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Chipping Ice: The Best Frozen Desserts In Neopia

by doglover3662


At the top of the world hidden from the warmth of the sun and never experiencing the change of seasons sits Terror Mountain. This place is cold and unforgiving yet the population hasn't yet migrated to warmer weather, citing their love of the ice and having adapted to the elements. If there is any true sign of these frozen folks having become accustomed to these conditions it is in their love of ice cream. Unfathomable to those of us who would rather eat hot soup or a nice three bean chili in the cold weather, the Neopets who inhabit the north frequently visit Mr. Chipper at the Ice Cream Cart to cash out their coupons and get a scoop of their old favorites or try out a new flavor blend. I've gone to some of the most prominent residents of Terror Mountain to see exactly what their favorite flavors are and maybe they'll reveal why they can't get enough of these icy treats!

Kari & Zaira

These two faeries run the Neggery in the Ice Caves, a place where you can exchange Neggs for tokens and try to get even rarer Neggs. These two also occasionally provide Mr. Chipper the ice cream maker with special Neggs to help him make new flavors and creamier creams!


We adore Mr. Chipper, we think he is a genius when it comes to sugar and ice. The two of us love to split the Deluxe Ice Cream Machine Sundae. It's this massive bowl with over ten scoops of ice cream in so many different flavors, whipped cream, a couple cone pieces, and a cherry on top.


Our biggest secret to making this ice cream go to the next level is to use our Neggs, we'll take whatever sweet Neggs we have, particularly chocolate ones, and crush them up over the top of the sundae. A lot of people don't realize how well Negg flavors fuse with ice cream, it really helps bring out the flavor profile of both and will put you in a sugar bliss for hours. Once that sugar wears out you will crash and desperately need a nap, so don't eat this for breakfast!


She is in charge of protecting the inhabitants of Terror Mountain with her faerie magic and searching for Neopians who become lost in the snow. She also distributes Ice Cream Coupons to those who complete her quests so she is very popular with everyone living on the mountain.


Where do I begin? I usually like to keep it simple with Three Scoops of Chocolate Ice cream or perhaps a smaller serving of Toffee Ice Cream. Though it is hard to resist Tigerbuggle Tuskaninny Ice Cream, but it's such a tongue twister I find it hard to order sometimes. The other faeries in Faerieland don't understand why I stay up here in the cold, they all would rather be bathing in the springs and hopping around the clouds, but I just find the cold up here so comforting. What's better than snuggling up in your warmest clothes with a big bowl of sweet, creamy ice cream with a drizzle of dark chocolate? People elsewhere wonder how we eat such cold things in cold weather, but with the temperatures here even hot soup will turn frozen in a second, and no one wants to chew on a soup-flavored ice cube.

Mika & Carassa

These two Chias run the Igloo Garage Sale, they've been clearing out their attic in an attempt to save neopoints to move to a warmer climate.


No way. I don't eat ice cream here. No.


Sorry about him, he's a little frostbitten today. What he means is that we are really too cold to enjoy a frozen treat like that. We rarely stray outside our little igloo, the warmest place we can find. We used to love ice cream but now it just isn't worth it, our tongues would freeze to the cone! We do however have a few ice cream trinkets around. We have Ice Cream Cone String Lights hanging up to illuminate a few of our sale items and then Mika gave his best friend some Skeith Ice Cream Shorts last year during Christmas. Sometimes when my ears get too cold I go digging around and find my Ice Cream Cone Splat Hat and that helps keep my ears warm.


What we really want though is to be able to move to a place like Mystery Island where we can sit on the warm beach and enjoy a REFRESHING cup of coconut ice cream, but that is far from refreshing up here!

Abominable Bori

This ferocious looking Bori wanders the mountain side in the heaviest of snow, he's huge but stays away from places that other Neopets inhabit.

Abominable Bori:

*grunts something that sounds like "I love every flavor"*


She is a fearless Usul who has adventured all over Neopia, liberating treasure from the craziest of caves.


While working in the Ice Caves, Mr. Chipper could not have been a bigger help! He always made sure I had a tin of ice cream in my pack in case I ever got hungry, the high calorie count really helped sustain my energy without adding a ton of weight to carry. Borovan, vanilla chocolate chip, zeenana, they were all incredible. I think my favorite was chocolate cherry, mmmm, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Don't underestimate the power of good ice cream on a perilous journey deep inside the Ice Caves!

Ice Crystal Shopkeeper

This little Shoyru is in charge of dealing the best icy weapons to best your opponents in the Battledome.

Ice Crystal Shopkeeper:

Mr. Chipper and I go way back! Because I'm an ice craftsman who has spent a lot of time harvesting crystals from inside the caves, I helped him to build his ice cream makers. A little bit of magic is infused in every scoop as the machines churn, that's why no one else has been able to replicate the perfect flavors and textures like he has. As for my favorite? I have a different taste than most people up here and love the savory, just yesterday I picked up a tub of Nachos and Cheese Ice Cream, and I think I have a bowl of Mustard Ice Cream in my freezer somewhere. Some may say that those flavors are gross but hey, to each his own!

There you have it! The official word from Terror Mountain on the best ways to enjoy your ice cream on your next trip up north. Just watch out for Adee the Chia, she is known to have an insatiable appetite and might buy out Mr. Chipper's stock before you can get to it!

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