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Spiffing up a Mutant

by mysticdarkangel925


Er, um. Ahem. You want me to write about those weird mutant Neopets? Like an article about how vile and disgusting they are? What..? No? You want me to write about how to make them look...nice? I think that is a bit impossible...they are pretty disgusting...I can write about things they can wear...can't make any promises that it'll look nice but they'll have it on. Ok, here goes...

Mutant pets are one of the coolest pets in Neopia! They have a very..unique..look to them that is hard to duplicate anywhere else.

I mean, where are you going to find something that looks just that nice. If for some reason this aesthetic appeals to you, it is pretty easy to secure yourself a mutant pet! All you have to do is sell a part of your soul to the leader of evil, Dr. Sloth. If you aren't able to track him down through random events, you can instead head on over to the Shop Wizard and search for Transmogrification Potions. These potions will cause your once-normal Neopet's skin to writhe they will mutate into a giant blob of..uniqueness. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is surely the way to do it.

There are a couple ways to go about customizing these pets, one is trying to cover up every inch of their body so no one can see the horror that lies beneath, or you can emphasize their spooky nature and go all in! The latter is the path we're going to take today, because while many find them appalling to look at, these Neopets do deserve love. They have personalities just like everyone else and deserve to feel good about themselves!

The first thing to emphasize your mutant's assets is to give them a Dark Mutant Lantern. This lantern will add exquisite lighting and emphasize every beautiful flaw in your mutant's matted fur and bulbous skin. Plus, it comes in at a very affordable prize point!

If you are taking your mutant out for a nice, elegant dinner or to a ballroom event, you are going to draw everyone's attention in this Mutant Gothic Embroidered Shirt. This NC item is exclusive to Mutant pets with even more colorful options, which means you won't have to worry about anyone else at the party showing up in the same outfit!

Since life as a mutant can get lonely, you want to make sure your Neopet has friends to play with. These Wind-Up Mutant Petpets are a nice toy to keep them entertained, and it means you don't have to clean up after extra critters! Just wind them up and let them go, watch your Neopet enjoy their new companions. But...there is something a little bit off about these seems like they have a mind of their own sometimes. It is best to watch your rare items around them.

Every pet deserves love, even mutants. This Valentine Mutant Dress has beautiful dark red and grey tones that will accentuate the decaying skin of your Neopet. The embroidered heart will always remind your pet that they are in your heart and that they are well loved. And it doesn't hurt that this dress covers up so much of their hideous body...

The MiniMME13-B: Gothic Sunbeam Shower featured red and purple skies and a bright shining light to illuminate your pet. It will shine a ray of hope onto your mutant pet, hope that they will be able to move through the world without everyone screaming as they pass. Don't worry, it isn't so bright that it will completely illuminate your pet, it is a gothic sunbeam after all!!

It is well known that mutant pets tend to gravitate to the darker and moodier things in life, so if a sunbeam isn't quite your style, the A Grey Day Background might fit your mutant a bit better. A dark cobblestone path, a spooky house in the background, and a torrential downpour of rain all add to the dark aesthetic you may be going for.

As an alternate background choice, the Noxious Gas Planet Background is reminiscent of the first days of Neopia. Back then, the planet was covered in a thick smog and Dr. Sloth's mutant minions were the only ones able to survive. This is a beautiful throwback to those days, and mutant pets seem to have a type of air filter that allows them to breathe and be happy in this environment. It might even be EASIER for your pet to survive this kind of environment over our current atmosphere. You can obtain this through the Other Worlds Mystery Capsule, or you can try your best to trade for it on the NeoBoards.

And what better way to remind your mutant where they came from than the Sloth Shadow Background Item. This accessory projects a giant Dr. Sloth shadow behind your mutant, a constant reminder of the master that created them. Dr. Sloth's millions of experiments have amounted to these insane looking Neopets, and while they seem to be peaceful and have a mind of their own now, no one knows when Sloth will creep up and be able to take them over again. Are these Transmogrification Potions he's been handing out a part of his nefarious plot? Is he just waiting for enough Neopians to turn their pets mutant before he takes control of them and steals Neopia? No one knows for sure, but this background item will definitely keep you paranoid.

Just because you have a mutant pet doesn't mean they don't deserve some nice items and accessories. Most of their bodies are so uniquely creepy that fans of that...look...don't want to cover it up, but as you can see above there are plenty of accessory options. This is just the start of the many ways you can dress them up, and there are plenty of mutant-exclusive items out there for you to try on. Take a browse through the NC Mall and the various clothing shops around Neopia, try some things on, and find out what works best for you! Just uh...stay away from the Mutant Poisonous Polka Dot Wig, that might be going a little too far.

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