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Confronting Edna About Her Avatar

by mouseketeers


Avatar collectors are some of the most determined, hard-working players on the website. They are willing to spend tens of millions of Neopoints on stamps, countless hours perfecting their technique in various flash games, and taking their chances in some high stakes gambling hoping for that elusive avatar. One of the most well-known and highly sought after avatars is known as "Edna - Cackle!" No one is exactly sure what it takes to achieve the avatar, the only thing we know is that you need to complete one of Edna's quests. It used to be thought of as random, but information has leaked out insinuating that the quest needs to request three items, rather than one or two, for it to be eligible to give the avatar. A lot of theories float around that the specific items requested also play into an algorithm, but no concrete evidence has been found. To try to clear up some of the confusion, I made my way up to Edna's tower during the witching hour to ask her some questions.

For those who aren't familiar with Edna, she is an old witch that many think to be quite evil (though there isn't firm proof to her being a terrible, terrible creature). She was one a human-like witch but while fiddling with her potions and experimenting, she accidentally turned herself into a Zafara. She now passes her time by spending an hour in the Battledome each day, the rest of the time she doles out quests to Neopians seeking spooky food and her rare avatar. Many players complete hundreds of her quests before they get the avatar, but some very lucky people get it on their first or second try. Without further ado, it is time to dive and see exactly what Edna can reveal.

-I'm sitting in the living room of The Witch's Tower. The sky is dark, the clouds roll in and a loud clasp of thunder rings through the air. I hear a sharp cackle and see the one of the many doors open, revealing the witch herself: Edna-

Edna: -cackling- Thank you so much for making the long trek up here to visit. How are you?

Me: I'm great! Thanks for making time to talk about your quests and avatar, the players are sure to appreciate it.

Edna: Of course. I can't reveal all the answers, that would take the fun out of it, now wouldn't it?

Me: Are you alluding to me that perhaps the answer isn't random?

Edna: Hush with that speculation!

Me: Okay, I am getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning, can you tell me a little about your quests?

Edna: Yes! I have teamed up with a few other Neopian entities like Taelia the Snow Faerie and that friendly Flotsam from Kitchen Quest. We offer up a total of ten quests between us, up to the player's choosing. In short, you could do up to ten of my Edna quests per day. I request a huge variety of items that I use in my spells, things that I melt down in my cauldron with some secret ingredients that become various amulets and wands. As a reward I offer a small Neopoint prize and a spooky food delicacy, like a creamy Spooky Gooplecream! If you are able to help me with one of my super recipes, I'll reward you with an avatar as well.

Me: A SUPER recipe? There have been a lot of users working together to compile information on fan sites like SunnyNeo, showing which quests have been successful and which quests haven't. They also compile what items you requested for each quest.

Edna: -cackles- I have seen all the charts and whatnot on those sites, they are doing some very good work! I can confirm that they are on the right track, showing that the more items my quest asks for the higher the chance of obtaining the avatar. It wouldn't be a super recipe if I only needed one item for it!

Me: That is great information, so you have confirmed that keeping an eye out for three items quests are the best. How about the types of items you are making, let's say perhaps there is a higher chance of an avatar if it is a "Rainbow Wand of Cybunny Shrinking". Do "rainbow" quests have a higher chance, or something like that?

Edna: Ha! You aren't going to get any more info out of me. I can't reveal all my secrets, if I did I wouldn't have people fulfilling all my quest needs for me!! If everyone could get the avatar on the first shot I'd have thousands of unfinished recipes. When people ask too many questions it is bad for business, and you know what happens when business goes bad and a witch gets desperate... -a sinister look takes over Edna's eyes and an eerie smile curls up on her lips-

Me: uh..uh...I promise I'm not trying to ruin your business! Just a reporter trying to get the scoop! I think I have enough information actually..yes perfect...great! Thank you for having me!!!

And I got up and RAN from the tower. I have no interest in getting turned into a newt or tossed in her cauldron as an ingredient for one of her potions. She guards her secrets tightly and does not seem to want to spill. Here is the list...short list...the one thing what we do know, or at least think we know:

The quest has to ask for three items.

It seems to be random beyond that but as a hardworking journalist I am not ready to throw in the towel on that yet. I will keep researching, we all should, so we can figure this out together. I'm just not ready to admit defeat and accept that this is a random puzzle that can't be solved...Edna is too smart and tricky for that...but she's also smart enough to make it so difficult that 10+ years later no one has figured it out yet. Get out there, finish those quests, and share your results and theories on the Neoboards and we'll see just how much further we can crack this case open! Happy questing!!

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