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Top 10 Most Delicious Hot Dogs

by hopeandjoy


Have you and your neopet ever walked around the neopets bazaar, looking into shops, and stumbled into Huberts Hot Dogs? Maybe your neopets stomach was rumbling and the smell of the freshly cooking dogs attracted their attention to this shop, or maybe they are a frequent visitor of Hubert and his famous finger licking hot dogs. We have went through and tasted tested every hot dog on this list to bring you the most fabulous, most delicious, and most amazing hot dogs that Hubert sells. There are about 175 different type of hot dogs on Neopia that your neopet can eat, but we have narrowed it down to the top 10. Sit back, take a seat, pull up a plate and make sure your neopet is famished, because we are going to take you through one delicious list, and by the end, you’ll be ready to open your mouth wide for some delicious dogs!

10. Punk Rocker Hot Dog

If your neopet enjoys going to concerts at the Tyrannian concert hall than this hot dog at #10 is the hot dog for your neopet. Punk rocker hot dog is exactly like it’s name, a hot dog that has been transformed for the neopets who say “it’s not a phase!” This hot dog does have an onion ring piercing, which will give it a bit of an onion taste, but nonetheless, just as delicious! This hot dog is also a gourmet food and will help your neopet achieve gourmet food club points. This dog is a little bit on the more expensive side, pricing up to be 1.5 million neopoints. But, if your neopet is going through a punk stage this might be the hot dog for them!

9. Guacamole Injected Hot Dog

“Just went you thought hot dogs couldn’t get more delicious” is right! Guacamole is a delicious dip but pair it with a hot dog and it gets even better! Imagine creamy avocado taste paired with a nice dog, the combination is amazing! Within every bite of this hot dog you get the taste of guacamole in your mouth as well. If your pet is not in the food for a full size of regular tasty guacamole, this is a great option for loads of protein and that delicious guacamole taste. This hot dog is very delicious when paired with some nachos for some extra crunch!

8. Asparagus and Butter Hot Do g

Now this combination may sound strange, but the asparagus and butter hot dog is a delicious hot dog your neopet must try at least once! This hot dog is very unique because the bun of the hot dog is actually cheese flavoured. I’LL REPEAT THAT. THIS HOT DOG BUN IS CHEESE FLAVOURED!!!! Now, who doesn’t like cheese bread? The buttered asparagus is nice and hot and sitting nice right on top of the perfectly cooked dog. Combined with the cheese flavoured bun, this combination will truly surprise you, but definitely make you want more, and even two! This hot dog is currently retired, so if you get your hands on one, consider yourself lucky.

7. Frosted Cake Hot Dog

What do you get your hot dog loving neofriend or neopal for their birthday? Answer: a frosted cake hot dog! Who needs a birthday cake when you could have a chocolate flavoured hot dog with frosting on top? Ummmm, I’ll take the hot dog instead of the cake please! This hot dog also comes handy with a candle on it, so you can give it to your neopet friend when it’s his or her birthday! It is perfect to blow out and who doesn’t love a hot dog cake? Even if you aren’t celebrating a birthday or a special event, this hot dog is for the neopets who have a sweet tooth that needs to be fulfilled.

6. Creamy Hot Dog

This is one of the most popular, and delicious hot dogs on the list! The creamy hot dog is exactly like its name entails, creamy with hot dogs. This hot dog is very unique because there is two sausages instead of one sausage. You are paying the price of one hot dog but getting two! After the two hot dogs are placed on the bun, they are dressed with some delicious mayonnaise to give this hot dog that creamy taste and texture. This hot dog is one of the most famous and delicious on neopets, and also one of the most inexpensive, costing about 420 neopoints. This is definitely one hot diggity dog of a deal!!

5. Big Beefy Hot Dog

One thing Hubert knows for sure is neopets loves their hot dogs! He created the Big Beefy Hot Dog to satisfy the Neopians that need just a bit more meat in their dog. “If you have never had a Big Beefy Hot Dog then you have never been to Huberts Hot Dogs!” This hot dog is one of Hubert’s most popular classics because of the sheer mass of the meat. Averaging around 680,000 neopoints, you get what you pay for with this hot dog. Some Neopians even have trouble opening their mouths wide enough to take a bite. Don’t fear! No one will judge you for attacking this one with a fork.

4. Breakfast Hot Dog

For years hot dog aficionados had trouble in the mornings trying to decide to eat. Was a hot dog only for lunchtime and snacks? Would they be judged for consuming their favorite delectable dog during the early hours of the morning? Then one day, Hubert fixed all of these issues and introduced the Breakfast Hot Dog. Hot Dog eaters REJOICED! REJOICED, I SAY! Now when they leave the house with their Breakfast Hot Dog, they hold it proudly and know that they are holding a superb breakfast in their hand. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not start it off right? And no way better to do so than with this delicious dog!

3. Linked Hot Dogs

We all know the feeling. You’re eating your favorite hot dog from Hubert’s when all of a sudden, you feel eyes watching you. You recognize these eyes. They’re the eyes of a jealous Neopian wishing they too could chomp down on a hot dog. You want to share but Hubert’s just sold out. This feeling hits home with you. That’s where Linked Hot Dogs comes in perfectly! With six mouth-watering hot dogs linked together, you can now share them and spread the joy and happiness hot dogs can bring Neopia. Coming in at 400,000 neopoints, Linked Hot Dogs are a bit pricy. But hot dogs bring pure happiness and we all know you can’t put a price on that! can eat them all at one time. We are all guilty of doing this at one time or another.

2. Stealthy Hot Dog

Linked Hot Dogs are great for sharing, but what about when you’re really not in the mood to share but still need to feed that hot dog craving? The Stealthy Hot Dog is the answer to that issue! Priced around 230,000 neopoints, the Stealthy Hot Dog is a pricey way to avoid sharing. Whether you’re trying to avoid pesky Neopians who just aren’t speedy enough to snipe a dog at Hubert’s or you despise the stares your brothers and sisters give you as you try to eat your favorite food, this dog will end all of those problems. Personally, I have always felt quite rude chowing down on a dog while at a Jazzmosis concert but now I am always sure to pack a Stealthy Hot Dog or two with me for one of their shows. Be careful however, this hot dog is sure to try to escape. A cage for one is ALWAYS recommended if you are not consuming as soon as possible.

1. Well-Aged Hot Dog

This is it, the number 1 hot dog in all of Neopia: the Well-Aged Hot Dog! With multiple years in the making for each one, Hubert knew he was making the perfect dog when he crafted this. Whether you are gonna eat it or put it on display in your gallery, it will set you back a little over 1 million neopoints. Perfection ain’t cheap! If you can get your mouth on this hot dog, all of the Neopia will be staring with their mouths watering. Aged to perfection, this dog is sure to feed the hot dog craving of your dreams.

**BONUS ITEM** Deluxe Hot Dog Hat

If you find your neopet constantly getting lost at Hubert’s or you have found countless hot dog wrappers stashed under their bed, the Deluxe Hot Dog Hat is the perfect gift for them. Show off your hot dog loving life with the Deluxe Hot Dog Hat. The perfect wearable for true hot dog aficionados.

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