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Sky’s the Limit Customizations

by blade0904


Ever feel like your Neopet’s head is always in the clouds? That’s not a bad thing! Dreamers make thoughtful, kind and introspective Neopets, who tend to prefer customizations with a little height difference. So for some gravity-defying fun try designing a look that’s out of this world and in the sky! There are great choices for Neocash and Neopoint options: I suggest choosing a background and building your cosmic look from there.

Best Backgrounds and Foregrounds

Rainbow Fountain Background (NC, caps 1)

This background is the perfect year-round just-took-a-dip, either casually relaxing in the clouds or being playful in the colorful backdrop and will fit Neopets of all species and styles – without fail!

On the Roof Background (NP) or Up on the Rooftop Background (NC, caps 1-2)

If your pet is more inclined to a colder climate, or wants to start celebrating the holidays early, then this is the right background for you! Alternatively, you can use your standard clouds custom most of the year and keep this tucked away in your closet for December and for those colder months.

Nightmare Cloud Castle Background (NC, caps 3-4)

Does your pet have a dark side? Embrace your inner Count Von Roo with this spooky landscape. Or you can switch to this background for Halloween while still staying airborne. (This background looks like something out of a spooky movie – perfect for those trying to be a little scary!).

Cloud Castle Background (NC, caps 3-4)

Regal pets will particularly appreciate this lofty look – who doesn’t want to feel like Queen Fyora for the day? The secluded castle in the background is perfect for the more modest of pets. To jazz it up a little, I would suggest adding a sparkly tiara or magnificent crown to your ensemble.

Cloudy Sky Background (NP) and Faerieland Cloud Background (NP)

Cloudy Sky Background allows all budgets to go for a sky-high custom: for less than 100 np you can’t go wrong with this aerial delight. If you’d like an investment piece go for Faerieland Cloud Background and deck yourself out in some faerie gear like Fyoras Arm Wraps, Flowing Air Faerie Skirt, Brilliant Faerie Wings of all colors and more. The Faerieland Cloud Background is a good basic reliable cloud go-to. With this background the customization offers endless options.

Sky Full of Stars (NP)

Simply layer this cosmic piece over a background or use it by itself – either way it will make a statement. It exudes a mystical essence, and adds mystery and allure!

Moon and Stars Background (NP) and Shooting Star Background (NP)

Astronomers will go starry-eyed when given one of these backgrounds. Try your hand at Gnorbu’s Lunar Temple puzzle for the chance to win a Moon and Stars Background, or if you’re a big spender the Shooting Star Background can be found on the Trading Post, hovering just above buyable. This background is quite versatile, can set the mood for eerie night-time adventures or a more romantic star gazer.

Some NC items to aspire you and put on your someday list:

Amongst the Clouds Background (NC, caps 8-10)

This one has become a favorite of mine! With the new release of Dyeworks, you can now have the options of grey, orange or purple! Have some fun with this one!! Grey would go great with a grey pet or gloomy look.

Feet in the Clouds Foreground (NC, caps 10-12)

You might consider this a more layer piece, however it frames your pet quite nicely! A faerie pet would pair very well with this one.

MiniMME20-B: City in Space Background (NC, caps 15-20)

Explore and enjoy the city from an aerial view! There’s nothing quite like it. This background is great for city goers, or those wanting to take a break from the hustle and bustle and admire the beauty of a great city.

Pink Mountain and Cloud Background (NC, caps 25-35)

This one just screams adventures waiting to happen and is definitely fit for a princess. Looks pretty scrumptious, I wouldn’t mind visiting.

Start saving your Gift Box Capsules for these popular items. Although they have steep values it’s still quite possible to trade for your favorite look. Aim high!

Best Accessories

Fluffy Cloud Dress (NC, caps 1-2)

This item’s description is “Jump into the air and it may look like you are floating in the sky!” Need I say more? This floaty dress pairs well with any of the backgrounds (especially if you are going for a camouflage motif) mentioned and will also work with a non-sky background for a more subtle custom.

Starry Cloud Garland (NC, caps 1-2) and Nighttime Sky Garland (NC, caps 2-4)

Brighten your look with a fun garland – there’s one for day and night looks.

Burst of Stars Armour (NC, caps 1-2)

Show the battledome your valiant pet takes inspiration from the sky above while also looking stylish.

Starry Cloud Wig (NC, caps 1-2)

This could also pass off as a cloud crown. It would make any pet look quite majestic.

And sure, this one’s might be a little out there, but daring pets will love the dainty cloud curls.

Starry Night Tights (NC, caps 1-2)

These pants would blend right in with Sky Full of Stars. Also, perfect for those more casual days – these colorful tights are still infinitely fashionable.

Galaxy Hair with Flower Accessory (NP) and Cosmic Space Faerie Leggings (NP)

Take your customization to the next dimension with out-of-this-world hair and pants. These items paired together, give the flare of a very cool, gravity-defying punk rocker vibe.

As you can see there are bountiful selections, right at your fingertips for the perfect out-of-this-world motif. Depending on the personality of your beloved Neopet there is a background to meet his or her wishes. Once you select a background the fun part begins with accessories to the moon and back. Remember, have fun, and don’t stress, sometimes it takes a little time to acquire some of these items, but perseverance pays off when you have the complete in-the-sky ensemble.

*NC Caps values determined by /~korolie

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