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A Guide On How To Look Like Illusen From Head To Toe

by cutiepie4707


What better way to celebrate Illusen Day than by dressing up as Illusen herself, the most famous Earth faerie in Neopia. Illusen is not just one of the prettiest faeries, she is also one of kindest. Unlike most faeries in Neopia she resides in her glade in Meridell. Illusen spends her day enjoying the serenity of Meridell's country side. She loves visitors and richly rewards the kind Neopians who complete her challenging quests. In honor of one of Neopia's most well-known faeries I am going to show how you could look just like Illusen.

Starting from your head and ending at your toes I will list all the items you will need to re-create Illusen's famous look.

Be forewarned this list contains both Neopoint (NP) and Neocash (NC) items.

Illusen Wig (NP)

Illusen's hair is her defining feature. The leafy green stripes that flow through her voluminous hair differentiate her from other Earth faeries. The combination of leafy green and earthy brown hair is very flattering on most species. The wig can be found for sale in user shops. An Illusen wig can be bought for 6,500 NPs.

Illusens Collectors Contacts (NC) or Earth Faerie Eye Shadow (NP)

Illusen has the prettiest green eyes in Neopia. By wearing Illusens Collectors Contacts you can have the same beautiful green eyes as Illusen. The contacts are a worthy investment for anyone's closet. The contacts are very versatile and can be used in different looks. Only after you are done dressing up as Illusen of course. The contacts are worth 2-3 (400-600 NC custom) based on NC value guides. If you would prefer not to spend your NC or do not like how the contacts look on you, instead you can use the Earth Faerie Eye Shadow. The shimmery green eye shadow will bring attention to your eyes. The eye shadow beautifully compliments the green streaks in the Illusen wig. You can buy an Earth Faerie Eye Shadow for 2,200 NPs in user shops.

Adorable Freckles (NC)

Another distinctive feature of Illusen are her adorably cute freckles. The Adorable Freckles will help you look just as cute, or dare I say, cuter than Illusen. The good news is that although the Adorable Freckles is a NC item it is easy to find. If you have NC you can buy the freckles straight from the NC Mall for 50 NC. If you are all out of NC you could either trade for them on the NC boards or try your luck at the Money Tree. By using upcycle cookies many users donate their extra Adorable Freckles to the Money Tree. Keep refreshing and when you see an Adorable Freckles try to grab it as fast as you can. It might take a few tries but with enough persistence you'll get your hands on a an Adorable Freckles.

Bright Green Lipstick (NP)

Illusen brings attention to her lips by wearing a flattering shade of green lipstick. You can do the same by adding a quick swipe of Bright Green Lipstick onto your lips to finish off your face. The lipstick is a glamorous touch. The Bright Green Lipstick pairs beautifully with Illusens Collectors Contacts, Earth Faerie Eye Shadow, and Adorable Freckles. You can find a Bright Green Lipstick in user shops for 490 NP.

Layered Green Faerie Skirt (NC) & Pretty Green Faerie Shirt (NC)

Illusen's outfit is not overly complex. She wears a simple leafy green knee length dress that looks handmade. To capture the essence of Illusen's dress I have chosen the Layered Green Faerie Skirt and Pretty Green Faerie Shirt. The Pretty Green Faerie Shirt has the same choppy hem as Illusen's dress. When paired together the Layered Green Faerie Skirt and Pretty Green Faerie Shirt make it look like you're wearing a dress instead of separates. Although the shirt and skirt are a darker green than Illusen's dress they pair nicely with the leafy green in Illusens Wig, Illusens Collectors Contacts, Earth Faerie Eye Shadow, Bright Green Lipstick, Earth Faerie Wings, and Illusens Laced Slippers. Both the Layered Green Faerie Skirt and Pretty Green Faerie Shirt is valued at 1-2 (200-400 NC custom) based on NC value guides.

Earth Faerie Wings (NP)

You can't be a faerie without a pair of wings. Luckily, I know of the perfect pair, Earth Faerie Wings. The wings are leaf shaped just as Illusen's wings are. Like other NP items mentioned the Earth Faerie Wings are easy to find for sale in user shops. For 25,000-30,000 NPs you can own these fabulous wings.

Illusens Collectors Bow (NC)

Illusen is not afraid to defend herself and her friends. Her weapon of choice is a beautifully hand crafted bow made specifically for Illusen herself. The bow and its arrows are made of only environmentally friendly materials. Adding this bow to your Illusen outfit won't only make you look like a warrior, it will also make you feel like one too. Based on NC value guides the bow is valued at 4-6 gift box capsules (800-1,200 NC custom). The Illusens Collectors Bow was a bonus item for buying all five Miss Neopia Collection items. The bow maybe hard to find up for trade on the NC boards.

Illusens Laced Slippers (NP)

Going down the list we have covered the wig, contacts, eye shadow, freckles, lipstick, shirt, skirt, bow, and wings. The last item we need to talk about are shoes. Although Illusen is a faerie she likes to keep her feet planted on the ground. Illusen likes to feel connected to the earth and vegetation. She wears ballet slippers that have ribbons that wrap around her calfs to ensure her shoes stay on while flying. Illusens Laced Slippers are detailed replicas of Illusen's shoes. They complete your Illusen outfit. Illusens Laced Slippers are extremely affordable. The slippers can be found in user shops for the low price of 200 NP.

Illusens Glade Background (NC) or Forest Glade Background (NP)

Now that you are fully dressed it is time to pick out the perfect background to pull the whole look together. My first choice would be Illusens Glade Background. The background is a detailed depiction of Illusen's Glade in Meridell. Based on NC value guides Illusens Glade Background is valued at 3-4(600-800 NC custom). For those who either do not have NC or wish not to spend their NC I suggest you use the Forest Glade Background. It is a NP item and is a much more affordable option costing 2,800 NP. The Forest Glade Background is easily found for sale in user shops. Both backgrounds are great options. I leave the choice up to you on which one you would prefer to use.

Your Illusen look is complete. Go show off how fabulous you look.

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