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The Kadoatery: How to Time Keep

by djleclair


You know those wonderful people that keep track of the times on the Kadoatery boards? Unfortunately not as many people have been around to keep track, and not to mention how many people would love to timekeep and simply don’t know how! Well we are here to teach you just that! You will be a timekeeping pro in no time at all!

The Time System Basics

With the current time system it’s not too difficult to track the crying Kadoaties! After the Kadoaties refresh your new main will be 28 minutes later. For example, if the Kads went at 8:00:00 NST your new main would be 8:28:00 NST. 7 minutes later they will start pending again, so your first pend will be 8:35:00 NST. Just remember the Kads will NEVER go on new main, the earliest they can refresh is on the first pend (or 35 minutes after the last time they went.) However that is not guaranteed, you just continue to add 7 minutes on until they go! And so on and so forth, it’s just a nice little circle working in 7 minute increments.

Tracking the Seconds

There are two easy ways to record the seconds! (and remember, seconds are very important!) The first method of doing this you simply refresh at the top of the Kadoatery page and check the seconds as soon as the Kads refresh. The other way is by using page source, although this can be a pretty tricky method. When using Chrome or Opera, you will have to view the page source /immediately/ after the Kads go, otherwise the seconds shown will continue to roll with the sight and be inaccurate. Firefox, however, records the seconds of the last time you refreshed the page and shows them when you open your page source, which is very reliable. However if you refresh the Kadoatery after opening the page source they WILL change to the current seconds and then become mute to you. It is okay for the seconds to be off by a second or two, but you don’t want to get them too off track. Remember, you refresh for generally 30 seconds or so when they are pending, so if those seconds are off you may not refresh long enough and end up missing the entire thing. You will also want to be careful when the last listed seconds are later into the minute. For example; this is the current time:

Main pending @ :07

Last Kad rf @ 7:32:56

You will be basically be refreshing from 8:07:56-8:08:26. Let’s say the Kads go at 8:08:05. You will want to make sure on your new times you push it into the next minute! (this includes any mini’s you may have going at the time) So your new main would be:

New main @ :36

Last Kad rf @ 8:08:05

Getting the Lists

Very similar to Tracking the Seconds, there are also two methods of getting the list. This first method would be my recommended way, it is a bit less time consuming. After you have gotten your seconds and you are ready to feed your Kad, simply right click when you click on the Kadoatie and boom! Your feed will open up in a new tab leaving you with the empty Kadoatery to copy and paste the foods. However, if you get pwn’d and have to retry, just make sure you refresh your new tab and NOT your empty tab with your list. The other method is again using your page source, as far as the list is concerned your browser does not make a difference. This method can take a bit longer as you will have to scroll through (or search using ctrl & f) and copy and paste each item that way. It is not the end of the world if you do miss the list, but it is very helpful considering those who update Kadoatie food lists and feeders can keep track of any newly added Kadoatie foods.

What to do if a mini happens

Everyone has seen those pesky Kads asking for expensive unbuyable items. Kind feeders will sometimes spend the Neopoints to feed them, which is fabulous really! If one of these pesky Kads are fed outside of the main cycle you will have a mini on your hands. But don’t fret! Mini’s are just as simple to keep track of! They will run on the same 28 minute, 7 minute cycle! You simply add 28 minutes from the time this Kad was fed and add it onto your time keeping! However, you will want to remember that any mini times must work within the 7 minute cycle of the main. For example; main is pending at 8:07:00 and someone just fed an unbuyable at 8:06:47. You will have your main pending at 8:07:00 and your mini new at 8:28:00! Which would look like this:

Main pending @ :07

New mini(Kadoatie) @ :28

Last Kad rf @ 7:32:00

You just want to remember that the seconds of the time the mini was actually fed does NOT matter for this. You only record seconds that happen on an actual refresh, not just a random person feeding an unbuyable (and we do appreciate those that do feed them, we know it’s not cheap!!)

What to do if a lot of minis happen

I’m sure you’ve seen (if not you have been lucky!) the time keepers trying to keep up with something like this:

Main pending @: 07

Mini(1) pending @ :07

Mini(2) new @ :14

Mini(4) new @ :28

Last Kad rf @ 7:32:00

Okay, i know this looks a bit daunting, but it’s easy i promise! The most important thing here, is that you can notice i have all of the times in an order. They are in order of which Kads are due to refresh first. I can’t even stress out how important this is! Just remember they all work the same! Regardless of how many mini’s you have going on they all work into 7 minutes cycles of each other. So just do your best to stay calm and keep up with them! Hopefully other people will be around to help you keep an eye on them as well.

What to do when a split happens

Now we all know these crying Kadoaties can be brats! Splits are known to happen mostly when the site is lagging a bit, but that is not the only time it can happen! So the main refreshes, and you see that the Kadoatery is not completely empty! Oh no! This is what we call a split, a split can be any number of Kads. These Kads are still pending, and will now be named a mini. So let’s say there are no current mini’s, main refreshes at 8:00:30, but 7 did not refresh with the others. You would do this:

Mini(7) pending @: 07

New main @ :28

Last Kad rf @ 8:00:30

From here you just continue to time keep as you would for any other mini! In the event you refresh a little late and you are suspicious that there was a split but you are not completely sure you can always double check using the Kad id numbers you see when you click on a Kadoatie. For example, right now the first Kad listed on the Kadoatery is Kad_id=1899488, however the Kad after that is Kad_id=1899559. They are not in order! This is showing you that the first Kad has split off from the rest. Just be sure to check the next few Kads after in case more of them split off! The Kad ID is not always 100% correct, because if the very last Kad split, the Kad after that will still be listed in the correct order even though it truly is a mini. Kad ID’s are just a nice backup option you have available to use in some cases.

When Kads misbehave and go off schedule

Thankfully this doesn’t happen too often; but one day you may be refreshing, they don’t go, so you go back and post the next times. Then boom, people are posting feeds?? So you go back to the Kadoatery to see they did in fact refresh, they just went late and off schedule. This can be a little tricky, but nothing you can’t handle so don’t fret! For now, you will want to revert back to the old schedule, which means re-using the old seconds and basing new main off of the last pend. For example, Kads were pending:

Main pending @ :07

Last Kad rf @ 8:32:15

But the Kads didn’t actually go until 9:08:25. So a whole minute off of schedule! You would correct that by doing this:

New main @ :35

Last Kad rf @ 9:07:15++ refresh extra

This way it covers all your ground. In /most/ cases the Kadoaties will revert back to the old schedule and everything will be fine. However, it is not impossible for them to stick with their new schedule. In that case after the next main goes and you get the seconds you just stick with those times!

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