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My Week in Avatars

by happyinengland


Hey, again! I hope you enjoyed my last article on the Top 10 Summer Avatars. Here I am again with another set of avatars. No, no… it’s not what you’re thinking. You don’t expect me to only write about the Top 10 somethings in Neopia? I’ll save that for another day. For now, however, let me introduce you to my week in avatars! Yes, you read that correctly.

I have tried to pick just one avatar to correspond to each day of the week. Tried being the operative term. I have included 2-3 avatars for each of the other days. Don’t look at me like that! There are so many avatars to choose from so it’s hard to narrow them down to 7.

Stick around - I would like to share with you my life in avatars… maybe you can relate?


Mutant Graveyard of Doom

How to get: Refresh at the Game Graveyard. It’s a very random avatar to get.

Mutant Draik – Back Off!

How to get: Visit a Mutant Draik’s pet lookup.

Ugh, it’s Monday. Need I say more? Of course I do, if I want to hit that minimum limit of 1000 words. ;) It’s the first day of the week… the first weekday. It’s time for work or school – something responsible and incredibly draining. In other words, I feel doomed and want people to back off! It’s a sad, sad day and I just want it to be over with. Yes, the Mutant Kacheek and Mutant Draik are exactly what I look and feel like on a Monday. The worst.


Skarl – Moody

How to get: This random avatar is given when King Skarl throws you out of his castle after you tell him a really bad joke.

Master Vex

How to get: It’s another random avatar. You can get this one whilst playing Cellblock. The cost to play varies per challenger *cough* prisoner.

Tuesday has arrived. I feel a little better because it’s not Monday for starters. I don’t feel so great, though, as we’re on the wrong side of Wednesday. It’s another day at school or work, there are so many commitments and deadlines to see to… I feel moody and vexed. Can anyone feel moodier than King Skarl, you ask? I’m sure we all have at one point. How about Vexed? How can we feel like Master Vex? We don’t. We feel unsettled and disgruntled instead just like how he makes us feel when we play Cellblock.



How to get: This is a profitable wheel to play on daily. You can get this avatar by landing on the 4000np space. It only costs 100np to spin!

Wow, it’s Wednesday, which is the middle of the week or in this case, the mediocre of the week. The average day has an average quality about it. It’s not very good but it’s not very bad either. Plesio the Flotsam shares the same pain as us.


Must… Keep… Smiling…

How to get: Can you believe it? Another random avatar! You can win this avatar randomly when you win a game of Kacheek Seek. It’s a fun way to earn neopoints!

Look over here! It’s Thursday – we’re finally on the right side of Wednesday and that can only mean one thing… it’s nearly the weekend! You’ve been looking forward to this day all week. Oh, wait… there’s still another day of school or work after this and now your face has fallen. Chin up - you must… keep… smiling! ;) The Island Kacheek will show you how it’s done.



How to get: View the lookup of a pet that you own that has a Snowbunny that’s 364+ days old.

Usukicon – Shopkeeper

How to get: Watch the Usukiland advert in Usukiland.

It’s Friday! It’s Friday! Wheeee! Yeah, I can hear you – you sound just like a Snowbunny on a lovely Winter’s day. I also see that little smile! Why not make a bigger one? Try the Usukicon shopkeeper as a reference. Jump, scream, shout – let it all out! It is so close to the weekend!


Aisha – Disco

How to get: View a Disco Aisha’s pet lookup.

Usukicon Usuls

How to get: The exact same way as the previous Usukicon avatar! Watch the Usukiland advert in Usukiland.

Yes Boy Ice-Cream

How to get: See their concert in Tyrannian Concert Hall. You can buy tickets from the Ticket Booth in Tyrannia or from other users in their shops.

FINALLY! It’s the weekend and there’s so much to do. You could go to a party or a disco, the Disco Aisha will show you how it’s done. Can you see that she’s having so much fun? How about hanging out with your friends? As you can see above, the Usukicon Usuls have a blast doing this. Last but not least of the Saturday avatars that I’ve chosen is the Yes Boy Ice-Cream avatar. Go to a concert, I hear these guys are good. They get you to sing, dance and clap – and you also get a little gift by the end of it! If all that doesn’t seem like something you’d want to do, then I know one fail safe way to have fun. Spend the whole day on Neopets! Woohoo!


Emo Usuki

How to get: Set your shopkeeper as Usul – Gothic and then view your shop front.

Grundo – Discarded Plushie

How to get: ANOTHER random avatar. It is random when you collect a prize at The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity.

It’s Sunday morning and you wake up feeling great. You dial it down a little as Sunday is the day of rest. It’s a day to relax and enjoy the silence. However, as the day goes by, you remember that tomorrow is Monday. You feel a bit emotional like the Usuki above. You try to stay calm and tell yourself that Monday is just like any other day… but then you remember that is a lie. Monday is coming and you start to tear up. *sniff*

Goodness me. The week flew by fast and we shared a range of emotions together. It’s like we’re best friends now! I’m sorry to have made you experience the bad days but hey, at least we balanced it with some good days!

Thank you for reading my article! Make every day count.

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