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Lutari Retirement- Paradise or Hard work?

by yashasvika


Lutaris are one of the most mystical creatures on Neopets. This species can only be created on Lutari Day (April 19) and through a limited number of morphing potions. Lutaris are also unique in that they cannot be pounded or transferred. Once created, a Lutari will stay faithful on your account, but if you try to abandon him, he will be extremely disheartened and escape from Dr_death and instead go into retirement. But have you ever wondered what retirement actually consists of? Lutaris can’t possibly just disappear into an endless void? Can it? Well worry no more, here at the Neopian times we’ve investigated all over Neopia to figure out exactly what happens what a Lutari does in order to avoid the clutches of Dr_death.

While there are a few more places around Neopia that Lutari’s like to visit, some of the most popular retirement locations are listed below.

Lutari Island

After abandonment, most Lutaris decide to go to Lutari island. This is a great retirement center for Lutaris. They can be surrounded by their loved ones and their close friends and they are also shrouded from the eyes of the rest of Neopia. On Lutari island lots of Lutaris can be found in their island garb with a nice Lutari Cocojuice in their hand. Who said you couldn’t have paradise during retirement? Lutaris love living here, but after some time they miss interacting with all the various other species in Neopia. Some Lutaris often opt to leave Lutari Island after a few years of retirement and head off to a new adventure. One of the most famous adventurers is Dr. Landelbrot. During his youth, Dr. Landelbrot did a lot of research on Neopia. When he aged, he was sick of all the excitement of his youth and decided to retire someplace peaceful. However, after a few years he realized that a nice quiet life was not for him. Now he travels around Neopia on his spaceship trying to learn more about each region.

Hubert’s Hot Dogs

You didn’t think Hubert made his hot dogs all by himself now, did you? No, lucky for Hubert, he can meet Neopia’s demand for hot dogs with the help of some lovely Lutaris who decide their true calling is being a hot dog vendor. Little known fact, Lutaris love hot dogs! So really it’s no surprise that many Lutaris decide to retire somewhere where they can cook and eat a lifetime supply of hot dogs. It’s a pretty nice trade-off for both parties. The Lutaris especially love this retirement choice because it allows for them to interact with numerous different Neopians. According to one Lutari “Every day is a new adventure, sure we have some regulars at Hubert’s Hot Dogs, but for the most part I’m meeting new people every day.”

Roo Island

Some retired Lutaris are still kids at heart and therefore they decide to retire to Roo Island. At Roo Island they can ride the merry-go-round to their hearts content. The Lutaris here really enjoy life to the fullest and can always be found playing games or gambling their Neopoints at Dice-a-Roo. Have you ever wondered why Count Roo only stays awake for 1 hour a day? It’s because he can’t stand the incessant laughter of the Lutaris all day. Since the Lutari is bigger than your average Blumaroo, its voice is generally louder and carries further than a Blumaroo’s voice. Despite the fact that Lutaris make Count Von Roo grumpy, King Roo loves the business the Lutaris bring in. Roo Island would not be as successful if it weren’t for the Lutaris that inhabit the island.

Kiko Lake

Despite popular belief, the Kiko Lake team doesn’t entirely love its reputation. They feel like taking donations from Neopians has been tarnishing their reputation, so in recent years they’ve started recruiting Lutaris to take the donations for them. Lutaris can naturally carry a heavier load and after a long day at work, they can relax with some nice bubbles at the Kiko lake hot springs. Since they’ve started hiring Lutaris, the Kiko Lake stocks have been climbing up. Most of Neopia seems to like that Kiko Lake hasn’t been taking donations from them directly and instead has Lutaris collecting donations instead. According to one previously disgruntled Neopian, “I used to hate when Kiko Lake took items straight out of my inventory, I am a Darigan Citadel fan through and through. But now that Lutaris help collect donations the Kiko Lake team has my full support. I want to see those little Kikos do better in this years' Altador Cup!”


Finally, the last place Lutaris will go to retire is Faerieland. Faerieland isn’t just for faerie Lutaris. A lot of retired Lutaris started coming here after the fall of Faerieland. Lutaris have been extremely helpful in the rebuilding process. Lutaris have been doing a lot of behind the scenes heavy lifting in the years after the fall of Faerieland. They’ve helped carry large loads of rocks and have also helped bring furniture up into faerie city. The faeries are extremely thankful towards the Lutaris because if they had to do everything on their own, their magic would have been drained for sure. Faerie magic is powerful, but it’s not meant for mundane tasks. Why do you think Illusen and Jhudora ask you to find them items instead of grabbing things themselves?

So there you have it, you were wondering where Lutaris retired and now you know. This reporter would like to specify that these are just the most popular retirement locations, but there’s still plenty more. Lutaris are a very versatile species and they flourish in almost any land. Most Lutaris don’t like to retire in the Haunted Woods because it reminds them of Dr_Death, but others will still retire there so they help scare away the newbies. Ultimately it really depends on the Lutaris personality.

UPDATE: After this article first hit the shelves, Dr_death reached out to us for a comment: “I know this article makes it sound like Lutaris are having lots of fun in retirement, but please don’t retire your Lutari. I know people get bored of their pets but after working in the pound for so many years I just feel so much pity for those thousands of pets that don’t have a loving home. Keep your Lutaris safe with you and if you already have a Lutari remember to give them an extra hug tonight. Remember Lutaris are still very special and rare creatures.”

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