million or more to spend, then Super Attack Pea (32 icons, most in the game, at 100-120mil currently) and Wand of the Dark Faerie (average of 25 icons, reflects 75% light, heals 25% of HP when you’re under 25% HP, at 50mil currently) are the best weapons for the price. With Lens Flare and Warlocks Rage, you don’t even need any other weapons except maybe a Freezer to beat most 1-P opponents, especially if you’re at 750 Strength.

If you’re holding weapons like these, then it’s not even worth it to use a defensive weapon because you’ll be doing so much more damage anyway.

Even with only 1 of those, and an anagram sword or a Yooyu Knuckle Duster, for example, you’ll be doing a ton of damage. You can easily knock out most opponents by going SuAP/WoDF + other attack weapon with Lens Flare, then do the same next round with Warlocks Rage.

There are other weapons even more expensive and rarer than these, but in terms of outright damage in 1-P, none of those are necessary. SuAP and WoDF are the absolute best offensive weapons in the game especially at their price, and will carry you through any future war. If you’ve made it to this point, congratulations.

Thank you for reading up to this point. In my next and last installment, I’ll be going over strategies and tips to beating several avatar opponents, including the Space Faerie.

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