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The Meuke Family Stories

by meuke_meuke


      The family is composed by five young Neopets: Timysh, Ingelen, Mierlyn, Lecolly and Francielli. The last two, although being twins, have glaring differences between them. In the past, they didn't have fixed housing. The sisters used to live on the road that intercepts the Haunted Woods and Neovia, being a part of the gypsy camp. After their social rising, they managed to buy an old mansion in town, where they moved to, except for Timysh. The Aisha preferred to remain at the camp, however, she is always visiting her young sisters.

          Francielli, the White Kacheek, Story

      What is Francielli thinking about? Nobody can tell. The Neopet avoids demonstrating her emotions in public, showing an austere posture, with curious and shrewd eyes. Being reserved, only a few ones can conquer her friendship, the Kacheek is selective about in who she deposits her trust.

      Due to her huge intelligence, even being a discreet Neopet, she did not go unnoticed by the gypsy camp counselor. It was a common situation for her to be asked for help to manage the camp, especially because of her great advice. Slowly, the Kacheek was growing on her career until she reached the Head Counselor position. Francielli's rise did not end there. Currently, she is responsible for the Neovia happenings reports for the town prefecture, with the help of her petpet Dominic. Dominic can enter inside the streets pipes and walk throughout, while listening to everything and everyone, reporting the news to Fran.

      Her exorbitant beauty also claims attention. Owner of intriguing green eyes, when she walks through the camp, there is no Neopet that does not stare at her. "Milady", they say with a small reverence.

          Ingelen, the Tyrannian Usul, Story

      A red shadow into the woods. Ingelen, wearing her crimson hood, roams throughout the woods searching for small fruits. The Neopet is able to spot the differences, even at long distances, between the good and bad berries. The most appetizing and succulent ones are saved by the Usul on her basket for selling, however, she usually eats some of them on the way.

      When the night came, Ingelen starts to knock on the doors to sell what she had harvested, always with berries on her shoulders. It is not an easy task, especially because night hawkers are not well seen on that Neopia region. The villagers never know their real intentions, and most of the time they are not good.

      Although she needs to talk to others Neopets for selling the fruits, her social abilities are not the best. Ingelen is shy and approaches unknown residents, and the known ones, carefully. What the Usul really enjoys is to go inside of the forest, find a high enough tree, climb to a branch and chill out lost in her thoughts. All while devouring her freshly harvested blackberries.

          Lecolly, the Ghost Kacheek, Story

      "Leave me alone", is the sentence that Lecolly is most used to hearing. Unlike her twin sister Francielli, that is always receiving compliments. She only receives stares of mistrust, after all, it is not easy to be a Ghost Neopet in Neovia and in the Haunted Woods surroundings. Lonely, her only companionship is the butterflies. Lecolly can't understand the reason, but it is notable that she exerts a power over the insects and them over her. The Kacheek became friends especially with Leaf. At first, the ghost thought that Leaf was some type of rare butterfly, however, she discovered that was a petpet specie called Batterfly. Lecolly decided to adopt the pet.

      When outsiders come lost to the region, the Neopet commands the batterflies to guide them to their destinations, "a batterfly track", she says. The foreigns never recognize her help, despising the poor Kacheek. The only time that someone showed some gratitude was when she guided a disoriented Meerca, that worked at the Crumpetmonger, a bakery shop in Neovia. In exchange, the Meerca turned Lecolly into her assistant, but she could only work in the kitchen, far away from the clients sight, otherwise, she would shock the customers.

      Inside her head, Lecolly compares her history with the Curse of Maraqua. She is Caylis, the bad twin, and Francielli is Isca, the beloved one. Although she isn't proud of it, the ghost envies her sister, her beauty, wisdom and the way others look at her. "Let Francielli stay here, showing her fake smile, with her stupid green eyes. She doesn't have the batterflies like I do. Everyone should flatter me!", she tries to convince herself.

          Mierlyn, the Desert Blumaroo, Story

      Mierlyn is fascinated by architecture, her great passions are old buildings, such as castles and mansions. In particular, the Eliv Thade castle. It was already her routine to pass in front of it, with a paper and pencil in her hands, to reproduce the castle in her countless drawings.

      One day, while she was drawing, Mierlyn noticed two eyes staring at her through the dusty windows. It was Eliv Thade. The Kacheek got scared, dropping all her art and running back to the gypsy camp. Finally, she decided to ignore her fear and went back to the castle, aiming to take her drawings back. However, the castle owner was there waiting for her. Eliv Thade was amazed by the young Blumaroo work, asking Mierlyn to paint portraits of him daily. Despite the spooky sight that was Thade, she needed the Neopoints for her family, she accepted the proposal.

      After some months, Mierlyn became the castle housekeeper, staying her days and nights there. She is now responsible for taking care of the place and, of course, for the paintings demanded by Eliv. It is not rare for her to feel scared, due to strange noises that come from the halls, or lonely in that huge castle. Although she has the companionship of Mimzy, her petpet, her master prefers to stay isolated in his chambers. The idea doesn't displease the Blumaroo, because the mad Kacheek makes her have chills. Now, there isn't a single cornet at the building that Mierlyn hasn't already drawn. Very well drawn, indeed.

          Timysh, the Desert Aisha, Story

      Timysh is the oldest sister of the family and responsible for most of the income that they receive. The Aisha works as a seller at the Chesterdrawers Antiques, where she was welcomed by her boss Alabaster, a kind Nimmo. He has already lost count of the times that he needed to claim Timysh's attention. She distracts herself easily, being absorbed on her thoughts. Alabaster used to say that the only reason for not firing the young Neopet is due to her astral, that lights up and rejoices the shop. "But wake up, girl, and go back to work", he reminds her.

      On her idle hours, she uses her Clairvoyance gift to obtain a few extra Neopoints, making tea, cards and crystal balls readings. Stubborn and snooty, it is not a rare situation for her to disagree and argue with clients, especially when they are being skeptics about her predictions.

      For Timysh, there is no better fun than hang out with her three best friends and her petpet, Cail, for dancing on the camp. While she is there, the Aisha has the feeling that times flies, not staying a single moment without dancing or playing her tambourine, except when she is fraternizing with others Neopets. However, Cail, prefers to stay chilling, listening the melodies and playing with dry leaves that fall from the trees. Timysh only realizes that is already time for turning back when the sun rises, going away humming and already wishing to come back.

      The End.

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