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Outfit Ideas for Spring Y19

by sosuleaf


Oh how wonderful! While we thought Spring was just too far away in the horizon, Winter has finally left us behind. The landscape is finally turning that magnetic, shiny green we were all looking forward to! The snow on top of the trees are once again melting, leaving nothing but translucent ponds all over the place. Neopia is getting ready to enjoy the most colourful, flowery season of them all! You can even hear the birds tweeting as I type this.

This article will hopefully help you get down into terms as to how you should customise your pets for the upcoming season. Leave all those winter, snowy wearables you have been untiringly seeking right inside your closet, and start racking up anything Spring related you might want to start creating your outfits with! These are our Top Spring Outfits for Y19. This is only just a friendly guide that will give you ideas you can later apply to your customizations. We wanted to create a specific outfit for every different moment your Neopets might experience during the season. Do they want to go out to the Neopian Plaza for a walk? Or simply enjoy a night run through Neopia?

Flower Gardens

Needed Items:

Cascading Flower Shelf ~1

Dyeworks Pink: Flower Wings ~1-2

Dyeworks Brown: Mint and Aqua Flower Wig ~1-2

Bright Sun Dress ~1-2

Chocolate Shoes and Tights ~1-2

Pink Lulu Contacts ~6-7

Sparkly Golden Makeup Mask ~1-2

Walled Garden Path Background ~3-4

Self-Watering Flowers ~1-2

Total Cost ~16-23 caps

While the snow on the ground might not fully melted yet, you know it is time to finally start working on your desired garden. You probably forgot about it during the last couple months, but that time of the year is finally here. Time to grab your most comfortable clothes, planting tools and your best mood to start watering those beautiful flowers you left behind last Spring. This outfit is meant to be light while keeping it colourful and easy to move around. We know that watering the garden does take quite some time to fulfill, but that shouldn't stop your Neopets from looking as stunning as this Draik. As you can see, the wings will make your Neopets blend with the landscape, while the pink contacts will not only make their eyes stand out more, but will also give that final detail which in the end helps matching the entire outfit. Remind your pets about the roses on the top shelf! They also need to be watered every day.

Gothic Spring Picnic

Needed Items:

Garden Flower Dress ~1-2

Gothic Spring Picnic Background ~2-4

Braided Brown Wig ~2

Dyeworks White: Cherry Blossom Garland ~5-7

Flowering Spring Branch Wings ~1-2

White Picket Garden Gate Foreground ~2,925 NP

Forgotten Old Flower ~1-2

Big Doll Eyes Contacts ~3-5

Light Damask Markings ~3-4

Total Cost ~18-28 caps + 2,925 NP

Who said that dark lovers wouldn't be able to enjoy this season as well? This customization was entire made for those who love the gothic, eerie side of Spring, hence why we named it after the background we used. While it might not resemble the actual season, this is still an accurate outfit you should consider creating for your pets. It's subtle shade of greys and browns will help blend the bright white coming from the cherry blossom garland as well as the stunning white garden gate. We also decided to use a pretty marking for the Neopets body, making it look like the gothic atmosphere is slowly getting to them. It just gives that sparkly detail we were looking for! Lastly, the wings we decided to use makes it more Spring related than actual gothic. While the overall of this customization might look opaque in comparison to the others we have created, this also resembles a side of the season not everyone might enjoy but we all know it's there.

Midnight Spring Forest

Needed Items:

Brilliant Blue Faerie Wings ~1-2

Dyeworks Blue: Magical Golden Markings ~1-2

Dyeworks Blue: Butterfly Shower ~1-2

Premium Collectible: Blue Moon Field Background ~5-8

Dyeworks Blue: Field of Flowers ~1-2

Enamel Flower Staff ~1-2

Flowering Gate Foreground ~2

Flowery Teal Dress ~2-3

Loosely Braided Wig with Flowers ~2-4

Zenco the Magnificent Contacts ~15-20

Adventure in Pastel Boots ~1-2

Fashionable Flowered Scarf ~1-2

Total Cost ~33-51 caps

Can the moon get any more stunning than how it looks on this astonishing, well-done background? We all agree that light and brightness that comes while the moon is fully glowing is just something you cannot miss for a night walk around the forest. We decided to blend the blue ombre colour palette and creat the outfit based on the background, rather than the clothes the Draik is currently wearing. We also added the flowering gate foreground to cut such blue/green-ness on the customization; it started to look just too much of the same colour. The gate made it much more spring related, and that's when we started to add some details in pastel pink and water green that simply fits this look so well. The wig kind of completes the entire outfit. It nearly looks magical, brought out of a fairy tale! The darker blue tone on the Stealth Draik helps reduce the contrast with so much blue going on. We thought we could add some glitter with the blue magical markings. That's basically what the moon will produce on your Neopet -- infinite glowing!

Out in the Meadows

Needed Items:

Sunny Yellow Ruffle Dress ~ 1-2

Premium Collectible: Sunflower Fields Background ~ 1-2

Bunch of Sunflowers ~ 1-2

Jewelled Gypsy Sandals ~ 2

Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon ~ 2-3

Sparkling Carmariller Wings ~ 2

Pink and Blue Decorative Fence Foreground ~ 1-2

Total Cost ~ 10-15

There’s nothing better than spending some sunny quality time out in the meadows. Those sunflower fields are just too fascinating! We decided it was time to create a suitable outfit for one you decide to go on a walk around farms and flower fields, specially when sunflowers are involved. We went for something easy to wear, such us the sunny yellow ruffle dress, that helps match your outfit with the yellow tones you see in the sunflower fields background. That yellow-to-brown palette is just great to work with! The altadorian wig suits just right in with the gold ribbon on top. The decorative fence also helps with the blue tones coming from the sky, that’s why we decided to use the pink a blue fence to get away from so much yellow and green. Last but not the least, this outfit wouldn’t be complete without a bunch of sunflowers in your hand! Show off the amazing time you had wandering around those fields with that amazing sunflower handheld. In some words, this is the perfect casual outfit your pets must wear around Summer or beginning of Spring.

A Day With the Queen

Needed Items:

Flower Jewelled Sandals ~ 4-6

Healing Springs Collectors Wig ~ 8

MiniMME9-S1: Pretty Spring Umbrella ~ 1-2

Dyeworks Pink: Sparkling Faerie Wings ~ 1-2

Holiday Light Contacts ~ 2-4

Magical Spring Kingdom Background ~ 2-3

Origami Flower Garland ~ 2

Cheery Polka Dot Dress ~ 2-3

Total Cost ~ 22-30

Fyora is by far the best, most stunning faerie in Faerieland. Visiting the castle and everyone in it is enough reason to get dressed and prepare oneself for such event. A Day with the Queen outfit wants to resemble such opportunity. While everyone in Faerieland is glamorous and loves to wear pastel-y clothes, we decided to stay on theme with that and go for something casual but still flowerly elegant. The sparkling wings help blend the entire outfit with the spring kingdom background, which was of course taken in the beautiful faerieland gardens and you need that bit of spark to go unnoticed. The healing spring wig was made courtesy of the water faerie, who was really excited to participate in this customization! Overall, this nice outfit will be the spotlight on a day out with Fyora. Who would be lucky enough to fear this outfit?


This guide hopes to provide you with a combination of both NP and NC items, that in the end, will complete your outfits. Remember that we are also provide the estimate of how many caps each NC item is worth, simply to give you an idea of how many you'd have to spend in order to get each item. As for the NP wearables, we will do the same but providing the amount of Neopoints you have to spend on them. Whether your pet wants to spend the day out in the fields, walking around Faerieland or simply enjoying a night walk, we hope you find the inspiration you are seeking with these spring outfits! We hope you enjoy it and Happy Spring 2017!

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