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Enjoying Your Vacation: A Guide to Neolodge Extras

by virarose


Ah, the Neolodge! A bastion of comfort and luxury in all their forms! But how much does the average Neopian really know about the amenities available to them? This guide is here to inform you and your pets about some of the extras the Neolodge offers!

The Restaurant:

Beginning our foray into the various comforts of the Neolodge is The Restaurant! While all guests at the hotel receive three full meals a day, it is within The Restaurant where the truly delectable cuisine can be found! Offering a wider menu than the basic Neolodge package, the restaurant is headed by Chef Antoine, a veteran of other renowned establishments such as Kelp and The Golden Dubloon.

All patrons are offered a choice between the formal and informal dining room. As the goal of this article is to enlighten the Neopian populace on the luxuries available to them, I decided to eat in the formal dining room. After being seated at a private table, I was promptly issued a menu by my waiter, Herman. He was very helpful, and advised me on what meal would best suit my palate. Before long, my Qasalan Falafel and Raspberry Iced Tea were in front of me, and I was one happy author.

All in all, my visit to the Neolodge's Restaurant was spectacular. The service was fast and kind, and the food was made of the finest ingredients and bursting with flavor. If you can afford the extra five neopoints a day, I would absolutely recommend adding The Restaurant to your Neolodge package! I send my thanks and compliments to Chef Antoine, Herman, and the entire staff of The Restaurant.

Burger Bar:

Burgers! The smell, the taste, the texture! A classic meal that pets of all ages love! But these aren't your fast food sandwiches; these are Neolodge burgers!

Take your pick from a variety of vegetarian and carnivorous options! Or, if you're feeling adventurous, try the mystery meat!

All of the toppings are sourced from lovely Meridell! The Burger Bar offers 22 types of cheeses crafted by the Cheeseroller himself, including varieties such as Triple Mustard and Bubbling Blueberry! Berries from Meri Acres are also available. This author's personal favorite is the Sniddberry, which goes extraordinarily well with some Fragrant Ummagcheese.

If you prefer homestyle burgers to the more exotic Restaurant cuisine, then the Burger Bar is a must for your Neolodge experience!


Kept at a steamy 80℃ (176℉), the sauna is perfect for relieving any aches and pains you may have gotten while traveling. And, since it is open twenty-four hours a day, you can choose to visit the sauna whenever it suits you best! Complimentary robes are offered to guests using the sauna, and a variety of scented oils can be added to the steam to heighten your relaxation experience. During my trip, I especially enjoyed adding Zobamint Oil to my sauna experience; the cool refreshing aroma helped to balance the heat!

Both public and private booths are available, depending on whether you'd like to socialize with other guests or not. In addition, smoothies imported from Happy Valley are available just outside of the sauna so your neopet can cool off after spending some time in the steam. I found that the Sauna's specialty Loveberry Slushie is especially refreshing after a long session.

If relaxing is your goal, then the Sauna is the place for you!

Fitness Center:

Whether you're a Battledome newbie or an Obelisk War veteran, the Neolodge Fitness Center is here to satisfy your every exercise need! Weights are available for all strength levels, and state-of-the-art Virtupets treadmills can help your neopet train in speed and endurance. In addition, the gym is open at all times, so you can always scratch that exercise itch!

Classes on healthy eating and weapon handling are also available from 9am NST to 7pm NST. Learn how to cook everything from Hot Munuberry Juice to Acara Fruit Salads! And Battle Faerie certified trainers can help you master any weapon you desire! My trainer, a Pastel Techo named Janette was especially helpful, and taught me how to properly swing a Rubber Power Axe.

In conclusion, if your neopet is looking for a healthy boost, then the Fitness Center is here to help! And if you do decide to invest in your neopets battle skills, Janette is a great teacher to start with!

Laundry Facilities:

While laundry may not seem like an especially important extra, they are! Clean clothes are one of the simplest, but most luxurious things your pet can experience. And the Neolodge laundry staff are always ready to deliver blissfully clean garments to your pet.

Your neopet can choose from multiple scented soaps that leave their clothes smelling like anything from fresh Tchea Fruit to Perfume Mallows. My personal favorite during my stay was the Yellow Crocus Wash.

If your neopet is planning on spending more than a few days at the Neolodge, then laundry facilities are vital to their trip!


Is your neopet an up-and-coming Beauty Contest hopeful? A Kyrii with a mane that can't be tamed? Or perhaps, are they just looking for some good old fashioned beautification? Then the Neolodge Grooming Parlor is the place for you!

A wide variety of beauty treatments are available depending on your neopet's needs. Exfoliating Sand Soap and Krawk Bubble Bath can get the tangles out of any pet's fur, and just a dab of Sparkly Toothpaste will turn your Grarrl's teeth as white as Terror Mountain's snow!

Pets who are especially passionate about makeovers will find plenty of blushes and lipsticks to experiment with. And for those unfamiliar with the wonders of cosmetics, Grooming Parlor consultants are ready to help your neopet find their signature look! A lovely Ixi, Rouge, helped me to choose what color of nail polish was best for me!

Any neopet will be able to find something for them in the Grooming Parlor!


Next on our list of luxury is the Jacuzzi and Spa! Located in an Altadorian-style building connected to the main Neolodge, the Spa is hewn out of white marble and golden filigree.

The west wing of the spa is home to the largest jacuzzi in all of Neopia. Blue glass tiles line the circular jacuzzi, and jets of warm water help you to relax. If you prefer a more private soak, smaller jacuzzis surround the largest, and allow you to adjust the jets strength and temperature to your liking.

The east wing contains the beautification treatments. Here, your neopet can get their fur washed and conditioned, their claws trimmed, and much more! Consultations from grooming parlor representatives are available, who can advise your neopet on the best hair and makeup styles for them. In addition, soothing massages can be scheduled, complete with aromatherapy and hot towel wraps. My personal recommendation is Sponderola Special, where your neopet is given a massage with fragrant Sponderola Oil as the sound of Shell Violins caress their ears.

If you're looking to be pampered on your trip to the Neolodge, then the Jacuzzi and Spa are definitely for you! Invest in your relaxation today!

Swimming Pool:

Does your neopet love the water, but doesn't want all of the fanciness of the Spa and Jacuzzi? The Neolodge Swimming Pool offers a great alternative! Competitive lanes are available as well as free swimming areas. For younger pets, there is a kiddie pool and fountain playplace where they can splash to their heart's content! And for the most daring, a three story tall water slide is sure to get your pets heart pumping!

In addition, there are always certified life guards on duty, so your pet will stay safe when they're swimming!

Are you and your pets excited to begin your Neolodge vacation? No matter which extras you choose, you're sure to well taken care of as you relax in the lap of luxury.

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