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On Cloud Nine: A Review of the Nine Airiest Desserts

by saiphami


When it’s a warm summer’s day, and your head is in the clouds, you might find yourself wishing for something sweet. But chocolate cake won’t do – that’s far too heavy. And who wants an apple pie in this heat? No, you want something as light as air. But what to pick?

Never fear, I have compiled a list of nine light-as-a-feather desserts that are summertime ready. They range in flavors, consistencies, and regions – but what they share is a divine attention to the art of deliciousness. Let’s not waste any more time though, and get to the desserts!

1. Creamy Cloud Ice Cream

This dessert from Faerie Foods will make you feel like you’re soaring through the sky! Made of the fluffiest, lightest ice cream Neopia can offer; it actually tastes like you’re eating a vanilla-flavored cloud. However, you might find it difficult to take a bite – it seems too pretty to eat, but once you have your first mouthful you will likely find it difficult to stop. That’s okay though, because something this light couldn’t possibly be bad for you…right? That’s what the faeries say. They surely wouldn’t lie.

2. Double Cream Vanilla Sponge

One of Neopia’s finest delicacies, this exquisite sponge cake is a rare find at the Bakery. The cake, although dense, has the lightest of vanilla flavoring and is accented by the most delightful whipped cream filling and frosting. Best of all, each generous portion is topped by a pair of the juiciest strawberries you could ever imagine. Don’t hesitate - pick yourself up a slice today.

3. Lime Sorbet

For when you’re craving a dessert that is more tart than sweet, there’s no better choice than a dish of lime sorbet. Unlike the many sugary options out there, this sorbet is a refreshing palate cleanser and a slightly healthier alternative to the other frozen treats Neopia has to offer. Made with exclusively organic ingredients, this dessert shines as each bite of the sorbet is smooth and tangy with a very light lime flavor. It is garnished with a lime wedge, but rather than leave that to the side – why not try drizzling the juice over it before you take a bite?

4. Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut cream pie is a popular summer treat in Mystery Island, due to its tropical flavors and light as air texture. While the main focus of this pie is the yummy coconut filling, if you pay careful attention (rather than wolfing it down, as is so easy to do) you can detect the faintest hint of pineapple. The graham-cracker crust is crisp and is a delight in its own right. Last but not least, the pie is topped with a large dollop of coconut-whipped cream with flaky coconut shavings. So when you need to beat the heat, pick up this tasty treat!

5. Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream

This frosty dessert comes exclusively from Snow Foods, and it’s truly difficult to describe how delicious it is as there’s hardly anything like it in Neopia. From its beautiful plating to its extremely refined ingredients, this ice cream is a luxurious feast for the tastebuds – at a very affordable price. There are no fussy additives or distracting components to this dish, just pure earl grey flavor with hints of bergamot. The ice cream itself is soft and creamy, melting in your mouth. Accompanying the scoops of ice cream are two biscuits, which can be used in place of a spoon, or crumbled over the top. Whichever way you choose, this dish will surely become a favorite – don’t be surprised when it replaces your afternoon tea!

6. Lemon Faerie Mousse

Another treat from Faerie Foods, this Lemon Faerie Mousse is a unique dessert that may overwhelm your senses. The mousse is so light it might as well be floating, and its lemon flavor is both zesty and sweet. The masterful faeries weren’t done there, as they also added a lovely caramel sauce to the mix, which complements the mousse wonderfully. So if you’re feeling sour, perhaps you should take a trip to Faerieland and sweeten up your day!

7. Berry Tarts

When you just can’t choose, these berry tarts from Neovian Pastries are the perfect scrumptious solution. A serving comes with a trio of tarts, with three different flavors – strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry. Each tart has a flaky crust filled with a sweet berry filling, topped with a spoonful of whipped cream, powdered sugar, and a freshly picked berry. The only question now is…which one are you going to eat first?

8. Cherry Puff

The cherry puff is a new specialty from Exotic Foods that Neopians cannot stop raving about. It’s hard not to see why, as this dessert has managed to achieve the nearly impossible – a chocolate-based dish that is incredibly light and fruity all at once. The base of puff is made of soft tufts of chocolate that somehow support a truly massive candied cherry placed on top. The cherry hides a secret though – once you take a bite, you might be shocked to find that instead of juicy fruit in the middle, there’s a cherry-flavored whipped cream inside! Next time you find yourself in Shenkuu, make sure to make a brief stop to try this exquisite masterpiece. It’s the hippest thing in town, after all.

9. Water Faerie Cupcake

Last, but not least, is one final offering from Faerie Foods – the water faerie cupcake. Although it is certainly pretty (and sparkly!), the hidden delight of this cake is the blueberry flavor spread throughout. Vanilla cake with a blueberry crème filled-center, topped with a shimmery blueberry icing…how could you resist? You can’t. So what are you waiting for? You best be on your way to Faerieland. Your tastebuds demand it.

Well there you have it folks, nine delectable treats as fluffy and heavenly as the clouds above. They are all uniquely crafted to suit your summertime cravings without making you feel like it’s time for a very long nap. Now, if you’ll excuse me…I’m feeling a bit hungry.

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