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Inside the Neopian History: Illusen

by maga_m


March came and with it Illusen Day started. Every March 17th, Neopians take some time of their everyday life to celebrate the existence of this faerie, either helping her with her quests or releasing new items in her honour on the Neopian shops.

Just like we did with Jhudora, we went to Brightvale searching for books that will tell us more about her. Thankfully, that wasn’t our only resource, since she accepted to give us an exclusive interview when we called her! Keep reading and learn more about everyone’s favourite earth faerie.

For the ones that do not know her, Illusen is a faerie who used to live in Faerieland but eventually moved to Meridell seeking some peace from the evil dark faeries. Now she resides in her glade, where Neopians can visit her and do some jobs for her: if you find an item that she needs for her magical spells she will reward you with potions, food, and even stuff for the battledome; all items made from the magical leaves that grow in her glade. She is known for being kind and sweet with the ones helping her, but if you can’t find whatever she asks, she will think that you are losing her time, so be careful!

Neopian Times: Hello, Illusen, and thank you for giving us this interview. Can we start asking you why you decided to give quests for your magical items?

Illusen: Hello, thank you for having me! I started giving these quests because, otherwise, I would not be able to do magic: since I am the protector of Meridell, I can’t travel through the world searching for the ingredients I might need for my spells leaving the kingdom vulnerable to any kind of attack. The peace made with Darigan Citadel is pretty unstable, you know, you never know when it could be over.

NT: Of course, but is that the only reason? That you want to protect Meridell? It could be that you are afraid that someone, let’s say Jhudora, might come to your homeland and destroy it? We read on “Illusens Novel” that you two have some sort of rivalry...

I: I do not like Jhudora, which is not a secret. I would prefer to keep the reasons to myself... all you need to know is that she is not a good faerie with any good intentions at all, and I am always keeping an eye on her. She is not the only cause of why I’m staying in my glade, but you could say she is one of the reasons.

NT: Changing the topic, we know that you make your own items for battle. Which one would you say is your favourite?

I: Oh, that is a tough question. Let’s see... definitely, I am most attached to my staff, since I only let the most loyal Neopians and friends to use it. But I love using my blade. It is a great item for fighting.

NT: You even wrote a book about it...

I: Yes! *laughs* It is called “Illusens Sword Techniques”. You can see how a fan I am for that blade...

NT: And that’s not the only book you have written, right?

I: No, I wrote a guide to gardening since is my favourite hobby (and I’m pretty good at it, I’m an earth faerie!), and a recipe book listing the most powerful potions I make. My favourite to write, though, was “Illusen Connect-the-Dots”. I was inspired by the landscapes of the Meridell’s farms and the beautiful sight of the King’s Castle, and it was really fun to make illustrations for Neopians to enjoy!

NT: You forgot about “Illusen on Physics”.

I: Oh, that book... it was a mistake *laughs*. I am awful at maths. I still do not know why I wrote it. I guess I just wanted to help people with physics, since it is a difficult topic to understand at first, but I do not think I am the one to ask help for.

NT: It was good, though!

I: Thank you! Maybe part 2 will come some day.

NT: And how is life in Meridell, Illusen?

I: It is calm. Really, really calm. Since the war between Meridell and Darigan Citadel ended, things have been peaceful. People spend their days in their farms, or selling their goods on their shops. You could say that the one who makes more noise in here is the King, with all the Neopians coming to the castle to tell jokes to him and the big meals he makes everyday... but it is rather fun to see, though. You are never bored in a place like Meridell.

NT: Since you are the only faerie living there, do you ever feel lonely?

I: Oh, no, not at all. Not only I receive Neopians everyday in my glade, but also my friends from Faerieland come to visit me regularly. Otherwise, I will miss them very much!

NT: What are your favourite things to do on Meridell?

I: I like to visit the crops at the farm and I usually go to the petpet shop to visit these little furry friends. They are adorable, a great company, and really fun to play with!

NT: Since we talked about your favourite items to battle, which ones are your favourites to give to people, to the ones that help you?

I: Probably the potions. I am really concerned about the safety and health of the Neopets who go on the battledome, so I give them all kind of potions made exclusively from my glade that can cure them. I also like to give them a ring made from vines: it is a magical ring that protects you from darkness when you say my name. It is really useful!

NT: Well, thank you so much for giving us this interview, Illusen. It was great to having you on the Neopian Times.

I: Thanks to you! And do not forget to visit me at my glade! :)

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