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Book Shops Of Neopia

by katietease


There is something extremely special about books. Holding up a brand new book, feeling its weight, the way the pages feel in your hand as you turn them. Sitting in your most comfortable chair with a cup of hot tea as you sift through, reading each word. It's incredibly difficult to replicate the physical feeling of a book. E-readers, smart phones, computers loaded with PDF, none of it really replaces a real book. While many book stores are struggling out in the real world, Neopia's book stores are booming and more popular than ever.

New books are released frequently, giving avid readers new material constantly. Whether it's a regular book on Chias or a Booktastic Book giving you knowledge on planets outside of our solar system, there is something for everyone. And those with the largest thirst for knowledge can be found on the hi-score charts of the Neopian Book Award and the Booktastic Book Award page. There are well over 3,000 books available to read and some are on the quest to read them all!

With thousands of books available, they wouldn't all fit in a single library or bookstore. Many can be found in user shops with the help of the Shop Wizard, though it'll take a lot of hunting to find the right books for the right prices. The alternative is utilizing one of the many mainstay book shops around Neopia, helping to keep them in business so they can keep producing books for us to read. Reading to your pet will not only possibly earn them a Book Award, but will also significantly raise their intelligence. A smart pet is not only a genius, but will be able to utilize special weapons in the Battledome! So even if your pet excels in brawn over brains, keeping them well rounded in all aspects will help them succeed.

Let's get into where you can find these books!

Magical Bookshop

The Magical Bookshop was the first book store to open in Neopia. It features close to 2,000 unique titles, making this the perfect place to start your educational journey. The books sold here cover a wide range of topics, like Blumaroo Dance Moves and The Ring of Noodles Book. There is a book here for every Neopian, something everyone will be interested in.

Faerieland Bookshop

An ethereal bookshop high in the clouds of Faerieland, here you will find a complete collection of books to detail everything related to the mystical faeries. You'll be able to learn all about their history in Faerieland: A History, or you can learn about making a home in the frozen tundra of Terror Mountain with the book Building Igloos with Taelia. The genres range from pure fantasy and fiction to historical documents and educational texts. You can learn all about candy making or architecture up in the clouds, and even get some Battledome tips from the Battle Faerie.

Sutek's Scrolls

Any anthropologist would love a visit to Sutek's Scrolls, whether you are an amateur just starting to learn about ancient rock carvings or a seasoned historian just trying to brush up with a copy of Advanced Papyrus Making. There are roughly one hundred books here that will teach you about all the various curses the ancient people of the Lost Desert used to use, or for a lighter topic, a list of recipes for all the food they burnt. Did you know they burnt their food to incorporate more flavor since they didn't have all the seasonings we have in the modern day? There is a lot to learn about our past here!

Booktastic Books

These books are out of this world, literally. There are currently about 150 books that are sold here and they exist in a special category of books. By reading things from this shop you will be put on a special Booktastic Book Award leaderboard, a special reward for expanding your knowledge out of our atmosphere. Many of these books cover space and space history, the conflicts on Kreludor, and an anthology of the Antigravity Games. If you love astronomy and aliens, this book shop is not to be missed.

Brightvale Books

For those who want a more medieval, less mathematic collection of books, the Brightvale Books shop is where you want to be. Skip over the lasers and space rays found at Booktastic Books and dive into the Brightvale Guard Training Manual. Learn about the old styles of writing with Advanced Poetry, or take an afternoon reading Learned Royalty to be educated on all the tiers of royalty in the kingdom. Many of these books can be used for self-help, Brightvale is all about knowledge and power and inspiring it's people and these books are a reflection of that.

Words Of Antiquity

Possibly the smallest of the bookshops, Words Of Antiquity specializes in antique books found in ruins. Many of them are carved on tablets made of marble, crystal, stone, or something else. The ones that are not carved tablets tend to be found on scrolls. Many of them teach about Qasala and Qasalan life. Qasalan Laws will give you a rundown of the ancient legal system will Qasalan Healing Techniques will reveal a world of old medicine that is still relevant today.

Neovian Printing Press

The Neovian Printing Press differs a little bit from other bookshops. While it does sell typical books like Secrets of Tombola or Roos to Live By, it's main features are newspapers, magazines, and brochures. You'll find a lot about other Neopian lands, and many newspapers from those lands as well. News... in... SPACE! will give you the daily news of Kreludor, and the Roo Island Travel Brochure can act as your vacation guide to the home of the Blumaroo. This is an excellent shop to visit if you are planning a vacation to anywhere in Neopia, or you just want a brief synopsis of other lands.

Moltaran Books

It's a wonder that these books haven't gone up in flames...well the Book on Fire has...but other than that the worst you'll get is a couple charred covers. These books are all about fire and forging, making various steel and iron items by harnessing the power of heat. You'll learn how to mine effectively, Steam for Fun and Profit, and how to fashion cogs that will make all the steam punks jealous. Just be careful when you pick up a book, some of them are quite hot.

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