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Photographing Neopia

by alyseth


The age-old adage rings true, a picture is worth a thousand words. In our humble world, photographs are a physical representation of our memories. They can capture sad times, difficult times, and the times we were at our happiest, during our biggest celebrations and victories. Neopets are no exclusion when it comes to enjoying beautiful photography. Around Neopia you can find items such as the Old Fashioned Camera or Zafara Tourist Camera that will help memorialize each moment in your life.

A source of great joy for me is sifting through photographs that other Neopians have taken, to get a glimpse at the way someone else has lived their life. I've gathered a collection of photographs today that we can analyze and discuss, and be transported to another time and place through them. Some photos are lighthearted and fun, while others are on the darker side. An exploration into ancient plots and potentially undiscovered lands, a look at some of Neopia's greatest heroes, and some just a bit weird.

Photo Of A Castle

What a strange looking castle, it doesn't look like Meridell or Brightvale.

When you take a stroll through Meridell, you'll find a really deep, mysterious hole. This hole is home to a petpet known as a Symol, a petpet who loves to collect random little objects and trinkets that he finds, or perhaps steals, around the city. You can send your own petpet down into the hole to attempt to retrieve an item, and this is one of the potential items. A photo of a castle, a bizarre castle that doesn't look quite like any known castle currently existing. It is possible this castle comes from a place far from Meridell or Brightvale, maybe a place we haven't discovered yet, or perhaps a ruin from before our time. There is no writing on the back of the photo, no date, and no timestamp, so we aren't quite sure when or where this photograph was snapped. We weren't able to secure the Symol for an interview, so we may never know.

Holiday Snowager Photograph

Aw, just look at him in that hat! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y17.

The Snowager isn't known to be festive, he's known for his hoarding and his fierce icy breath. However, in collaboration with the Advent Calendar of Y17, the Snowager perked up and put on one of the many Christmas hats he had been guarding in his lair. We're not quite sure who the brave sole who mustered up the courage to face the Snowager to take this photo, but we sure are happy they did! This has become a must-have holiday gift for your best neofriends.

Framed Alice Photo

This hung in Sophies house before the fire.

To take a more depressing turn, we have this gorgeous photo of Alice. This photo was found in Sophie's house, the daughter of Alice. Sophie is a Green Ixi witch who once lived in Neovia. She is a fierce but kind witch who now lives in complete solidarity in the Werelupe Woods. She prefers to stay alone and tends to scare off visiting Neopets by turning them into Petpets. Despite this, she is a good witch but enjoys her alone time. This photo of her mother hangs in her house. Alice is a shy, quiet Purple Zafara who has always put her family first. Living in poverty, she did her best to give her family the love and caring they deserved. During the Tale Of Woe plot, and with a terrible potion from Mr. Krawly, her family is split apart and her children are driven away from town. After 10 years, Sophie and her mother Alice are reunited, however Neovia doesn't feel like home to Sophie anymore, and she returns to her shack full of Meowclops back in the woods. She always keeps this photo of her mother around.

Framed Photograph of AAA

We dont know who would like this aside from AAAs mother... This prize was awarded for successfully completing a Friend Challenge and beating Abigail in Daily Dare Y13.

Some photos give us joy and satisfaction upon looking at them, others induce an amount of severe stress and anxiety that only a memory of extreme exertion and fatigue can match. The latter is true in this case. Everyone has memories of late nights battling Aristotle A. Avinroo, a Yellow Blumaroo who goes by AAA, to beat out his scores in the toughest games. We all remember spending all day clicking, spinning, and typing our way to high scores and the frustration when you come up a few points short. If, for some reason, you want to remember this, grab yourself a photo of the game master AAA himself.

Ski Lodge Photo

This special edition prize was given to you for guessing the correct murderer in the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery!

This is a collection of photographs from an ancient plot, almost 16 years ago the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery event took place. The plot was a disastrous weekend about the Neopets staff taking the weekend off and going on vacation to a beautiful Ski Lodge up in Terror Mountain. Unfortunately, this didn't end well, and each week of the plot we saw a new death. We saw Snot get eaten by a school of Utility fish and Bubbles get hit by a candlestick. By the time the plot ended, everyone but Maverick had been killed off. When it came to light that Maverick was the murderer, the evil Dr. Sloth swooped in and set off an explosion, finishing off the last staff member. If you were lucky enough to snag one of these photos, hold onto it! They are now some of the most valuable items in all of Neopia. I have a feeling we won't be seeing another event like this, the current staff at Neopets seems much wiser and they know to take separate vacations.

These aren't the only photographs you can find around Neopia, and you can even find full albums out there to comb through. Tarlas Travel Photo Album and the famed Purple Lupe Photo Album hold even more gorgeous shots to sift through. Now that you have a full knowledge of Neopian photography, go pick up a copy of Lutari Photography and take a visual journey to a beautiful place and relax! You deserve it after the stress of the Ski Lodge.

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