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Lutari in the Battledome

by katietease


Lutari are furry Neopets with long tails and an excellent ability to exist both in water and on land. They aren't terribly large but aren't the smallest pet out there either. They come from a mysterious, foggy island known as Lutari Island and are one of the rarest pets out there due to their inability to be adopted or created. They can only be made on their special day, zapped through the lab ray, or by morphing your pet with a rare morphing potion.

"Lutaris are alert, friendly creatures that enjoy playing games outside. They are excellent swimmers and spend much of their time in the water."

Lutari are fun-loving positive Neopets that love to play. They have a huge set of skills that have helped them adapt to life in two environments: land and water. And they have these incredibly long claws on their paws. Due to all these factors, they love to have friendly battles in the Battledome and they are very good at it! They have the agility to dip and dodge from terrible attacks and are able to slyly sneak up to cause a disastrous strike on their opponent. They are also quite intelligent which helps when it comes to strategizing in the Battledome. These fierce critters can definitely hold their own.

Lutari also have quite a few resources when it comes to equipment and weapons in the Battledome. While they may not be as amazing as a Wand Of The Dark Faerie or Moehog Skull, they should not be overlooked as species-specific weapons! One thing to keep in mind when looking at the Lutari-specific items is that Lutari are fun loving, they aren't a brutally strong and ruthless species like a Grarrl or a Skeith, so their weapons tend to do less damage as they are more used for fun.

Full Lutari Armour

This colorful armour piece is a combination of traditional Lutari Island wear with the functionality to sustain life in the Battledome. It features feathers native to the Lutari homeland and colors that represent life and strength. This blocks a little bit of a variety of icons so it is especially great when you are up against an opponent that doesn't attack with just one element. You can find this armour in Defence Magic.

Lutari Battle Shield

Similar to the Full Lutari Armour this blocks a variety of different icons and elements. It is sturdy and made of steel which helps immensely to block big attacks. It is also a very affordable shield for how much defence it offers. It has a magical element as well, causing purple sparkles around it that may help intimidate your opponent.

Lutari Battle Chestplate

Another magic defence item in the same family as the Lutari Battle Shield, evident by the matching purple sparkles. This blocks three different elements: water, dark, and physical. It is a bit more common than the Full Lutari Armour but doesn't offer as much diverse protection.

Lutari Battle Helmet

This is one of the weaker defence items, only blocking a couple icons. This item is more about fashion over function. It really isn't worth wasting a slot in your equipment on. It is cute and pays homage to the classic knight look, but similar to the armour from hundreds of years ago it is mostly useless today.

Lutari Battle Sword

Another mostly useless item unfortunately, this is a weapon that does two physical icons of damage. It's significantly worse than other items that cost the same or sometimes less, so it's pretty sad. That being said, Lutari generally aren't in the Battledome to be ruthless competitors but more to have fun and not cause too much damage. This sword is often used on Lutari Island as a way to cut Lutangos for a snack rather than to take out Meuka in the Battledome.

Lutari Battle Torch

This torch is coveted more for it's rarity and uniqueness than it's prowess in battle. It does a couple icons of fire damage but compared to the Fiery Sun Scroll, it's not that great.

Lutari Healing Potion

This is a potion that can only be used OUTSIDE the Battledome and can only be used on Lutari, but it is a great way to heal up after a rough match with the Space Faerie. It'll heal a decent chunk of your Neopet's health and get him or her feeling ready for the next fight. Plus, it's an incredibly cute jar that looks great in any Lutari-themed gallery!!

Lutari Lance

The best for last! Of all the Lutari specific weapons and armour, this is probably going to be the best. Sure, there are plenty of stronger items, but for the price and the fact that it does nine icons of damage across three elements...it's still pretty good to have in your arsenal. It's actually a traditional weapon straight from Lutari Island and has a beautiful native feather adornment and hand-carved wood to maximize damage. It's thought that this weapon was the main way the island would defend themselves against unwanted visitors and those trying to colonize the land before the fog rolled in to help hide the island.

So while Lutari may not be known for their ability to craft great weapons, they do love a good friendly battle against friends. It's not hard to believe that this mysterious island shrouded in fog doesn't have to be super physical to defend their land because no one can find it in the first place! The weapons seem to be more used for cutting fruit and hunting rather than face to face combat. But that doesn't mean they are all a waste, and the ones that are less than ideal still make great collector's items for the Lutari lovers out there.

If you want your Lutari to excel above other species in the Battledome, it's wise to do your research and do a mix of different weapons. Don't limit yourself to only the species-specific items above, there are a plethora of items that all pets can use that are incredibly strong. The key to being a good battler is using a variety of items so you can defend against different icons and different opponents. You never know quite what you'll be up against until the fight starts!

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