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Dear Fippinator: Daily Dare Edition!

by fippinator


It seems like my last article garnered such adoration that even Chadley is jealous! I'm back again people and this time I'm coming at you with some advice for games, Daily Dare, and even a little bit of fashion! So grab your controller and let's get going!

These questions were all gathered anonymously, Neopians far and wide shouting at me on the street hoping to get some advice on their most pressing issues. I'm not an expert by any means but I do what I can!


Dear Fippinator,

I am incredibly, splendidly, and inexplicably excited for this year's Daily Dare! I've been training all year on all these flash games in anticipation of the event and I'm so happy it's here. Unfortunately, AAA is missing and Chadley has stepped up in his place. I feel more confident battling some silly nerd in a floating chair over this crazy popular guy. I'm worried his fans will come after me if I demolish him too much. What can I do to get my focus back on the game!?


Dilly Dally'ing Daily Dare Do'er

No need to dilly dally on the Daily Dare, just do it! Chadley is indeed an incredibly popular chump, his smile could melt the masses if it catches the sun just right. But there is no need to worry. You are teamed up with thousands of other incredible Neopian gamers, all of whom are here to take down Chadley. Plus, it's a little bit suspicious that Chadley is playing this year and AAA is nowhere in sight..possibly you could be doing the world a favor by dethroning him? Get your head in the game and don't worry about the fame! Take down Chadley and take home your prizes.

Dear Fippinator,

Hi-ho howdy! I've never been that great at the games in the Daily Dare, every year I struggle just to beat Abigail and I know I'll never have a chance to beat Chadley. Regardless of this, it's one of my favorite events of the year! I look forward to it for a reason not many people do: the fashion. I'm obsessed with customization and frequently end up in the spotlight, and I want to know how I can combine the Daily Dare event with my wearables for a super cool look that screams "I can beat Chadley" even if I can't.


Appropriately Dressed

Hey there Appropriately Dressed, let's get you suited up for the occasion!! There are so many wearables out there, ranging from the NC Mall to user shops. One of the first things you can grab to show that you have the Daily Dare on your mind is the AAA or Abigail Thought Bubble. After that you can grab an Abigail Sweatband to prove that you are willing to work hard to get those high scores. Depending on who is your favorite, grab the AAA or Abigail floating chair wearable. Pop the AAAs Room Background behind you and then cuddle the AAA Handheld Plushie and you'll be set for the event. Or, if you would rather show some support for Chadley, grab the No AAA Allowed Sign and show that Gamesmaster he is no longer welcome in the event! Spread the love to some friends by sending them a nice wearable with one of the two Daily Dare themed gift boxes as well!

Dear Fippinator,

I've never been good at math or science, I'm a natural born reader and writer. Because of this, I haven't been able to even get past day one of the Daily Dare. Chemistry is so incredibly difficult and I can't beat the game for the life of me. Every time I think I have it, when I've avoided the unstable combinations and cleared a lot of the board, it seems like I run out of elements but don't have enough points to advance. Do you have any advice for this wanna-be chemist who can't get a grip?

Best wishes,

Book Nut

Thanks for writing in Book Nut, I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles! I, too, know what it's like to be better at writing and the arts than at some silly equations and chemicals. There is light at the end of this tunnel for you though. The first thing you should focus on is practice, practice, practice. If you want to beat Chadley at any of these games you'll need to at least practice a little bit. After that, take a look at the moves you are making. Putting two green elements side by side will score you a little point and clear the board, but is that really the most effective use of your elements? You want to set up your moves so you get the most bang for your buck, or the most points for your elements. Start thinking a few moves in advance of the one you are currently on and set yourself up for the future of the game. If you just play everything in the moment then you will run out of elements like you have been!

Dear Fippinator,

Who do you prefer, Chadley or AAA? They are both such good game players, I can only ever hope to be as good as them one day. I can't decide which I like better!


Curious Kougra

Oh, that's a tough question there Curious Kougra. Chadley is universally adored, everyone loves him, but AAA is a much better gamer. He's worked very hard to obtain the title of Gamesmaster and has pioneered this event, and so for that I love when he runs the event. However, Chadley has caused quite a lot of drama during this gaming season and I'm a big fan of drama. If I didn't love drama, why else would I be writing an advice column where people confess their deepest problems and seek advice?! Haha!

Phew, just barely got through that one! Hopefully this advice gets to you in time to do the last couple days of the Daily Dare and get your finalized scores in. It's definitely been a rough road and a lot of Neopians are struggling, but with a bit of perseverance and focus this weekend you can get through it! Battle hard and don't give in to Chadley or Abigail, you can beat them both!

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