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A Secret Mission in Moltara: Part Two

by greenj12356


      "Ok, so now that we are back after a week I can continue.” Korco began once again.

      “What are you talking about?” Cobra looked confused as Korco kept talking.

      “Look, just don’t worry about it, anyway the weapon is down one floor, and to get there you will need to take the elevator, but you will need this card,” Korco handed him a small card. Cobra looked slightly confused and Korco explained. “The elevator will only turn on if it senses the magical properties of the card when you hold it next to the doors. So once you step inside it should allow you to go to the bottom level. And here,” Korco grabbed the headset that Cobra was wearing and fiddled with it for a second. “Now you should also be able to communicate with me so I can help point you in the right direction.”

      “Thanks, now just to find that weapon and destroy it,” Cobra said as he readjusted his headset. He then nodded to Korco and slithered back the way he came, the scientists still oblivious to him.

      Korco’s voice come in loud and clear over the headset, “I’ll make sure to start destroying all the research files on my end, no one should notice right away, but we need to hurry. Once someone finds out, then it is all over.” As soon as he said this an alarm started to go off inside the building. “Wait, what is that?”

      Cobra could hear a lot of hurried clicking happening on the other end, and finally Korco responded, “Well, apparently one guard woke up after being knocked out and alerted everyone about it. So now you will have to be even more careful in sneaking down unnoticed. The pathway to the elevator is clear from what I can see on my end though, so hurry!”

      Cobra quickly flew over to where the elevator was and stepped inside. Holding up the magic card he pressed the button to go to the lower level. He could hear all sorts of gears whirring and steam hissing as the doors shut and the contraption lowered him down. As he move down deeper into the facility he heard the blare from the alarms less and less.

      Once he felt the elevator stop, he shifted to one side and cautiously peeked out. All that was down here was a long hallway leading to a few doors at the other end. He flapped his wings and hovered as close to the ceiling as he could. Hopefully if anyone was watching they would not look up. As he got closer to the end of the hallway, one of the doors opened and a Relic Moehog stomped out. It took a look around before moving to the elevator. Cobra had no idea if he had heard the alarms or not, but he was not going to miss his chance. He grabbed the door with his tail right before it closed, and pulled it open enough for him to sneak inside.

      Inside this room were more worktables like the upper floor, but there were less scientists. Cobra scanned the room again and realized his mistake. There were no scientists at all in the room. That Moehog must have been the only one down there. Cobra crept around and peered over and under desks, around work stations, and from behind cabinets. No one else seemed to be in here, and it didn’t look like there was anything to lead him to the new weapon. He was going to have to try another door. Hopefully the Moehog guard would not give him any trouble, but if he was still in the hallway that could cause an issue. Cobra slide back towards the entrance to the room. Luckily for him there was a big board next to the door with all sorts of papers tacked to it. He carefully took it off the wall, and then threw it on the floor, created a loud bang as papers and notes flew everywhere.

      Just as planned, he heard footsteps stomping back down the hall. Cobra got into position above the door, and as out of sight as he could. Then the Moehog burst into the room and angrily looked around. Then his eyes fell on all the papers still billowing across the floor, and he noticed the board which had “fallen” off the wall. Grumbling to himself he walked across the room to pick everything up and that was when Cobra slipped out the top of the doorway.

      He then quickly checked the hallway and made his way into the next room. He only had a couple of moments before this guard picked up the papers, and only a moment longer before the guards made their way down to this level. Hopefully Korco was keeping them busy on the top floor. But, unluckily for Cobra, this room seemed to just be more storage and filled with boxes. He quickly exited the room and tried to guess which door would have the weapon inside. He figured maybe the door at the end of the hallway. Slithering his way to that door he grasped the handle and then heard footsteps behind him. The guard must have finished picking up the papers! He tried to slip inside before being seen, and held his breath once he carefully shut the door.

      This was the right room, but he still did not know if the guard saw him. But Cobra could for sure see the prototype Trousers.

      “Korco, I see them, but now how do I get out of here?” Cobra contacted Korco over his headset.

      “Well, the alarms were turned off up here, but everyone is still on high alert. I don’t think you’ll be able to safely make it out this way. The air ducts in that room should connect to the main vents outside, but it may get a little hot,” Korco replied back. “I’ve deleted the files and should be able to safely make my way out of the building now. I will meet you up on the roof and from there we can fly out.”

      “I’ll just grab these and get out of here then, over and out,” Cobra whispered back to Korco. He quickly grabbed the Trousers and as he was about to put them into his bag, the door opened. Standing there was a Yellow Draik, eying Cobra.

      “Hello, Brother, it seems you did come here after all. I was hoping we would be able to meet one day,” The Draik cackled as he stepped closer. “Seems you have something of mine though, and I would like it back.”

      “Brother? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Cobra said confused, as he backed up towards the vent.

      “Oh, they never told you? Well it seems like I have more to explain than I thought. But first..” The Draik spoke as he lunged towards Cobra. Cobra quickly side stepped and reactively put the Trousers on, their gear whirring as the metal moved and shifted to fit his Hissi tail instead of two legs. Cobra felt the weapon rumble and shake as it started up. The Draik glaring at him and moved again, but this time Cobra coiled himself up and sprung towards the vent, crashing through it with the speed the Trousers gave him. He quickly regained his senses and made a mad dash through the vents. He could feel it warming up as he passed by sections filled with steam. The heat stung him but he kept on moving. He could hear clunking behind him but the Trousers helped him keep a good lead on his follower.

      Finally after being burned quite a bit he made it to the roof out one of the large vents he had seen earlier, and saw Korco waiting for him. “No time, being followed,” He said as he grabbed Korco’s wings and pulled him up into the air with him. The two flew swiftly through the air, albeit awkwardly at first, and managed to get some distance between them and the facility. Once far enough away and out of reach they began to slow down. Cobra could feel the Trousers starting to reach their limit. The two found a safe space inside a rock wall and Cobra took the Trousers off. Gears began to lock up as they hissed their last.

      “Well, it seems like we should just destroy these now anyway. The magma around here should be able to take care of that,” Korco pointed out towards a magma pit not too far away. “And all their records had been deleted so they should not be able to recreate it again, especially not without me there.”

      “Right, I do still have one loose end to tie up myself, I’ll find out who that Drake is one day, and why he called me brother.” Cobra said as he sat back to relax, taking out a lollipop out of his pack to suck on.

      “Wait, a Yellow Draik? Oh this is not good Cobra. We may be in for some trouble.” Korco spoke with a worried look on his face.

      “Well, that is a mission for another day, time for us to relax after a job well done.”

      The End.

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