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The Top 5 Rarest Plushies

by mexico802


Nine years ago, and 400 issues of Neopian Times passed, I released an article discussing the ‘Top Plushies of Neopia’. And, although heavily opinionated, it allowed me to showcase what I believed to be at the time, the coolest plushies around! And if you were an avid plushie collector at that time, chances are you had your paws on them. Plushies have always been one of the most sought after items around for collecting. The sheer variety is astounding, and is what keeps most players interested, new and old. My interest in them has only grown after returning from such a long time away, and although I’ve never been able to achieve the plushie gallery I had hoped, I still enjoy browsing those multi-million Neopoint collections.

But the focus of this article is going to be a little different. At the end of my previously stated article, I listed 6 specific plushies that (at the time) were possibly the rarest around. I never went into great detail about them, but figured I would at a different time… a decade later. Not ideal, but we’ll go with it, yeah?

Here, I will be discussing the Top 5 Rarest Plushies. This isn’t an easy thing to discuss as, once again, opinions may differ, but with such a long period of time passed, so much has changed in which what could have been questionable in terms of rarity, is now unassailable. A good example taken from my original article, was the Bat Thing Plushie. What was once one of the rarest plushies, is now flourishing on the Trading Post, and even sold for a fairly reasonable price given the rarity index of the item. Specific events such as the Charity Corner have caused many rarity 99 items (including plushies) to rapidly decline in rarity and value. This includes all plushies sold at the Plushie Palace (except one, which will be mentioned). Because of this, plushies obtained through other means have only become more valuable, and will continue to do so. This includes item prize codes via the TCG (Trading Card Game), awards from games and plots, and so forth.

With all of that out of the way, the list can begin. Do note that current prices will not be included with the items, as with great deliberation, I have attempted to create a list as accurate as possible, subject to the least amount of change and opinionative dispute. This is the Top 5 Rarest Plushies of Neopia!

5. Dr Sloth Plushie

There was actually a bit of competition for this slot, and in regards to when I stated I made this list to last, this was a tough one. Released in 2003, the Dr Sloth Plushie is obtained from the Smuggler’s Cove, a small cave in Krawk Island where users can spend Dubloons to purchase items. You may be thinking, if this item can be purchased from somewhere, why would it be on this list? And that’s true to say as this list could have very well been compiled of nothing but award plushies, but even the majority of those appear more than this one. The problem with this plushie is that it doesn’t show up. Well… technically it does, but it’s so rare that your chances of ever seeing it in the Smuggler’s Cove are non-existent. For this reason, the Mastermind Plushie was the closest competitor in this slot because they both share similar fates. The Mastermind Plushie restocks in the Plushie Palace, and is 1 of 2 plushies to have a rarity of 100, the other being the Neopian Times White Weewoo Plushie, which was an award. This makes it the only plushie to restock in the Plushie Palace to have a rarity of over 99 (at the time, and to my knowledge). Rarity 99 plushies rarely restock as it is, so your chances of seeing a rarity 100 plushie restock is, once again, non-existent. The Dr Sloth plushie only won over this slot simply because the Smuggler’s Cove does not restock nearly as frequently as the Plushie Palace. Therefore making it the more valuable of the two as well.

4. Scordrax Plushie

Want to talk about competition? Almost every TCG Prize Code plushie was considered for this slot. The Gorix Plushie and the Commander Gormos Plushie were the closest 2 plushies, but showed up just a tad more. The Scordrax plushie was released in 2005 and was available from redeeming a Lost Desert TCG Card item code. The thing with the TCG Prizes is that so long as the TCG cards can be obtained, you’re eligible to win this item upon entering the code, assuming support doesn’t end for it. Why these plushies are so rare is because a TCG Card code does not reward you with a set item, it’s randomized from a specific pool of items. Apparently, the Scordrax Plushie, Gorix Plushie, and the Commander Gormos Plushie just didn’t feel like being picked I suppose.

3. Lucky Coin Plushie

The number 3 and 2 slot was definitely tricky. Both of these items only appeared once in Neopia. What made me decide to place the Lucky Coin Plushie here was more so because of how it was obtained. This plushie was released and rewarded in July 2003 as a Lenny Conundrum prize. One lucky player guessed right, and received it. At one point in time, it was available for view in their gallery, but has since disappeared and is no longer viewable. Arguably, this could mean this plushie is rarer than, or as rare as the Squishy Krawk Plushie in the 2nd slot as they both share similar fates. But generally speaking, any item rewarded through an Item Code Prize as opposed to virtually through a contest does make it rarer as the Item Code Prize may not have been available to all users, (location depending) whereas the virtual contest was, that being the Lenny Conundrum.

2. Squishy Krawk Plushie

The Squishy Krawk Plushie was released in early 2003, and was an exclusive Rare Item Code Prize. Though I’m not familiar with exactly what item it came from, or how you obtained it, I can tell you that only 1 of these exists or existed in Neopia. In August 2015, the plushie appeared on the Trading Post for sale for up to 300 million Neopoints. What a bargain.

1. Ummagine Plushie

Released in late 2001, the Ummagine Plushie is by far, the rarest Plushie in the game. It was a part of the Neopets Version 2 Plot, and was not available to players, but only to staff members at the time. The solution to the plot is available, and oddly enough states that the plushie was shown (along with other Ummagine related items) in a user’s shop (most likely part of the plot). To my knowledge, since I did not participate in the plot, I do not know if any of those items were purchasable, but assuming they weren’t, and were only props for the plot, it’s still registered as a legit item, and although no longer obtainable, it most definitely earns the title as the number one, rarest plushie in Neopia.

So there it is, the rarest plushies of Neopia. Although, there is one thing that I feel is important to cover. There are technically 3 other plushies in Neopia that may be very well be rarer than anything listed, aside from the Ummagine Plushie. Those plushies are The Bringer Plushie, The Golden Bringer Plushie, and Xantan Plushie of Death. I very well would have included these in the list, but I decided against it, due to the fact that they are not actually plushies. Instead, they are categorized as Battle Magic. That means that they can be equipped, and used in the Battledome. I still believe any plushie collector would love to have them, and would agree they’re still plushies, but for the sake of this list, I tried to keep it as legit as possible. I hope that you enjoyed this article, and perhaps learned something you didn’t know. Now, get collecting!

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