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Shoyru Toyru!

by doglover3662


Feeling blue about the upcoming April showers? Maybe you are a bit saddened by the idea of having to stay indoors to avoid the wet weather and you aren't really sure what to do with yourself? Fret not young Neopian! Shoyru Day is here and there are going to be plenty of things to do.

To celebrate this Neopian holiday I have compiled a long list of the best Shoyru themed toys. These toys are sure to keep you busy indoors on the rainy days or outdoors when the sun decides to peak through the clouds. And since there is a lot of rain in the forecast, head on over to the weather page on one of the wet days and you may grab yourself a Gloomy avatar! But in the meantime, let's have some fun!

Gold Shoyru Yoyo

The Gold Shoyru Yoyo comes from a rare item code and is a very rare toy. You had to have a real world plushie and then you could redeem the string of numbers on the tag to have a chance at this toy. Because of its rarity it is pretty valuable, but it's so much fun if you can get your hands on one! Yoyoing is one of the greatest ways to pass the time and you can learn so many tricks to impress your friends. A bit of practice and before you know it you'll have it down pat!

Shadow Shoyru Action Figure

He's so fierce and so cute at the same time. He is a black and grey miniature figure of a Shoyru stomping in to attack, like he's in the Battledome taking down the Sway. You can set up an entire role play fantasy and pretend you are saving the whole world from disaster, with your little Shadow Shoyru as the hero.

Shoyru Boat Toy

Many would suggest using this toy in the bathtub, but I've got other ideas. Since it is so especially rainy out, there are bound to be puddles and little floods everywhere. Head outside with this Shoyru Boat Toy and take him on a wild and adventurous ride that only the likes of Shenkuu River Rush could replicate. It's the perfect first step outside to get some fresh air after some torrential downpours!

Shoyru Puzzle

This Shoyru Puzzle is quite complicated since it only features a few colors, mainly purple and blue. The difficulty of it will guarantee hours of fun (or frustration, depending how you feel about puzzles).

Shoyru Paint By Number

When you finally get frustrated with that puzzle and need to take a few minutes of zen, grab this Shoyru Paint By Number and let your inner artist flag soar. Maybe you want to paint this Shoyru Rainbow, or get a little fancier and go with Fire, Fire, Your Pants On Fire. Whichever way you take it, just follow the number guide and you'll have a masterpiece to hang on your wall in no time!

Adorable Blue Shoyru Kite

Why settle for the Blue Shoyru Kite when you can have its more adorable counterpart? When the clouds part and the sun is shining, take this kite for a run around the local park before the rain comes in. Watch out for mud and puddles, you'll want to wear a nice pair of goulashes just in case. Before you know it the weather will change into hot rays of sunshine and you'll be able to go to the beach with your kite!

Silver Shoyru Beach Ball

Speaking of the beach, how about this beach ball? You don't really need to use it at the beach, and because it is so lightweight it makes a great indoor soccer ball!

Strawberry Shoyru Hand Puppet

Invite some friends over and pull out your hand puppet, maybe they have a Tattered Shoyru Puppet to bring by and you two can put on a puppet show for your family! These hand puppet toys are great because they really spark the imagination and you can build whole stories around them, they'll keep you entertained for hours. Maybe you want to dig back through the Neopian Times and find some Shoyru-centric stories to re-enact, or even write your own!

Shoyru Neocheckers

For the more competitive people out there we have this game of checkers, with the pieces shaped like Shoyru heads. Put down the hand puppets and go head to head in a grueling, intense match of the minds. If you have a group of friends over you can even set this up tournament style, with the winners of each round advancing to battle each other similar to Kacheekers!

Silvery Shoyru Toy Plane

Grab some cotton balls to simulate clouds and strap your Petpetpet into the cockpit and go for a wild ride through the skies. This is a great way to bond with those often forgotten teeny tiny Petpetpets, just be careful with it so they don't get injured in flight. Turbulence can be quite scary for those little friends.

Fake Shoyru Gum Shocker

"Have a piece of gum" you can say to your friend, but as soon as they go to take a piece they'll get a harmless shock! Got 'eeeeem!! This toy was definitely inspired by how close Shoyru Day falls to April Fools Day. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book but still so effective for surprising a pal.

Maraquan Shoyru Squirty Toy

Bring the rain inside with this rubbery squirt toy! Just make sure you don't get it on anything electronic, especially the computer you play Neopets on! Because even with all these great toys, you should be logging in to get your dailies done and take care of your real Shoyru!!

    See, there is no reason to be sad about being stuck in the house on a gloomy day! There are so many toys you can play with and so many adventures you can have with your imagination and a couple action figures. And there is nothing quite as nice as a rainy day nap cuddled up with your soft Purple Shoyru Plushie after a perfect hot cup of tea. So call up some friends, gather all your favorite Shoyru toys, and let the indoor adventures begin! Before you know it Spring will be in full swing and the May flowers will be blooming all over Neopia Central.

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